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  • Name: Gulyaev Anton ( Anton Gulyaev )
  • Date of birth: 3 June 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Anton Guliaev : biography

    Anton Guliaev was born in the city where every stone breathes history. Saint-Petersburg, where there are many centers of art and creativity, brought up the young man’s creative personality. And although his parents are not affiliated with the art world, he was in early childhood know that it is waiting for the stage.

    All his childhood and teenage years Gulyaev Anton really was a preparation for the acting profession. The guy was a professional dance and music. He perfectly plays the guitar and piano and sings. And physical training Anton had spent a lot of time, because the appearance and plastic important for the artist.

    After school, Anton Guliaev easily entered the drama school of Saint-Petersburg where I studied on the course Anatoly Vedenskogo. Excellent education and several works for the stage allowed for a beginning artist to get a job at the renowned St. Petersburg theater «comedian’s Shelter».


    Biography of Anton Gulyaev began on the stage of «the Shelter of comedians». Here, in the debut productions of «the Lady with camellias» and «Man-pillow», purchased acting. On the stage of this theater was crystallized style and develop their own «handwriting» of the artist. Theatergoers praised the work of Anton Gulyaev in the performances of «Summer, whom we have not seen» and «the Pokrovskie gate». In the last statement, the actor played the main character – the charming Kostik.

    In cinema at Gulyaeva hasn’t got a lot of work, because to withdraw it started not so long ago – in 2006. Although he appeared in two films – «Two of the casket» and the popular TV series «Secrets of investigation» (6th season).

    A year later the artist received the offer to star in several projects – painting «Joke» and the 4th season of «always say «Always». It is noteworthy that from the very first works of Anton Guliaev was able to show myself in different roles, avoiding one-dimensional. He is a master of disguise, so organic as in action movies and melodramas and Comedy. Soon the artist was so carried away by work on the set that the priority for him was the cinema. But on the stage Anton Guliaev also appears from time to time.

    In 2009 Anton Guliaev was immediately involved in 4-h projects. The most notable of these critics and viewers consider the film «When the snow melts» and «rule of the labyrinth». But wide fame came to the artist in 2010, when the screens came the popular TV series «Sea devils». In the role of Basil Ionova, nicknamed «the cat» Gulyaev appeared in all seasons of the project.

    The popularity of Gulyaev Anton is gaining momentum. While most large role of the artist can be called work in «Sea devils». But even episodes actor can turn in a catchy and bright, it used to give on set in full force, not dividing the roles into major and minor. Therefore, it is the images created in «Last meeting» and «the officer’s Wife», is also commendable.

    Personal life

    The young actor is among the their colleagues who don’t like to do PR on a personal, preferring to earn popularity with his talent. Therefore, the personal life of Anton Gulyaev behind seven locks. Attractive appearance and a romantic aura that surrounds the artist after his appearance in «Sea devils», the St. Petersburg made the actor one of the favorites of the beautiful half of humanity. But the walk is quite restrained perceives the enthusiasm of the fans that is based on his sexuality and attractiveness.

    Anton said that it can be carried away by one of his fans, but only if sees before him an interesting person with a spine.

    Some time in the media walked the rumors about the romantic relationship of the artist with a colleague on the film by Daria CyberKing. Prior to this, journalists have pushed the photos that appeared in social networks, where the couple walks around the city and spending time together. But as it turned out, the young artists associated only friendships. Daria has a husband. But the heart of a Gulyaev Anton, it seems, is still free.


    • «Two of the casket»
    • «Secrets of the investigation»
    • «Retiree»
    • «Always say «always»
    • «Joke»
    • «When the snow melts»
    • «Rule of the labyrinth»
    • «Sea devils»
    • «The officer’s wife»


    Anton Guliaev

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