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  • Name: Anna A. (Anna Zdor )
  • Date of birth: 25 August 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Anna Zdor: biography

    Young actress Anna Zdor often can be seen in domestic melodramas that are so loved by the audience.

    Anna was born in August 1983 in Kazakhstan. Here in Almaty, she spent her childhood and youth. In. Anna no Kazakh roots. Parents came to the country because here in Soviet times was directed to serve his father, Colonel aviation. Ani dad, Yuri., military pilot, and mother a teacher.

    Since childhood Anya in awe and love for animals. Her attention was not deprived of any one yard cat. The girl wanted that will certainly become a veterinarian and I will devote my life to animals. The house was inundated with literature about the fauna. Anna seriously preparing for their future profession.

    To convince the daughter to pay attention in another direction his father could. He saw that Anna is very artistic girl. At some point she realized that the Pope is right, and think about the stage. Mom and the older sister supported the decision of becoming an actress, which finally matured Anna Zdor in high school.

    After secondary school she went to Moscow and the first try arrived in GITIS. Zdor was accepted to the course Leonid Heifetz. He studied it with fascination.


    Last year a student went to the capital theater in search of a place for future work. Most Anna Zdor like in the legendary «Satyricon». Unfortunately, the free places in the troupe was not there. But by senior year, fate gave the future artist is an incredible gift: one of the Actresses of the «Satyricon» had gone on maternity leave. Zdor, took the vacant place.

    Soon Konstantin Raikin started to trust the young actress responsible role in their performances. Anna Zdor appeared in productions of «Country love», «Fool» and «the Lonely West».

    A cinematic biography of Anna Zdor began in 2006. The young actress entrusted a small role in the series «stone bramble. The summer». The debut was a success and the girl began its steady ascent up the career ladder. The following year she was offered a leading role in the rating series called «the fortune Teller». It is noteworthy that Anna had for the first time to appear in public in a Comedy role, she did great.

    Audiences and critics warmly welcomed the appearance of Anna Zdor on the screen. Artist easily «merged» with his role and demonstrated outstanding skill. Not surprisingly, 2 years later after the first appearance on screen in 2008, I appeared in four new projects. It was a melodrama «thank you For everything», «COP in the law», «My favorite witch» and «One night of love». The latest project is a 60-episode historical TV series which received fairly high ratings.

    Another stellar role went to the charming artist in 2011. The audience enjoyed a wonderful comic series called «the Man in me». Anna Zdor shone in this film, a duet with Oscar Kucheras.

    Recent work of Anna Zdor the last years more attention was given to the films «Escape-2», «Nerdy» and «Red Queen».

    Personal life

    Unfortunately, the personal life of Anna Zdor going not so brilliantly and smoothly as her career in theater and cinema. The actress’s two failed marriages. The first with actor and musician Oleg Podomatko. This Union collapsed after a fatal meeting of the actress with the favorite of women and heart breaker by Alexey Barabash. The actor starred with Anna Zdor in the Comedy film «the Man in me». At that time, both were in legitimate marriages, and Barabash was married a third time and he had grown up little boy.

    But the surging feeling ripped Zdor and Barabash with their families. They got married. The marriage started to crumble immediately after the birth of daughter Varvara. Anna suddenly found in the tablet of the husband corresponding with his ex (third) wife Julia. As it turned out, Alex and Julia met. Anna didn’t want to put up with this state of Affairs and filed for divorce. As she told in an interview, baptism, and first birthday Wari dad didn’t come.

    Today Anna Zdor divorced and free.


    • «Stone bramble. Summer»
    • «The fortune teller»
    • «Thank you for everything»
    • «COP in the law»
    • «My favorite witch»
    • «One night of love»
    • «The man in me»
    • «Escape-2»
    • «Nerds»
    • «The red Queen»



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