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  • Name: Anton Lavrentiev ( Anton Lavrentev )
  • Date of birth: 10 December 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: presenter, musician, actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Anton Lavrentiev: biography

    Anton Lavrentiev was born on 10 December 1983 in Moscow. From early childhood the boy showed his musical talents and artistry. He learned early to play guitar and dreamed of his own group, Anton even attended a music school. In secondary school due to his name, the boy was nicknamed «Laurel».

    However, when it came time to choose a future career, Lawrence decided to obtain a prestigious position as a journalist and applied to the international University of Moscow.

    After graduating in 2006, Anton went to work, and settled into one of the capital’s clubs of Moscow. There he was engaged in entrepreneurship and founded a firm specializing in the control of the entrance to the club. For his work, Lawrence has already received another nickname — Anton Fiskerton.

    The business progressed well, so the guy also got the opportunity to focus on learning dance in the club «Gipsy». Soon he was promoted to concert Director, completely taking up the repertoire and the list of guest stars of the club. No wonder that constant contact with the world of show business inspired Anton to create a musical group.

    Anton Lavrentiev: music

    Not to be limited to one style of music, the Lavrentiev founded two groups: «

  • Gipsy Band» that specializiruetsya mainly on the various covers of popular songs, where the singer was Vera Novak and»
  • L acoustique», playing in the style lounge, where Anton not only takes the party on the guitar, but also sings.

    The group toured around the world and often perform their repertoire for private events. The plans of the artist: record a new album and shooting videos.

    Anton lives in Moscow, but in his hometown due to the busy schedule of filming almost never happens.

    Anton Lavrent’ev, «heads and tails. Shopping»

    Activities at the club gave Anton Lavrentyev numerous connections and acquaintance, which later brought him into the world of cinema. The first on-screen debut for the actor was the Thriller «the Runaways,» directed by Rustam Musafir where one of the main roles were played by Lisa boyars. Anton also played a small cameo role of a musician, in which he seemed very organic and convincing. The picture was released in September 2004.

    Then during filming, a young and extremely charismatic boy noticed the creators of the popular show «heads and tails». The Ukrainian program was a phenomenal success and had just lost one of its permanent leading «eagle and tails. Shopping» — Constantine October. For personal reasons he was forced to leave the project, and heads show urgently looking for a replacement. Cheerful and charming Anton Lavrentiev, perfectly knows how to behave in front of the camera and loves to travel, was a worthy candidate and appeared on the screens in may 2014 in the thirteenth episode of the project.

    In the first edition Lavrentiev was awarded the gold card, which according to the rules of the show the host gives unlimited amount for costs within the program. New lead like not only the audience but also his partner for the transfer of Iacovou Mary, with whom he has developed a great relationship.

    Through participation in the program Anton Lavrentiev became popular and famous, people recognize him on the streets and often ask for an autograph. The show allowed the guy to travel the world and share their experiences with viewers, but also greatly improve their leading talents.

    Handy and his knowledge of foreign languages: Anton is fluent in English, conversational French and German. In the programs, the audience can often hear songs composed by leading directly during filming.

    Anton Lavrentiev: personal life

    Like many stars of show business, Anton Lavrentiev prefers to hide information about his personal life. However, this did not prevent journalists to suspect him of having an affair with his colleague on the show «heads and tails. Shopping»

  • Mary Iacovou. Young people often appear together and maintain good friendships, what Anton himself has repeatedly stated to journalists. Gossip about the affair between the two leading flashed with new force after the next edition of the show «heads and tails. Shopping». The show took place in Las Vegas, where Anton and Maria were married, which is legal only on the territory of the city. In March 2015 it became known that Anton has an affair with a journalist
  • Irina Shelest, which in combination is his PR Director. The lovers spend a lot of time together, combining creative activities and entertainment: one can often see them at festivals and fashion shows. Irina herself says that Anton has developed a great relationship with her son from a previous marriage, but the couple lives separately.

    Anton Lavrentiev: projects

    • Gipsy Band
    • L acoustique
    • The heads and tails. Shopping

    Anton Lavrentiev: photo

    Anton Lavrentiev

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