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  • Name: Anthony Hopkins ( Philip Anthony Hopkins )
  • Date of birth: 31 December 1937
  • Age: 79 years
  • Place of birth: Port Talbot, Wales, UK
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor, Director
  • Marital status: married

    Anthony Hopkins: the biography

    Anthony Hopkins was born in Wales, in the town of Margam. His parents are Richard Arthur and Muriel Ann was the bakers and kept my own bakery.

    First, Anthony was home schooled, but at age 12, he conceded to the request of his parents and went to the best boarding school Wales «Jones’ West Monmouth» , which was located in the town of Pontypool and was designed exclusively for boys. Young Hopkins was able to hang in there 2 and a half years. But the innate dyslexia prevented him from keeping up with classmates. Then the boy comes to the correct conclusion that it would be much more useful to choose a creative profession. At first he was focused on music and visual art, as well able to draw and very well played piano. But in 1952, Anthony Hopkins meets with Richard Burton, who was quite a famous actor. It was he who persuaded the young man that he is quite able to make a decent acting career.

    After listening to the advice of an older friend, Anthony enters the Royal Welsh College of music and drama in 1957 is graduating with honors. After College, the young man waited for several years of service in the armed forces of the United Kingdom. After demobilization Hopkins moves to London and falls into the Royal Academy of dramatic art.

    After receiving a diploma in professional stage actor, Anthony Hopkins is playing in a small London theater, and since 1965, takes the stage of the Royal national theatre. There, he became understudy of a famous actor Laurence Olivier. In the troupe was Hopkins until 1970, and its most famous performance with his participation was the play of August Strindberg’s «Dance of death».


    Still playing on the stage of the Royal national theatre, Hopkins appeared in episodes of such films as «a flea in her ear», «White bus», the «Mirror war», «the lion in winter» and others.

    In the early 70-ies the actor moved to the United States and immediately starred in the title role in crime Thriller «When it’s eight bells». Then there was the role of Pierre Bezukhov in the television series «War and peace», for which he received the award the British Academy of film and television arts.

    He also took part in such famous films as the drama «a Doll’s house», the Thriller «someone else’s daughter,» drama «dawn», a mystical Thriller «Magic», the drama «the elephant Man», the Thriller «Hours of despair», the drama «Good father» and romance «of Charing Cross road, 84». For his role in the biographical film «the Case of the Lindbergh kidnapping» and «Hopper» Anthony Hopkins has twice received the award «Emmy».

    But the real success and world fame came to the actor in the early 90-ies, when he played the serial killer-cannibal Hannibal Lecter in the acclaimed Thriller «the silence of the lambs». For participation in this picture, Anthony Hopkins won the most coveted acting award – a statuette «Oscar» as the best performer of the main roles. He is also 3 times nominated for «Oscar» for his role in the melodrama «the rest of the day», the biographical drama «Nixon» and historical film «Amistad».

    In addition to these films, Hopkins starred in a large number of popular films. The most significant of them are horror film «Dracula Bram Stoker», the drama «legends of the fall», Thriller, «On the edge» adventure film «the Mask of Zorro», Thriller, «Hearts in Atlantis», the horror movie «the wolf Man», the drama «land of shadows» fantasy «Thor,» the film biography «Hitchcock» and the melodrama «Tainted reputation». After the incredibly popular movie «silence of the lambs» came out two sequels – 2001’s «Hannibal», and a year later «Red dragon».

    The last appearance on the big screen, Anthony Hopkins is the detective in «Solace», released in September of 2015. He also played a major role in the science fiction television series «Western world».

    Anthony Hopkins received not only prizes for certain roles. He was awarded a special award British Academy of film and television arts in 1995, film award and a Golden globe in 2006 for services to the arts. In 1993 Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has awarded the actor the title of knight bachelor, then he should be called Sir Anthony Hopkins.

    Personal life

    The first time Anthony Hopkins got married in 1967, Norwegian movie actress Petronella Barker, with whom he lived for 5 years. A year after the wedding they had a daughter Abigail.

    Almost immediately after the divorce, the actor married a second time his Secretary Jennifer Linton. In 1995, the couple broke up for a year, then they resumed relations, but after 3 years finally broke. Although the official divorce was issued only in 2002.

    After his divorce from Jennifer, Anthony Hopkins alcoholics anonymous and met with Joyce Ingalls, which met for about 2 years. Then he had a brief affair with singer Francine Kay.

    In 2003, Hopkins is married to Colombian actress Ceiling Arroyave. The couple live in California, in a private Villa in Malibu.


    • 1972 — War and peace
    • 1976 — the Lindbergh kidnapping
    • 1981 — the Bunker
    • 1991 — the silence of the lambs
    • 1992 — Dracula By Bram Stoker
    • 1993 — the rest of the day
    • 1993 — land of shadows
    • 1998 — The Mask Of Zorro
    • 2001 — Hearts in Atlantis
    • 2001 — Hannibal
    • 2002 — Red dragon


    Anthony Hopkins

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