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  • Name: Kuznetsov Anton ( Anton Kuznetsov )
  • Date of birth: 10 July 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Maryana Spivak

    Anton Kuznetsov: biography

    The actor Anton Kuznetsov, a native Muscovite. He was born July 10, 1980. His childhood was no different from the childhood of thousands of Soviet schoolchildren: lessons, hobby groups, games in the yard. However, it was another hobby – the theatre. He did well in school, especially diligently studied Russian language and literature – knew that to enter the theater Institute.

    With a certificate in the hands of Kuznetsov went to enter the Shchukin school, passed the creative test and exams, he became a student. In 2007 he received the diploma and boldly stepped into the adult life in the theatre.


    Theatre «Satyricon» Konstantin Raikin Kuznetsov came immediately after graduating from theatre school. Within its walls he was held as an actor, here of his talent. And today Anton Kuznetsov works in «Satyricon», which became native for him.

    He is involved in many performances of repertoire. In the production of «King Lear» Kuznetsov plays Edmund in «the Kitchen» viewers see him in the role of Alfredo in Shakespeare’s «Othello» he is convincing in the role of Cassio. The audience saw Anton Kuznetsov and other plays – «the Blue monster», «the Seagull», «Romeo and Juliet», «plum», «Money», etc.

    The actor collaborates with the theater «Practice» – plays in the play «Black & Simpson». A few images he realized in the production of the Theatre of the Moscow Council «Engaged».

    In 2007, Anton Kuznetsov was awarded the prestigious «Gold list» for the role of Chatsky in the play «Woe from wit».


    In the movie Anton Kuznetsov does not appear as often as on the theatrical stage. Key roles and Directors don’t spoil him. His film debut took place in 2002. Then the actor played the pizza guy in one episode of «FM guys». Then almost seven years of roles he was offered. In 2009, Kuznetsov played the role of Good in the film «Russia-88».

    The main role it was approved in 2012 in the film «Life and fate». He played major, the regimental commander Ivan Berezkin. In the same year there was another project with his participation «Ahead shot», in which Kuznetsov played Oleg Pankov.

    One of the recent acting work – the role of Bart in the movie «bounty Hunters».

    Personal life

    Anton Kuznetsov lives with Maryana Spivak. They met in the theater «Satyricon» when rehearsing the play «the Seagull.» Anton and Mariana were on the same stage, and he played the hero, who is seeking her favor. In the play’s unhappy ending, but their lives have turned out differently. By the time the travelers were both married. Anton was married to a classmate, Mariana is married to a classmate.

    Kuznetsova’s first marriage was unsuccessful and ended in divorce. No luck with her first husband, and Mariana. When the two officially divorced, decide to live together, but without a stamp in the passport. Maryana Spivak says that mark has for it no meaning. The husband of the same opinion. Two creative people under one roof, they don’t argue and help each other, support.

    Recently Anton Kuznetsov became a father Mariana gave birth to her son Gregory. With four months the baby gets used to the set. While my mom starred in the TV series, Anton spends time with his son. Nanny couple did not hire you.

    In the future, they dream of opening a cozy restaurant where will dishes and always a vegetarian dish. Kuznetsov for many years a vegetarian, and Mariana loves to cook.

    One kid is not going to stop – I want two kids at least.


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    • «Chapiteau show»
    • «GOP-stop»
    • «Per Rectum»
    • «Russia 88»
    • «FM and children»


    Anton Kuznetsov in the film

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