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  • Name: Daniil Strahov ( Daniil Strakhov )
  • Date of birth: 2 March 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: Actor
  • Family: Married Maria Leonova

    Anne Hathaway: biography

    Anne Hathaway – Russian actor of theatre and cinema. Known to viewers due to the participation in popular movies and television series.

    Daniil Strakhov was born on March 2, 1976 in Moscow. Alexander Fears that the father of Daniel, was quite well-known linguist and writer. His son Alexander was involved only from time to time. His name he received in honor of king Danylo Galician, as his father, scientist-ethnolinguist, was at that time fascinated by the study of the history of Galicia-Volyn Principality. A more significant contribution to the career and destiny of the future stars of the Russian cinema has made his mother, who works in private psychotherapy practice.

    Daniel Fears in childhood and now
    Daniel Fears in childhood and now | Lichnosti.net

    In the family of the famous actor also has a sister Lisa, who lives in the United States. Contributed to the development of the skills of Daniel and his grandfather, a chief engineer by profession. It through all life has carried his passion for painting, handing his grandson some basics skills. Among the great-grandfathers and great-grandfathers Insurance were several priests.

    A high level of culture in the family combined with the democratic approach to parenting. For example, parents supported the boy in all his endeavors and not to repair any obstacles. Daniel became interested in theater in high school. He participated in school theater plays «Fantasy», and also worked in the experimental school, under the leadership of Alexander Lubelskiego, where depending on their tastes and preferences, students were able to combine items at its discretion.

    Danilo Fears
    Daniil Strakhov

    Despite a strong attraction to the theatrical world in his youth, Daniel Fears not taken seriously the possibility of an acting career. It is still attracted to literature and mathematics, and of possible professions, he planned to choose the law. All the relatives were sympathetic to the decision to enter the theatre. Before entering the boy took acting lessons from actor Oleg Vavilov.


    Young applicant has applied to three universities of Moscow: GITIS and the Moscow art theatre and Shchukin. The first time he fails to act in one of the institutions. Only on re-listening to the course leader in the school-Studio of MKHAT Avangard Leontyev still insisted that the young man was admitted to his Studio. Daniil Strakhov studied it for a year and then transferred to the Shchukin school for a course Evgenia Simonova.

    Daniil Strakhov in the performance «Men’s fragrance» | the World of real emotion

    After finishing training, the young actor was invited for the lead role in a production of Sergei Golomazov «Petersburg» based on the eponymous novel by Andrei Bely in Moscow drama theatre named after N. V. Gogol. Convincing the game master and the disclosure of his character Nicholas Ableukhov brought Insurance well-deserved award. In 1998 he was awarded the «Moscow debut», nomination «Best male role».

    Daniil Strakhov in the performance
    Daniil Strakhov in the performance «fatherless» | full Movie.RU

    After two years, Daniel receives from the Director of the Mossovet Theatre of Mark Weil is an invitation to play the role of Sebastian in a production of Shakespeare’s «twelfth night». The actor also takes part in the play «the merchant of Venice» directed by Andrei Zhitinkin, who noticed his talent.

    In 2000, the creative tandem with him Zhitinkin Daniel played the role of maniac Chikatilo in his avant-garde production of «the Calvary of tchikatilo» festival in Saint-Amand of mauron in France. Cooperation Zhitinkin and Insurance followed by the performance «the picture of Dorian gray», which premiered a year after «the Tower Chikatilo». In 2016, the theater on Malaya Bronnaya the artist, as before continued to play in various performances.

    Daniil Strakhov in the performance
    Daniil Strakhov in the performance «the government Inspector»

    Over the years Anne Hathaway played the role of Caligula in the eponymous play, played the inspector in the famous «inspector», and also participated in the play «Warsaw melody». In parallel, in different years cooperated with the theatre of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, the «Master» and «Et Cetera», with the production centres of the «New globe» and «Oasis». To date, the theater biography of Daniil Strakhov has about two dozen performances.


    Anne Hathaway made her film debut as a student of the Shchukin school: his first kinorabotoy was a cameo role in a grotesque film «Career of Arturo UI. The new version is» based on the play «Arturo UI’s Career which could not be» German playwright Bertolt Brecht. The film was awarded at the film festival «Window to Europe» and received three awards «Nika».

    Daniil Strakhov in the series
    Anne Hathaway in the TV series «Brigada» | full Movie.RU

    Due to its striking appearance and acting charisma Anne Hathaway starred in many popular domestic TV series including: «Maroseyka, 12», «Always say always», «the Fifth corner», «Brigade», «children of the Arbat» and others.

    The wide popularity of the artist brought the historic Russian telenovela «Bednaya Nastya» in which Fears have played the role of young Baron Korf.

    The film «the Storm gate»

    The year of 2006 became momentous for the Insurance. The actor played the role of Lieutenant Pankratov in a TV war drama «thunder gate». In this film the creators were trying to tell about the heroism of the soldiers defending positions on one of the mountain passes Chechnya. The audience remembered the desperate fighting of Russian soldiers against militants, drawing attention to the officer, did not show desire to participate in military action.

    Anne Hathaway in the film
    Anne Hathaway in the film «the Storm gate» | full Movie.RU

    This role is a related to the category of those «negative», which does not respect the viewer, but at the end of the film all the same victim Pankratova towards a common purpose, the result will change the opinion about a selfish person, and the behavior of the character in the film, the audience forgive.

    Daniil Strakhov in the series
    Anne Hathaway in the TV series «Isaev» | full Movie.RU

    In 2006, for a brilliant performance as the Lieutenant Pankratov order of the Minister of defence of the Russian actor Daniil Strakhov was awarded the medal «For strengthening combat Commonwealth». Sergei Ivanov, who held the post of Minister of defence of the Russian Federation personally handed the actor the award in the eve of Victory Day. In addition, the actor also received the award of the FSB for the role of a young Stirlitz in the TV series «Isaev». To match your character and fulfill Director’s idea Daniel gained 10 kg of weight and in parallel worked in the gym. After the shooting he returned to his normal form.

    Personal life

    Maria Leonova, the wife of Daniel Strahova, is also an actress. They met while studying at the Shchukin school. Then Anne Hathaway and Maria Leonova some time together worked in the Theater named after Gogol, is there between former classmates began a novel. In 2001, without elaborate ceremony, the wedding took place. In total, Maria and Daniel have been together for over 20 years. Children in pairs.

    Anne Hathaway and Maria Leonova
    Anne Hathaway and Maria Leonova | Strahov-art.ru

    Many argue that during the filming of the popular TV series «Poor Nastya» between Daniel Insurance and the actress Elena Korikova broke novel. In the Russian media have repeatedly appeared information that the crew knew about the affair with Korikova, but no evidence for this. There is not one photo where the couple is depicted together. It was rumored that such a relationship could contribute to family life Insurance, even cause divorce. Repeatedly reported that his wife Daniel was constantly a conflict because of such rumors.


    The numerous awards that he received for participating in movies and successful role in some paintings pushed him to even more intensive work. Only 2015 Daniel played in 7 films.

    Danilo Fears
    Daniil Strakhov | Russia.tv

    In 2016, the actor starred in several projects: starring in the drama «Trail fighter», «True of Samantha Smith», «the burning Bush» and «You’re pissing me off». Now he frequently appears in films, winning the audience with his genuine sincerity and honesty of the game. In the theater on Malaya Bronnaya Daniel involved in the productions of «Revizor» and «the Warsaw melody».

    According to many viewers, our hero is a sex symbol of modern Russian cinema. Fans of Daniel claim that it has resemblance with actor Danila Kozlovsky.


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    Danilo Fears

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