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  • Name: Anton Pampushny ( Anton Pampushnuy )
  • Date of birth: 5 may 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Astana
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, Director, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Anton Pampushny: biography

    Anton Pampushny – Russian actor who has attracted attention after the release of the historical film «Alexander. The battle of the Neva». He also starred in the films «the Trap for the killer», «the Penguin of our time» and «Poor Liz».

    The future actor was born in Kazakhstan, namely in Astana. Special thrust to the arts in childhood the boy showed. And the parents insisted that his son received a very fashionable profession of economist. So after school Anton submits documents in trade-economic College and becoming a chartered marketer.

    But newly acquired the specialty of a young man running very long. He goes to the capital of Russia and the entrance examinations to the School-Studio of MKHAT proves to the admissions Committee, as well as the immediate managers of the course of Roman Kozak and Dmitry Brusnikina that he is more than worthy to be among the students of famous University.

    While training Pampushny plays in the acclaimed in Moscow the play «the Tambourine of the upper world» based on the stories of the fashionable writer Viktor Pelevin. After graduating from School the young actor invites the troupe of the Moscow Drama theatre named after A. S. Pushkin. There Anton could be seen until 2008 in productions of «Romeo and Juliet», «treasure Island», «Madame Bovary» and many other performances staged based on the famous classical literary works.

    When he began his film career, Anton Pampushny decided that he should learn to look at the film from the main man on the court, so he enrolled in cinematography at the faculty of directing feature films.


    The actor made his debut in the cinema when it was first degree. In 2005 Pampushny first appeared on screen, starring in the role of a security guard in the drama directed by Kirill Serebrennikov «some explicit Polaroids». And immediately after Mat school he is invited to the film, which will be his ticket to popularity – historical-biographical action «Alexander. The battle of the Neva».

    Interestingly, to prepare for painting Anton had to deal with a strong physical exertion. He learned to wield the ancient sword and ride a horse, which, incidentally, was a very complex and constantly tried to kick the actor or throw him from the saddle. In addition, the heavy chain together with the outfit weighed about 40 pounds, and that Anton didn’t look tired in the frame, he previously a few weeks have made many kilometers of forced marches, special loading weights.

    Your efforts have paid off handsomely. About Anton Pampushka learned all the Russian fans of cinema professionals will award the main prize actor at the Grozny International film festival «Noah’s ark», and the filmmakers immediately began to invite him into his new paintings. In the same year the actor played a police in the crime Thriller «trap for the killer», he played hockey in the psychological drama «Minnesota» in love with a policeman in the melodrama «little» brutal taxi driver in the Thriller «the Loop» and many other interesting images.

    In 2011 Pampushka had more time to be reincarnated as a Russian hero when he played Alyosha Popovich in the fantasy-Comedy film «Real fairy tale», which was also attended by Maxim Shibaev Sergey Bezrukov. Have been highly praised the work of the actor in the Comedy «Poor LIZ», where his partner was Maria Mashkova, as well as in the joint Russian-German comic Thriller «the Penguin of our time.»

    Personal life

    Anton Pampushny married to actress Monica Grossman, who is also originally from Kazakhstan. Young people met in the Studio of the Moscow art theatre, where he studied. They did not arrange magnificent wedding, and secretly went to Denmark, where he married. Parents and other relatives of the couple found out about the marriage much later.

    Unfortunately, because of the employment of spouses is not so often happens a long time to be together. The fact that they live in different countries: Pampushny in Russia, and Grossman has employed an actress in a theater in Germany. So Anton and Monica enjoy every moment spent together. Children the couple yet.


    • 2008 — Alexander. The battle of the Neva
    • 2008 — trap for the killer
    • 2009 — Minnesota
    • 2011 — On the Sunny side of the street
    • 2011 — the Last thing Casanova
    • 2013 — life after life
    • 2013 — Poor LIZ
    • 2013 — we Swear to protect
    • 2015 — Tales stepmother
    • 2015 Penguin of our time


    Anton Pampushny

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