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  • Name: Anton Denisenko ( Anton Denisenko )
  • Date of birth: 20 September 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: actor, presenter, musician
  • Marital status: married

    Anton Denisenko: biography

    Anton Denisenko – young Russian and Belarusian actor, musician and broadcaster. The most famous picture with his participation is the romantic Comedy «Sweet life».

    Anton was born and raised in Minsk, where he graduated from secondary school. From childhood he was a creative man – he wrote poetry, learned to play the guitar. The young man was very well read and artistic.

    In 2005, Denisenko decides to go to the capital of Russia, to continue their education in one of the most famous theatre schools. He managed to convince the examination Committee of the Theatre Institute named Shchukin in their abilities, and the first attempt Anton is a student of the acting course at Rodion Ovchinnikov. Already from the third year, the budding actor started out on stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre and pretty well established itself in front of the audience and experts.

    But after graduation Anton Denisenko left in the walls of the theater. Together with my classmate Zhenya by Harlanova he creates a musical group «tango Vakhtangov» and performs in various clubs in the capital. Eugene is responsible for the musical part, and Anton writes the lyrics for the songs. The band’s style is close to the alternative intellectual creativity. At their concerts, the guys combine music and theatre and often held performances of real, sometimes even costumed. Currently, the «tango Vakhtangov» working to release the Studio album.

    In addition, Anton Denisenko works with the TV. On the channels «My planet», «Moscow 24» and TNT he leads a variety of programs, including the art project «Moscow and surroundings», which tells the audience about the capital of Russia and its unpredictable life.


    The debut of Anton Denisenko can be considered musical by Valery Todorovsky «dandies,» in which he played the role of one of the scouts. Often this work is not included in the official filmography of the actor, as in the credits his name was not stated.

    Then he appeared in the criminal detective «Bitches», the melodrama «My big family» and the Thriller «In one breath».

    But the success of Anton came in 2014, when on television screens began showing the first season of the Comedy series «the Sweet life» where the actor played the role of the indecisive Muscovite Mark, who can’t decide on romantic relationships.

    The popularity of the film influenced the rapid completion of the filming of the second season. The character of Anton Denisenko is again in the spotlight. The actor says that the original script Mark had to wait for radical changes in the nature, but the father insisted that the changes were not so sharp. In addition, on his recommendation in the plot was included funny scenes involving this character, as Anton believes that even the most serious topic you can imagine from the comic point of view.

    It was later officially announced the filming of the 3rd season of «the Sweet life». Also, the Director plans to shoot a feature film sequel, which will unite and will complete the story of the character of Anton Denisenko.

    Personal life

    Anton Denisenko have a favorite photographer Irina Zhirkova, who is the art Director of the project «Teatrall».

    Anton in his spare time travels a lot especially to exotic countries. Recently, he and his wife visited Thailand and the Maldives. In addition, the actor perfectly plays soccer, hacky sack and footbag.


    • 2008 — hipsters
    • 2011 — Bitch
    • 2012 — My big family
    • 2014 — In one breath
    • 2014 — the Sweet life
    • 2014 — In the hour of trouble
    • 2015 — Sweet life 2


    Anton Denisenko

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