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  • Name: Anne Hathaway ( Anne Jacqueline Hathaway )
  • Date of birth: 12 November 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: new York
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: married to Adam Shulman

    Anne Hathaway: biography

    American actress and singer Anne Jacqueline Hathaway inherited their striking and unusual appearance from Irish ancestors, and received its name in honor of the wife of William Shakespeare, whose name was Anne Hathaway. The father of the future Hollywood star Gerard Hathaway worked as a lawyer, and Kate’s mother Makkala played in the theater, instilling in her daughter a love of art almost from birth. The girl was trained on the system of the world-renowned Italian educator Maria Montessori, which does not impose to the child the knowledge, but also develops in it his own abilities.

    When Anne was born, her family lived in new York. And at the age of six the family of the future star, Hathaway moved to Milburn in new Jersey. There Anne grew up singing, fighting with his two brothers Michael and Thomas and graduated from high school. And then went to College Vassar new York University to study English literature. In their spare time, the future actress sang in the choir, which has performed not just anywhere, but in the most prestigious concert venue in the world — Carnegie hall.

    On the career of the actress Ann little dreamed more the girl’s mother, and she a future Hollywood star he had always dreamed to devote his life to the service of God. The Hathaway family was very religious, the holidays they went to the Catholic Church. Little Ann is so imbued with the wonderful atmosphere that reigned in the temple that he decided to stay there forever, becoming a nun. But at school, the future actress realized that the temple is an art.

    Anne Hathaway: theatre

    On the stage of the present professional theatre Anne Hathaway came out when she was only 10 years old. Of course, it happened thanks to my mum, actress. The girl sang in a musical performance based on the novel by Charlotte Bronte «Jane Eyre».

    Emboldened by their success in the acting field, Anne decided not to niggle, and immediately go to sing in Broadway musicals. Talented girl with a good voice is not taken because of the appearance. For children’s roles the young actress was already too high, and for adults, she was too baby face. Failure Ann apprehended very painfully, thinking she is a freak, and, then, in the theater, it did not Shine, so the scene needs to forget forever.

    Anne Hathaway: movies

    Fortunately for fans of one of the most beautiful Actresses of Hollywood’s failure on Broadway, it was broken. After recovering from shock, Anne Hathaway came to the audition in series with a symbolic name of «Be yourself.» And took it. The audience of the series is not particularly fond of, and soon due to low ratings it was removed from the air. But for Ann the main thing was that her acting talent was noticed by critics and Directors.

    Very soon after its debut the young actress was in a fairy tale. Famous American film Director Garry Marshall, the same man who made the famous melodrama «Pretty woman» and «Runaway bride», invited Anne Hathaway for the lead role in your disney movie «the Princess Diaries». The master saw in yesterday’s schoolgirl Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn and Judy garland rolled into one. With these cinematic stars of the sky Marshall compared not that famous Anne Hathaway. And I was right. After the «Diaries» aspiring actress became a star.

    In 2005, Anne Hathaway played let the cameo, but in the three times Oscar-winning «Brokeback mountain.» She embodied the image of the wife of a cowboy. And in 2006 the actress breathed life into the image of Andy Sachs, Junior assistant heroine Meryl Streep Miranda priestly in received two «Oscar» a Comedy drama «the Devil wears Prada». By the way, when Meryl Streep graduated from the same College where she studied Anne Hathaway.

    In 2007, the screens out a brilliant costume drama «Jane Austen», in which Hathaway played the main role and her partner in the film became a charming Scot James McAvoy. And three years later the actress appeared in made a lot of noise adaptation of «Alice in Wonderland», written by an eccentric Director Tim Burton.

    The actress was great in any movie, whether it’s crime drama «crazy» and romantic Comedy «Love and other drugs», which are crying almost all the lovers. But the real professional recognition came to the actress after the film musical «Les Miserables.» For the filming of this picture of beauty sacrificed her luxurious hair, making it short, but never about it regretted. For the role of Fantine Anne Hathaway received the award the British Academy of film and television art, a Golden globe and finally an Oscar.

    Most recent and prominent works of the artist of note is a fantastic painting «interstellar» the famous Director Christopher Nolan, in which partner Hathaway was Matthew McConaughey. Now Anne Hathaway is removed the sequel to «Alice in Wonderland» and «Alice in Wonderland» in the role of the White Queen.

    Anne Hathaway personal life

    First serious relationship at Anne Hathaway emerged with a successful businessman in real estate Raffaello, Falieri. They ended with loud scandal. Follieri, accused of stealing $ 50 million from the Fund Catholic churches, one of the founders was an actress. She Anne Hathaway took on the case as a witness, and her diaries have become the indirect evidence. The actress was very upset by the gap, the criminal process, gave an interview and was hiding from the paparazzi.

    When wounds Anne Hathaway was delayed, the actress began getting courted by colleagues Adam Shulman. Actor and jewelry designer 3 years sought marriage of Hollywood beauties. In 2011, the lovebirds announced their engagement, and on September 29 2012 Adam Shulman and Anne Hathaway were married. The wedding was celebrated in a small California town Bi-Sur, inviting only relatives and close friends. The organisation of the festival was the Iwata Oren, which Hollywood star was referred to as «the good fairy». It created a festive atmosphere at the weddings of Hollywood celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman, drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon and many others.

    Anne Hathaway does not like journalists and receptions. Most of all, the actress loves to walk with her dog Esmerelda, and free from filming time tries to spend with her husband or family.

    Anne Hathaway: filmography

    • Be yourself
    • The true story of the red Caps
    • The devil wears Prada
    • Rachel getting married
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • Family guy
    • Love and other drugs
    • Les Miserables
    • Interstellar
    • Alice in Wonderland

    Anne Hathaway: photo

    Anne Hathaway

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