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  • Name: Anton Dolin ( Anton Dolin )
  • Date of birth: 23 January 1976
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: radio broadcaster and journalist
  • Marital status: married

    Anton Dolin biography

    Well-known journalist, film critic, TV and radio presenter, Anton Dolin, a native Muscovite. He was born in January 1976, in an intellectual family where reigned the cult of art in all its forms and types. Anton’s mother, Veronica Dolina, famous Russian poet, bard. Stepfather – film Director and screenwriter, Honored art worker of the Russian Federation Alexander Muratov. Anton Valley has two brothers-Oleg and Matthew, and sister Asya.

    Oleg and Anton, Dolini
    Oleg and Anton Valley

    All children are connected with a particular art form. Brother Oleg is an actor and musician. Sister Asya Valley is also a musician and journalist.

    According to Anton Dolin, the greatest influence on him mom, defining its vital interests and formed tastes. As in the house of the Valley music was constantly heard, all the children in one degree or another involved in this art form. As he says in his interview with Anton, in his youth, he also dabbled in music. Some time was keyboardist in various pop and rock groups. Not only played, but also often became a co-author of music and songs.

    Anton Dolin
    Anton Dolin |

    But literary, linguistic beginning took: Anton Dolin after receiving a high school diploma, I enrolled in MSU named after Lomonosov M., selecting the faculty of Philology, Russian Department. After graduation in 1997, decided not to put a point in education and began writing diploma. But before that, as a externship of Valleys tried force in the school: he worked as a teacher, teaching children language and literature.

    In 2000, Anton Dolin, a postgraduate of the world literature of the RAS. He wrote a thesis on «Soviet History stories».


    In the years when Anton Dolin taught and wrote, he first tried his hand at journalism. In 1997 got a job at the radio station «Echo of Moscow». Worked here until 2002, leading. Asserts itself, when it came to «Echo», it is not distinguished from Viktor Chernomyrdin, Yury Luzhkov. And still interests the newly minted journalist-scholar was so far from politics that the young man had no idea how these people look or what they do.

    Anton Dolin on the radio
    Anton Dolin on the radio |

    But not only the broadcast journalism acquired in these years a new employee: since 2001, Anton Dolin 4 years was a contributing journalist in «Gazeta». First full-time film critic and then editor of the culture section.

    In 2006, the journalist was waiting for a promotion, he was invited to become Deputy editor of the newspaper «Evening Moscow».

    Trying their hand everywhere, the Valleys gradually come to understand what interests him more. Sympathies were on the side of the cinema. So from 2010 to today, Anton works as a film critic on the radio «Vesti FM». In the same way he works at the radio station «Mayak».

    Anton Dolin
    Anton Dolin |

    Deep knowledge of the Anton Valley in the world of domestic and world cinema are valued more. So he was invited to cooperate with several reputable publications such as the newspaper «Moscow news» and «Vedomosti», the magazines «Iskusstvo Kino» and «Expert», as well as web-sites of «Russian journal» and «the».

    Expands range of radio stations, which invited well-known film critic. To «Vesti FM» and «Lighthouse» were added to «Russian news service» and «Maximum».

    Biography of Anton Valley is not only journalistic work. Received in Moscow state University philological education was useful to the critics in the writing of several books. All of them, as you can guess, have a close reference to the world of cinema.

    Anton Dolin is a film critic
    Anton Dolin is a film critic |

    Readers who can still be called a movie-gourmets delighted to meet with book reviews and essays Anton Valley. The first book under the name «Lars von Trier: control works. Analysis interview» was released in 2004. After 2 years the film critic gave to her fans a new job: «Takeshi Kitano. Childhood years». And in 2011 he published a book «Herman. Interview. Essay. Script.»

    For the first book about the brilliant Director Lars von Trier writer was awarded the prize «Elephant» from the Guild of film critics. And in 2011, Anton Dolin has received another «Elephant» for a third book on the work of Soviet filmmaker Alexei German.

    Hayao Miyazaki, Natalia Vladimir and Anton Dolin
    Hayao Miyazaki, Natalia Vladimir and Anton Dolin | VK

    Many fans of the talent of the journalist I respect not only his opinion as a film critic, but also interested in his views on politics and social phenomena. It is known that in 2013, Anton Dolin participated in the project «Against homophobia», which has recorded a video message in support of the LGBT community. In it the journalist and film critic spoke against the adoption of the law, which forbids the promotion of homosexuality.

    And in the spring of 2014, the Valley has put his signature under the letter, «We are with you!» from the Kinosoyuz, which condemned the intervention of the Russian Federation in Ukraine’s politics and supported the revolution in that country.

    Anton Dolin is an atheist.


    More recently, fans of the popular TV show «Evening Urgant», which is broadcast the «First channel», saw to the transfer of well-known film critic. And Valleys invited Ivan Urgant as authoritative film critic in just a few minutes can give recommendations of movies from the «innovations» are worth seeing.

    As admitted in an interview, Anton Dolin, first he was skeptical of the task, because to reduce it to a few minutes to give a serious «recommendation» an interesting picture of the difficult. But over time, the journalist found the desired shape and today copes with the task. A few witty phrases he is able to tell youth (and it’s main «consumer» of the «Evening Urgant»), which movie is better to watch a man who understands the taste of real cinema.

    But the Valleys in his interview says that he, as a philologist cinema respects much less than other types of art. He believes that cinema is inferior in value literature, painting, architecture, music and theatre. But for those who have no ability to touch the source of world architecture and painting and to visit Italy, France or other countries, where famous museums and monuments, film critic recommends 10 films that will bring pleasure movie-gourmets.

    Anton Dolin recommends:

    • «Dear Hans, dear Peter» by Alexander Mindadze
    • «Cemetery splendor» Apichatpong Weerasethakul
    • «Carol» Todd Haynes
    • «Taxi» Jafar Panahi
    • Lobster Giorgos Lanthimos
    • «Youth» By Paolo Sorrentino
    • «Anomalisa» Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson
    • «The newest Testament,» Jaco van Carmela
    • «Bridge of spies» by Steven Spielberg
    • «The event» by Sergei Loznitsa (best documentary)

    Personal life

    In his spare time Anton Dolin loves to read and listen to music. He reads everywhere: at home, in transport, on the move. Most often it is art books. As for the music, Valleys prefer a modern, though also respects the classics.

    New movies he watches regularly, but their number does not exceed 3-4 paintings a week. Preference is given to European cinema, but sometimes a film critic and foodie looks distinct patterns of Chinese and American production.

    Anton Dolin with his son mark
    Anton Dolin with his son mark |

    Personal life of Anton Valley is a beloved wife Natasha, whom he had met in the 67th Metropolitan school. The couple are raising two children.

    As with humor, says the Valleys, he is deprived of some bad habits: does not smoke and does not write poetry.


    • 2004 – «Lars von Trier. Control work: Analysis of interviews. Dogville: The Script»
    • 2006 – «Takeshi Kitano. Childhood years»
    • 2010 – «Trick XXI: essays on the cinema of the new century»
    • 2011- «Hermann: Interview. Essay. The script»
    • 2014 – the «Three pillars. «Leviathan» Director Andrey Zvyagintsev»


    Anton Dolin

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