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  • Name: Anton Komolov ( Anton Komolov )
  • Date of birth: 4 April 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: TV presenter, radio host, journalist, showman
  • Marital status: married

    Anton Komolov: biography

    Popular TV and radio host Anton Komolov, a native Muscovite. He was born April 4, 1976 in an intellectual capital of the family. His mother – scholar, father – engineer. Mum since the childhood instilled son a love of language and literature. Three years Anton had a quick read, and up to six years mastered Anna Karenina and Chekhov’s stories. Read the boy loved, and the writing lazy. Perhaps because he is left — handed, and in Soviet times teachers have forced children to write with his right hand.

    Anton Komolov studied at the Lyceum with physical and mathematical bias and knew that would come in MSTU named after N. E. Bauman. He entered and successfully graduated from it. In his student years, Anton was invited to the University KVN team, which in 1997 became the champion of Moscow in the League.

    From the second year of University Komolov works. He was 18 years old when he got a job as a freelance reporter at radio «Maximum». The young man didn’t want to depend financially from their parents, and a tiny scholarship was not enough to give a girl a hot dog or go with her to the restaurant. On «High», he worked a year, and in 1995 it began to be aired on the radio station «Silver rain». Two years later, Anton Komolov began to lead a morning program on Radio «classic».

    He recalled that at the radio station by accident saw the advertisement for the recruitment of DJs and sent in my resume, and did it several times. He called and invited to audition three times.


    The work of Anton Komolova on television began on BIZ-TV in 1997. After a year in Russia opened the channel to MTV, and he moved there to work. Komolov was a co-host of the program «a Great movie», «Playstation». The audience saw him in «Morning factory», which in 1999 was replaced by the concept and became known as the «Cheerful morning». The program, which was conducted by Anton Komolov and Olga Shelest, was fundamentally new for the Russian television, because it allowed everything to run to the Studio, to cry, to joke, to dress as they want. The naturalness and spontaneity of the creative Duo charged the audience with positive.

    Anton remembered the project «Short circuit». Audience talk-show Housewives. Komolov appeared in the frame in turtlenecks, jackets with elbow pads that are more like patches. In 27 years the concept of the program the TV presenter seemed unexpected.

    In 2001, Olga Shelest and Anton Komolov became the producers of the program «Rule of thumb». Permanent ether was added organizational issues. In 2010, the creative tandem of Anton and Olga presented the show «the MTV Generation. We love 90-e years».

    Today Anton Komolov has partnered with several television and radio stations, and since 2000 he is a member of the jury of the Higher League of KVN.

    Personal life

    The facilitator repeatedly attributed the novel with Olga Shelest – too often they appear together in the frame. According to Anton, their associates work and years of friendship.

    He says he is happily married to his wife Vladlena. They met at the resort, began to meet. It is not strange, but a holiday romance is not over after the holiday — on the contrary, turned into a long-term strong relationships. Anton Komolov says she was attracted by its beautiful appearance and rich soul, subtle mind and femininity. For several years they lived in a civil marriage, decided to legalize the relationship in order to avoid bureaucratic difficulties with registration of children.

    In 2006, Anton Komolov became Pope. He was the responsible head of the family, a caring husband and loving father. With a newborn son Andrew is the TV presenter spent a lot of time – schedule allowed. And today, he spends his free time with his family, because the son and his wife is his main priority.

    She works concert Director husband, he writes scripts and deals with organizational issues when Anton Komolova invited to hold major events.


    Anton Komolov and Olga Shelest

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