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  • Name: Anton Panufnik ( Anton Panufnik )
  • Date of birth: 3 June 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Vitebsk, Belarus
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer, participant of the show «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Anton Panufnik : biography

    Anton Panufnik was born in Vitebsk in June 1991. The boy was extremely lively and agile, so in 5 years my mother decided to channel his violent energy in a useful direction. She took my son to the ballroom.

    Not to say that Anton really liked this dance style (in one of his interviews he admitted that walking in pantyhose not a very fit man), but for 9 years Panufnik regularly attended dance school and was making headway. Anton repeatedly became the prize-winner of various dance competitions in the country, often took the first places in the Championships of ballroom dancing in the Vitebsk region.

    In adolescence, Anton Panufnik suddenly dropped to waltz and speak on the floor. First, he met a group of peers that break-dancing and other street directions». These new dance styles to Anton’s liking and more consistent with the mood of a teenager. Second, Panufnik thought here in determining the outcome, there is complete justice, which cannot be said about ballroom dancing. Later in an interview, admitted Anton, «they’re pushing their» and can be traced to the caste principle.

    During this period, the young dancer tried his hand at the role of entertainer in Nightclubs. MC Puff – this stage name was taken Anton Panufnik. Perhaps hence the guy can be traced to the mastery of the conversational genre.

    After graduating from secondary school Anton moved from Vitebsk to Minsk. Here he spent 2 years dancing in a military ensemble. Panufnik later admitted that during this time in dance technique, he could not move a single step. What was in abundance, so it’s partying. Soon Anton left the «dance boots» and decided to develop further. One of my friends suggested Panufnik on a new dance project in neighboring Ukraine, which is gaining momentum. A television show called «everybody Dance». Anton decided quickly. He gathered and with a friend went to Kiev.

    TV show

    Casting, as it seemed Vitebsk dancer, he failed. So great was surprised when some time later he called and invited to participate in the filming of the telekasting 6th season.

    Inspired by the success, Anton Panufnik spoke beautifully. He won the sympathy of all the judges of the room in the style of breakdancing. Belarusian dancer got into a «hundred» and easily passed to the next round. And then it turned and in the «twenty» best.

    To leave the show «everybody Dance» Anton had after the last test before live. Although many viewers believe that Panufnik did a great job. Your dance-solo dancer Vitebsk devoted Alice Dotsenko. The performance was very soulful and sensual. But, most likely, the judges thought that 3 of the breakers on the project (Dmitry Twitter from Kazakhstan, Ilya Kiselnikov from Russia and Anton Panufnik from Belarus) is a lot. «Screened Out» Of Anton. So the guy stopped for a step to TOP 10.

    Spectators long remember his presentation. For example, Anton Panufnik were unmatched to the image of the grandmother-breakers. Great was his speech on the Maidan, where he competed with Irina Kradenoe.

    After hearing about the casting for the show «Dancing on TNT» in Moscow, Anton Panufnik without hesitation went to the capital. He was in the team of Miguel and managed to repeat the result achieved in Kiev.

    In 2016, battle of the seasons of the show «Dancing» Anton Panufnik won.

    Personal life

    On the novel of Anton Panufnik and Alice Dotsenko know all the fans of dance shows. This pair met in Kiev, where both dancers participated in the show «everybody Dance». After Anton was eliminated from the show before reaching the TOP 10, he remained in Kiev to support Alice. My girlfriend managed to reach the TOP 6. After the project, the couple went to Krasnodar, where she lived, Alice Dotsenko.

    It is known that for some time Anton Panufnik lived in Krasnodar together with Alice and her daughter Anfisa. Vitebsk dancer taught in a dance school Dotsenko. But then the pair unexpectedly broke up. The reasons are called different, but the real fame only Alice and Anton. The separation took place before the children’s participation in the project «Dancing on TNT».

    They met again in Moscow. Moreover, Alice and Anton are in the same team to Miguel. They had 3 General dance. But the personal life of Anton Panufnik and Alice Dotsenko, it seems, has not improved. Although the set point in this relationship – to speak early.


    Anton Panufnik

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