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  • Name: Anton Lirnyk ( Anton Lirnik )
  • Date of birth: 23 September 1976.
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Kirovohrad, Ukraine
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter, broadcaster, musician, resident Comedy club, the party «Duet Chekhov»
  • Marital status: married

    Anton lirnyk: biography

    Anton lirnyk – broadcaster, writer, actor and musician of Ukrainian origin, a former participant of KVN, which became widely known after appearing in a humorous transmission «Comedy ClubUkraine» in the «Duet Chekhov».

    Anton lirnyk was born in the Ukrainian city of Kirovograd (renamed from 2016 onward) on 23 September 1976 in a family of creative people. He has two older brothers. In Kirovograd the lyre spent all my childhood and youth. Four years went to music school on a violin class. Was in high school, which, according to the official website of the humorist, was in the class with a physical bias.

    Anton lirnyk in childhood
    Anton lirnyk in childhood and now

    After graduation Anton entered the Kirovograd state pedagogical University. V. Vynnychenko in the Department of journalism. Here he studied for only two courses, and then decided to go to another University where he was expelled for unknown reasons. After that, the lyre have left any attempts to get higher education.


    A student, however, is not passed to future showman useless – during the stay in Kirovohrad Anton successfully managed to participate in the Institute’s team of club of cheerful and resourceful «the Gulf stream» (also known as «SKIF»), while working on local television as writer and presenter of entertainment programs.

    Anton Lirnyk
    Anton lirnyk | VK

    Having received useful experience, but was disappointed in the level of provincial life (especially in wages), and in early 2000, went to conquer the capital of Ukraine. In Kiev he managed to work as the host of several radio stations, he also led on the channel «inter» more humorous TV shows («the Deficit-show», «Impostors», «Who is extreme?») and wrote scripts for Comedy series.

    Anton Lirnyk
    Anton lirnyk | VK

    In 2003 Anton Lirnyk was invited to become a member of KVN team «AK». Despite the fact that his talent did not deploy fully, the team became the champion of the Ukrainian top League, and even was held at the Moscow Higher League of KVN Alexander Maslyakov and lit up on TV, but in both performances took the last seat and left the League.

    But this experience had positive impact – it is during games with the team «AK» Anton lirnyk met future Comedy partner for the project «a Duet Chekhov». Andrew Milk quickly found a common language with Anton and very soon they became one of the main participants of the Ukrainian branch of the «Comedy Club».

    Anton Lirnyk
    Anton lirnyk | VK

    Starting in February 2015 Anton lirnyk is a trainer in the TV Studio «Quarter-95» under the name «League of laughter», much like the KVN. It is broadcast in Ukraine on the channel «1+1». Under the leadership of the Lyre in Winter Cup 2015 was won by the team «Trio «Different» and Leading».

    In 2016, the lyre played a major role in a TV Comedy «the Candidate», which tells about the adventures of Alex the roll – honest and decent man, accidentally fell into politics.

    The Basis Of The «Comedy Club Ukraine»

    In the winter of 2006 started training comic show «Comedy Club Ukraine» — Ukrainian analogue of the well-known Russian TV show «Comedy Club». Anton lirnyk was one of its organizers. Together with Milk it in the «Duet Chekhov» won the hearts of millions of Ukrainian viewers.

    Blowing Chekhov
    Duet Chekhov: Anton lirnyk and Andrew Milk | tvnz

    First transmission was broadcast on the TV channel «inter», after some time, the project moved to the channel «1+1», and in the spring of 2008, «Comedy Club Ukraine» started to enter the «New channel». Seeing the success of the band Lyre and Dairy, the producers of the main project invited them to shooting in Moscow. Since they are considered permanent residents «Comedy club».

    The Duo visited half of the globe, and their popularity only continues. Humorists of the team in an interview, joking that live not in Moscow and not in Kiev, and in airplanes, they have a lot of work and time, time intervals between concerts is really very short.

    The Emergence Of «Lirnikband»

    In mid-2008, about to celebrate his thirty-second birthday, the comedian started to think about conquering new creative horizons and decided to start a band. In the fall the lyre released the first song «birthday» together with the freshly picked team «Lirnik Band».

    The group performs songs of many genres: in their works is felt notes rock-n-roll, reggae, rhythm and Blues, urban romance and pop-pop and chanson. Despite the fact that Anton lirnyk modestly considers their genre of sprechstimme and offers not to take the team seriously, fans continue to create full houses at their concerts.

    In addition to written by Anton Lirnyk songs, musicians, parodies of popular hits of recent years. For example, in Ukraine, became famous processing «thug» songs of Mikhail Krug «Golden domes» in the Ukrainian language with text on the topics of the day. In 2012 he released the first and only album «Lirnik Band» called «the Platinum album».

    Now the band’s songs are often heard on Ukrainian radio, and some of them even occupy the top ratings of Moscow «Radio Chanson». «Lirnik Band» on my YouTube channel sometimes produces videos, popular videos: «Lada», «Snow», «Light», and, of course, a nostalgic song about Childhood.

    Personal life

    The comedian enjoys computer games and is an avid bibliophile. He has a collection of rare antique books, which he constantly adds valuable pieces from around the world. He travels a lot, has a blog. Posting photos in Instagram.

    Anton lirnyk and his wife
    Anton lirnyk and his wife | Ukraine news

    At 22, Anton lirnyk for the first time became a father. He had a daughter Mary, which he was very happy, despite his young age. The girl died at eight years old from brain cancer. After the death of his daughter, the marriage with his first wife Tatiana broke up, the young became very difficult to communicate with each other.

    The second time the comedian married Valeria Borodina, with whom he had a daughter, Sonia. The couple divorced when the daughter was ten months old. The reason for the divorce is not known, but the former couple still remain friends.

    Anton lirnyk daughter
    Anton lirnyk daughter | .

    The third wife of Anton – girl Maria. A young family planning to have children, especially because children quickly find a common language with the immediate Lyre. Sonya considers it a perfect father.


    Anton Lirnyk

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