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  • Name: Anton Khabarov ( Anton Habarov )
  • Date of birth: 11 January 1981
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Balashikha
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married to Elena Habarova

    Anton Khabarov’s biography

    Anton Khabarov – young Russian actor. Born January 11, 1981 in Balashikha in the family, unrelated to the art professionally. His father worked as a collector, mother – accountant, but both were avid theatre-goers and love of theater has managed to instill in my son.

    In childhood Anton was fond of different things. The young man was actively engaged in sports: athletics, basketball and rode horses. Along with this graduated from a music school. But the passion the boy began ballroom dancing, which he became involved with a ten years and did it so successfully that he received the title of Candidate master of sport and became the champion of Russia.

    It is not strange, but after school, Anton Khabarov was not able to enroll in training at the faculty of ballroom dancing. And then the future actor helped his father, who took my son to the art Institute, where he immediately entered. It was here that the boy showed a taste for the acting profession. It was so evident that the teachers have recommended Anton to continue their education in high school theater. The actor listened and joined in 2000, WTU them. Schepkin. After his graduation, the young graduate, the actor was admitted to the «Contemporary».

    Anton Khabarov: theatre

    The actor made his debut on the famous stage in the play «the True story. Gauthier» in the role of Armand Duval. Then he worked in the films «Anthony&Cleopatra. Version», «Running» and others.

    In 2008 the young actor moved into the Theater. Mayakovsky. Here he played in productions of «Circle», «Dangerous turn» and «Three sisters.» To date, the assets of the actor about ten diverse theatrical roles.

    Anton Khabarov movies

    Despite the relatively small number of roles in theater, Anton a lot in films. The film career of the actor in Habarova began with luck. Anton made his debut in the role of Rodion Guichard in the film «

  • Doctor Zhivago». The film was shot by renowned Director Alexander Proshkin. In this picture the young actor starred with Oleg Yankovsky. And yet we can say that the audience Anton Khabarov more known for the television series «I love…», where the actor played by Vadim – one of the main characters. Partner Anton on the set was a classmate of Tatyana Arntgolts. Beautiful deep plot and great acting helped this family Saga a long time to be one of the most popular TV series.

    Next year Anton starred in the crime action series «Bros» in the role of Sergei, the commando, who fights against criminals. The show viewers liked, so in 2010 went on television the following two parts.

    Then in 2011 starred in the film «Closed school», where Anton played the Director of a boarding school – a fair and just man, a philologist by training and a teacher by vocation.

    In 2012, Anton Khabarov took part in the continuation of the series «Bros» and the film «Closed school». This was followed by such works as «Serious relationship», «curiosities», «Brothers-4», «Glory» and «Chronicle the infamous times».

    Latest the role of Anton today — it’s shooting in the film «Mistress», «the 25th hour» and «Jurisdiction».

    If you try to hold the intermediate result of the creative activity of Anton Habarova in the movie, he does the best complex Goodies.

    Besides movie and theatre actor since 2009 actively working on the radio «Culture». He took part in many productions of radio plays: «a month in the country» based on the novel by V. S. Turgenev, «Stories of Ivan Sudarev» based on A. Tolstoy’s short stories, «Stories about love» on the works of A. Gorky and others.

    Work host of the program «Everything that didn’t get to say» the actor in 2013, was awarded the Order of military correspondents.

    Anton Khabarov: personal life

    His future wife

  • Elena and Anton met at drama school. A pair of long lived in a civil marriage, has not yet decided to legalize their relationship. The couple has two children, Vlad and Alina.

    Anton Khabarov: filmography

    • Doctor Zhivago
    • And all-taki I love…
    • Bros
    • Ermolovy
    • School closed
    • A mother’s heart
    • Serious relationship
    • Curiosities
    • Bros-4
    • Thank
    • Chronicle the infamous times
    • Stuntman
    • 25 an hour
    • Mistress
    • Jurisdiction

    Anton Khabarov: photo

    Anton Khabarov

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