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  • Name: Anton Feoktistov ( Anton Feoktistov )
  • Date of birth: 9 December 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Komsomolsk-on-Amur
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Anton Feoktistov: biography

    Anton Feoktistov called the new star of Russian cinema. It is quite rapidly ascend through the ranks and have asserted themselves on the stage, and in film.

    Feoktistov was born in December 1982 in the provincial Siberian town of Novoaltaisk, picturesquely situated on the right Bank of the Ob river. About acting Anton first thought when I got into watching Hollywood movies. And although in his family there was nobody who would have been associated with this profession, the teenager believed in his star.

    Anton Feoktistov
    Anton Feoktistov | People.Ru

    Anton Feoktistov began to appear on the school stage and he joined the drama club. In high school the guy realized that he didn’t see himself in any other profession, because only on stage feels the inspiration and satisfaction from what he does.

    When after finishing school Anton Feoktistov went to Moscow, he was hoping to go but doubt was considerable. Therefore, future actor filed documents to several theater schools. Was two, both famous Moscow art theatre and GITIS. Opted for the first and later did not regret about it never. Feoktistov enrolled in a course for talented teachers of Roman Kozak and Dmitry Brusnikin.


    The walls of the school-Studio of the Moscow art theater Anton Feoktistov left in 2008. He immediately went to find their place in art. It was gladly accepted into the troupe of the famous Moscow art theatre. Feoktistov easily joined the team and made his brilliant debut in the play «Ondine», playing a knight.

    Well it was given to Anton and went insult Simon bliss in the play «Spring fever» and Venticelli in «Amadeus».

    Anton Feoktistov in the play
    Anton Feoktistov in the play «the Lady with camellias» Theatre. A. S. Pushkin

    But after several years of service in the Moscow art theatre Feoktistov went to another famous theatre named after A. S. Pushkin. At this stage talented Siberian played a number of roles, delighting sophisticated theatergoers with his skill.

    A cinematic biography of Anton Feoktistov going well. While the actor is not so much the movies. He carefully selects only those images that are interesting to put on screen.

    Feoktistov debut in the movie took place when he was a student of the 4th course of the school-Studio MXAT. The promising young actor drew the attention of Karine Foliyants. Inviting Anton to audition, she entrusted him with a major role in the melodrama «Two colors of passion». The image of ambitious provincial Maxim Pavlov brought the young actor his first successes.

    Soon filmography Feoktistova beginning to «grow into» new roles. The Siberian appeared in the science fiction series «the Guessing at candles» and loved by millions of viewers historic project «Institute of noble maidens». A new wave of success of «covered» Anton after the release of the crime tape «Two sides of the same Anna».

    It is noteworthy that in all these films Anton Feoktistov played a prominent, often leading roles. Besides, they were all diverse.

    Anton Feoktistov in the series
    Anton Feoktistov in the series «the Gambler» | «KP»

    After the success in these projects, the young actor began quite intently studying the new proposals, which were many. Some of the works he refused, choosing only interesting and multi-faceted role, which was «highlight». So Anton Feoktistov appeared in the Comedy-drama film «news», where he made a great Duo with Anastasia Makeeva. Starred in the mystical film «Vangelia» criminal project «the Gambler», where he got the image of the Central character Kostya.

    Of the most striking new film should be called a Thriller with elements of mysticism «Thirteen,» a fantastic project «Dolly the Sheep was angry and died early» and detective «Amateur», where the artist has got a Central role.

    Personal life

    It seems that everything that makes this talented man, he develops exactly as he planned. Personal life of Anton Feoktistov, as his career has developed well. The actor is married to his colleague, Natalya Dolgushinoy, familiar to audiences for his roles in the films «Indie» and «Servant». This beautiful couple together not so long ago. The couple dream of expanding my small «cell of society».

    Anton Feoktistov with his wife Natalia | «KP»


    • «Two colors of passion»
    • «The guessing at candles»
    • «Institute of noble maidens»
    • «Two sides of the same Anna»
    • «Vangelia»
    • «Sharpie»
    • «The lucky ticket»
    • The «news»
    • «Thirteen»
    • «Dolly the sheep was angry and died early»


    Anton Feoktistov

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