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  • Name: Anton Belyaev ( Anton Belyayev )
  • Date of birth: 18 September 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Magadan
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: Musician, producer, composer, participant of the show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: Married to Julia Markova

    Anton Belyaev: biography

    Anton V. Belyaev was born in Magadan in 1979. His birth was looking forward to mom back Sergeevna, who worked as a teacher, father Vadim Ivanov, who worked as an electronics in one of the computing centers, and 11-year-old sister Lily. The youngest child in the family shared love and grow loved. For all his antics, watched indulgently. Moreover, Anton grew up a very sickly boy. Relatives identified him musical skills already at the age of three. Once they learn to walk, Belyaev, Jr. once went to the kitchen and met the whole Arsenal of musical instruments» in the form of pots, spoons, ladles and other utensils, has immediately turned into «shock». Maybe in other families the parents through persuasion or teaching the pats kicked the young talent from the premises where it was loud than forever lost the desire to play music, but the parents of Anton Belyayev acted differently: they took 5-year-old child in a music school. Unfortunately Anton, to percussion instruments the children there were admitted only at 9 years of age. Had to switch attention to another tool. The family Council decided that it would be piano. Anton Belyaev agreed, but only because we had to pass the time until need 9 years.

    Soon the piano was so pleased with the young Belyaev, that the desire to Bang has passed by itself. The boy becomes a regular participant of various competitions, music festivals, where occupies prize-winning places.

    But in the other, Anton is not very happy parents. In 9th grade he was expelled for bad conduct from grammar school, where he studied English. Finish «a nine» he had in another school. To continue training Anton Belyayev decided the school of music, where easily received. But soon there he was asked, as he was overly fond of jazz, and behavior left much to be desired. Had to complete the education in one of schools of Magadan. But after graduation, Belyaev went to Khabarovsk Institute of culture, selecting the jazz Department. The student was so fascinated by learning that he was given an increased stipend. In 2002 Anton Belaev graduated from high school, and then began an active search for his place in the sun.

    Anton Belyaev: «Therr Maitz»

    While still a student Anton Belyaev managed and a nice place to learn and earn money with performances in night clubs Magadan and Khabarovsk.

    2 years after graduation, the musician was invited for the post of art Director of the club «Rus». Belyaev got good technical ability to organize your own group, which he did without delay. So began the creative biography of Anton Belyayev. In the team, named «Therr Maitz», Anton was a composer and arranger and front-man.

    But after 2 years, in 2006, the winds of change and creative ambitions suffered a musician in the capital. Some time Anton Belyaev works arranger Maxim Pokrovsky, Nikolai Baskov, Tamara Gverdtsiteli and Polina Gagarina. As admitted later, the musician, some of the singers, which he happened to serve really did not like him. But it was necessary as-that to earn on life. His soul strove for quality music. So, rising to his feet, Belyaev returns to work and resumes a jazz band «Therr Maitz», but now in a new composition. The group begins concert activity. Anton works as a keyboardist, vocalist and composer. «Therr Maitz» appears singer-girl Victoria Zhuk. Also there are guitarists Nikolay Sarabianov and Artem Tildikov, drummer Boris Ionov. Now the team is quite well known among jazz lovers. He had acquired a considerable fan club.

    Group «Therr Maitz» has released 4 albums. Some songs on the latest CD called «Unicorn» recorded in London, in the Studio, where he recorded his hits of the legendary «The Beatles».

    Anton Belyaev, «The Voice»

    Musician from Magadan have always believed that to achieve success in life and career is possible without the connections and the patronage of influential patrons. And when he saw the first season of the TV project «Voice», I realized that it beckons to try their hand. It was a chance to assert themselves, which Anton Belyaev used.

    In 2013, the musician made a successful debut on «the First channel» by taking part in the second season of «the Voice». In the first stage a show in a blind audition he sang the song of Chris Isaak «Wicked Game» to her own accompaniment. All four mentors turned to the contractor. So Anton Belyaev was adopted in the participants «Voices,» choosing a mentor Leonid Agutin.

    A talented singer and musician, learned the whole country. In one moment Anton had millions of fans. He didn’t even dream about such success and recognition. And although the contractor acknowledges that he has unique vocal, but his charming manner of execution and pleasant tone left no one indifferent.

    In the second phase, the mentor is becoming Agutin Belyayev of Pelageya. She manages to make the performer’s talent to sparkle with new faces. Pelageya picks for Anton sensual and deep songs, revealing the singer with a previously unknown side. In December a favorite of the female audience of «the Voice» Anton Belyaev sang the song of Bob Marley’s «No woman, No cry» and got to the semifinals of the show.

    Anton Belyaev: personal life

    With his wife Julia Anton met by chance and very original. Returning from the wedding of a friend, he went into a cafe. There was a girl who fell in love. To produce a great impression on her, the guy sang her Aria of Magdalene from the legendary rock Opera. And he did it using a table as the stage.

    The next time they met at the concert of Anton, where the musician invited his girlfriend. Of course, she could not resist the charm and charisma of a musician. In 2012 Yulia Markova and Anton Belyaev got married.

    Julia is a journalist by profession. She graduated from MSU and worked in the newspaper «Evening Moscow». Then switched on the TV, change a few channels. Now Julia Belyaeva is a Manager of the group «Therr Maitz» and editor of «Europa Plus TV».

    Anton Belyaev: discography

    • Sweet oldies
    • Make it Last — Single
    • Feeling Good Tonight — Single
    • Unicorn

    Anton Belyaev: photos

    Anton Belyaev

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