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  • Name: Anton Petrov ( Anton Petrov )
  • Date of birth: 5 July 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: the Russian businessman, billionaire
  • Marital status: Married

    Anton Petrov: biography

    Petrov Anton Gennadievich is one of the most influential Russian businessmen, co-owner of several major companies, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the jewelry business «585/Zolotoy». This successful retail jewelry chain in Russia. Anton Peter himself was among the twenty most influential businessmen of the country.

    Future co-owner of a huge jewelry company was born in 1981 in St. Petersburg. Spent several years in the Spanish Madrid, where he enrolled in the prestigious University Schiller International University. In one of the reputable universities in the country, learning the intricacies of international business.

    Since 1997, Petrov began to try hand at entrepreneurship. Then he became part of the owners and founders of one of the first Telecom companies in Russia – «the link». But, of course, all the major success Petrov Anton was still ahead.

    One of the important projects of the entrepreneur began construction business in the company «Baltic monolith». There is a company since 2003. Just then, Petrov became one of the owners. And today, he is already the owner of the shares.

    Despite the presence of good prospects in Spain, Petrov after the University decided to return to Petersburg. In the Northern capital he obtained another diploma as a student of North-West Academy of public administration. And after graduation Petrov Anton has already begun to apply the received knowledge in practice.

    Jewelry business

    It is believed that one of the most important years in the career of Petrov, Anton G. was 2006. The businessman did not miss the opportunity to become a co-owner of «585». Then the company was still quite small, consisted of several dozen sales outlets. From Anton Petrov was needed not only knowledge in the field of entrepreneurial business, but also a lot of money. Experts believe that the development «585» Petrov spent billions of rubles.

    However, it is unlikely that the businessman had to regret about the made choice. Further efforts to recoup the investment in full. Since 2010 started a phase of active growth of the jewelry business. Then Peter, along with his companion Alexei Flexovit began to make efforts to expand the jewelry chain. Before that the company consisted of about 150 stores in Siberia and the southern cities of Russia. But soon the number of outlets began to grow rapidly. It is Petrov initiated the rapid expansion of the network. And businessmen took about four years to open about three hundred and eighty new stores. Strategy aimed at the rapid growth of the company, were winning. And Anton Petrov soon acquired a major share in the company.

    Peter never stayed there. While his jewelry Empire expanded, he has invested about half a billion rubles on the multifunctional complex in the Leningrad region. But this project remained only one of many branches of Petrov’s business. And the main efforts he directed it to «585». Soon Anton Petrov created a new brand – «Gold». And under this guise, the businessman has opened many new stores.

    It was also decided that the development of the company will contribute to the creation of our own jewelry factory. Such a company appeared in St. Petersburg, and named the new production of «Talent». The entrepreneur announced the creation of the eponymous retail chain. Products from the factory «Talent» started to arrive in stores and new jewelry Empire. These projects were quite expensive. They treated Petrov about one hundred million rubles. However, these decisions proved to be correct.

    In the future, all jewelry business projects Anton Petrov merged into a single holding company «585/Zolotoy». In 2012, the businessman became Chairman of the Board of Directors of the new large companies. It is considered that business planning and undoubted entrepreneurial talents, has made this business so profitable. The veil of mystery lifted as Peter himself. He talked about his innovative idea that allowed the company to regularly open new stores. The key to success is franchising. In 2011, the company’s specialists have developed a new package offer. In it they included retail, loan from Fast Money and pawnshop services.

    In a number of interviews Anton Petrov told me about this unusual offer. According to the entrepreneur, this franchise has interested many potential partners. I liked the idea and the consumer: the Russians actively use the capabilities of the new «people’s store», where you can find so many different services. Petrov Anton says that the selected model has already proved itself during the crisis. In addition, using such a strategy, businessman increased their network. Special emphasis was placed on the southern regions of the country. A recent «585/Zolotoy» opened a representative office in the city of Grozny, which was a great event not only for the company but for the Republic itself.

    Despite the many successes in the jewelry industry, Anton Petrov remains a co-owner of several business projects. Among them the most perspective is a network of gyms «Fit-Fashion». Peter himself willingly goes in for sports, therefore the direction of entrepreneurship fully consistent with its preferences.

    Personal life

    It is known that the businessman Anton Petrov in 2015 married the MSU student Elizabeth Braccini.

    In his free time, the businessman prefers traveling, horseback riding and sports.

    Anton Petrov

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