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  • Name: Anton Gusev ( Gusev Anton )
  • Date of birth: 21 July 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: businessman, former member of the show «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Anton Gusev biography

    Anton Gusev was born in Moscow, 21 July 1989. In the family, he was everyone’s favorite. The parents spoiled and petted child, and he answered them in return. At school the boy studied at the «excellent», I went swimming and then enrolled in Boxing section.

    A beautiful, successful young man never suffered without the attention of girls, but, nevertheless, certain strong relationships tie him to failed. The first girl Anton at the time of his graduation he went to the capital of the Czech Republic, thereby severing their relationship.

    Anton Gusev
    Anton Gusev | VK

    After high school, Anton enrolled at the International Academy of business and management. Along with his studies, the young man worked in real estate, in fact, improve from the University knowledge. It is unknown how many years would last a fairly predictable life of a real estate consultant, if he hadn’t got on TV. This event is pretty cool changed the biography of Anton, making it a popular media person.

    «Dom-2» and personal life

    On the transfer of Anton came in December 2011 on the cause of the feelings of the young mother Margarita Agibalova (now Marceau). At the first meeting with the girl he proved himself a true gentleman — a large bouquet of roses at once melted the heart of Margarita. And the fact that Anton with ease was ready to adopt toddler girls, liked his potential mother-in-law.

    Some time young people lived in perfect harmony, but too strong attachment Margaret to his mother eventually broke up their relationship.

    Anton Gusev on the project
    Anton Gusev on the project «Dom-2» | Apartment-2 TV

    The second attempt to build Anton’s love was a connection with another participant of the project — Oksana Strunkin. But suddenly there was a strong sense it refers to Feofilaktova crossed all old Hobbies. The new novel grew so rapidly that already on the second month of Dating, the young people announced their wedding. And as it turned out for good reason: Jack was already expecting a child, which was desirable for both.

    A month after Anton Gusev made an offer Evgenia Feofilaktova, they played a noisy gay wedding in one of Moscow restaurants. The celebration was attended by over 200 people, the tables were Laden with fancy dishes and delicacies. As the kids literally exploded with happiness and courage, they held a ceremony for yourself, tirelessly entertaining their guests contests and a humorous Reprise.

    Wedding Gusev
    Wedding Gusev | Woman

    Photos from the wedding were filled in many media, as well as on the personal pages of Anton and Eugene. After a high-profile event, young moved into a Moscow apartment that belonged to the project, and continued to cover his family life in Instagram.

    Business Guseva

    Since his marriage the career of Anton went up the hill. Together with his wife he started to create an online store of clothes and toys for children. Their business began to generate a decent income. A pleasant surprise for fans of «House-2» was the fact that Anton himself was delivering the goods as the courier.

    Shop Gusev
    The opening of the boutique Gusev | VK

    After two years of marriage, the young were already the owners of several shops branded clothing in Moscow and other Russian cities, as well as franchise Gusevy. After the baby is born, whom the happy parents named the unusual name Daniel family some time back to the project. But on the territory of «House-2» Eugene started to have conflicts with other participants of the program, and the couple were forced again to leave the perimeter.

    Divorce Gusev

    In the fall of 2016 Anton Gusev has stunned the public with news that they are marrying officially divorced. The pair did not reach their fifth birthday, the joint life quite a bit. It turns out that the guys no longer live together and even managed to start a new relationship.

    In his blog, commenting on the event, Anton hinted that a lot of what you blame the wife because she’s just not cut out for family life. However, the couple broke up quietly, without recrimination. Anton continues to regularly visit his son, the boy is not deprived of attention.

    Anton and Evgeny Huseby with his son Daniel
    Anton and Evgeny Huseby with his son Daniel | VK

    Lately in the personal life of the ex-member House-2 has a new passion — Victoria romanet. She also participated in the project and was a friend of Eugenia. Anton and Victoria are often seen together, a large number of joint photos, but Anton diligently denies these rumors. Young people, until recently, continued to maintain the suspense, not revealing the true state of Affairs.

    Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet
    Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet | Dom-2 TV

    It is known that Eugene had a second mate who is now Dating the former wife of Anton, also remains a secret. In a network often there are messages about received expensive gifts from a wealthy admirer.


    After a divorce, a tragic event occurred: Anton had an accident on the road. His damaged legs and spine, on the body many bruises and scratches. As he explains in his blog, the incident was his fault, for the lack of winter tires on wheels.

    Anton went to the lawyer to permit the departure of the son abroad with her mother. At the moment eks-the participant «Houses-2» is under the supervision of physicians


    Anton Gusev

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