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  • Name: Anton Makarsky ( Anton Makarskiy )
  • Date of birth: 26 November 1975.
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Penza
  • Activities: actor, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Anton Makarsky: biography

    Anton Makarsky was born 26 November 1975 in Penza. The future actor grew up in a family of modest means, his mother Elena and father were divorced before the birth of a boy, and only up to ten years Anton has appeared stepfather Alexander Makarska, then, the future artist took his name. All of Anton’s family was closely associated with theater and art: the grandfather of Mikhail Yakovlevich Kaplan this day is the people’s artist of the Russian Federation and the actor of drama theater. Lunacharsky Penza; his mother taught solfege and was an actress of the puppet theatre, and his stepfather worked at the Penza theatre of dolls. And although from early childhood, the boy took part in productions by the local drama theater to be an actor he didn’t plan for.

    At the age of ten Anton Makarsky became seriously interested in sports (particularly, Boxing, powerlifting, fencing) and dreamed of becoming a professional athlete and wanted to teach physical education. From Makarska had all the makings of a coach: the ability to guide people and incredible patience. Seventeen Anton became a candidate master of sports and was already on the path to enrollment in a local institution of physical education.

    However, fate and choice of place of training the young athlete decided not well-known theatrical family, uncle Anton, who gave the nephew only one question: «Why don’t you try to enroll in drama school?«. So Makarska in 1993 he went to Moscow, where he immediately began auditioning in all College theater. He managed to join the three theater schools: GITIS, Shchukin and Schepkin. Choosing to study Theatre Institute named Shchukin, Anton Makarsky took an active part in the life of the University — played in performances, preparing rooms for singing and dancing. The actor himself loves to characterize this era of his life as a hungry, but very happy students».

    In 1997, after the end of the «Pike» Makarska for a time was virtually unemployed, satisfied with small jobs until I got the theater company «Nikitsky gate» the famous playwright Mark Grigorievich Rozovsky. In the theater, Anton played for about two months, and then decided to go to serve in the army. But even there, it overtook the theatrical fate: served eighteen months in company of the convoy, after performances at local concert Makarska transferred to the Academic song and dance ensemble VV MVD RF, where about a year the young actor was the first tenor in the choir and leading concerts.


    Makarska from the army back in 1999, and about half were unemployed. After long wanderings in search of work on a speciality the actor heard about the casting for the musical «Metro». Anton went to audition as an actor, not a singer, but this did not prevent him to win the sympathy of the jury and one of the main roles in the play. The success of the musical «Metro» opened the way for the actor in other well-known performances and productions.

    In 2002, the actor was invited to the role of captain Phoebus de Chateaupers in the Russian adaptation of the musical «Notre Dame de Paris». This role brought Makarska resounding success, the song «Belle» made him famous in musical circles, and the shooting in the clip of the song for a long time adopted him the role of a romantic hero movie.

    In 2004 Anton Makarsky took part in a production of the musical operetta «Arshin Mal Alan» the Azerbaijan composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov, which took place on the stage of his native school named Shchukin.

    Music and movies

    Although he performs, does not consider himself a singer, in 2003, on the background of the popularity of the hit «Belle» he began to record a solo album. In 2007, a musical debut called «About you» was released. It included fifteen songs, including two songs sung by a duet with his wife Victoria Morozova. In 2008 the artist released the CD «Songs…», which is dominated by cover versions of Soviet songs.

    In 2014, Anton Makarsky published another album, «I will come back to you», which included 14 songs, some of which could be heard in his films, serials and plays. At the moment, the artist is actively touring and giving live concerts with his wife.

    The first movie project Makarska was the film-series «the Rig» directed by Leonid Kulagin. However, this debut and the opening film for him was the role of Prince Andrei Dolgoruky in the TV series «Poor Nastya», where he also sang the main song of the series «I’m not sorry» together with Sergey and Arina.

    In the future, Makarska has starred in more than 40 projects. Most of the work — the TV series, but the actor also played in several feature films. In 2008, Anton took part in voice acting for the Russian cartoon «the adventures of Alyonushka and Yarema», where his voice spoke the main character Erema.

    Anton Makarsky lit up in many popular TV projects, including «the Great race», «Fort Boyard», «dancing with the stars». He was also a leading music TV show «the phantom of the Opera», which is broadcast on the First Channel in 2011.

    Personal life

    1999 became for Anton happy. On the set of the musical «Metro», he met his future wife, singer Victoria Morozova. It was love at first sight, and after a year the couple were married in a Church, where he was invited almost the entire cast of the musical «Metro». Makarska and Morozov officially registered their marriage just three years, and as a wedding journey the couple went to France for shooting the world-famous show «Fort Boyard».

    Despite the real idyll of family life, Viktoriya Morozova for a long time could not get pregnant, and the couple even began to collect documents for adoption. Nevertheless, fate still gave them a child — September 9, 2012 in Makarska had a daughter who was named Maria. In December 2014 it became known that Victoria Morozova pregnant again, and may 31, 2015 artists born son Ivan.

    Anton Makarsky and Victoria Morozova hold together a very long time, they are United by a common cause: that Victoria is the artistic Director, producer and organizer of concerts of her husband. The couple live in Israel, surrounded by their relatives.


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    Anton Makarsky

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