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  • Name: Anna Yakunina ( Anna Yakunina )
  • Date of birth: 9 October 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Anna Yakunina : biography

    The theater and film actress Anna Yakunin believes that her destiny was predetermined from the moment of birth. She was born on 9 October 1968 in Moscow. While her parents were students of GITIS. Mother Olga Velikanova studied under the famous Knebel and subsequently became the Director of the theater. What it can do. Father Alexander Yakunin mastered the basics of acting, Mikhail Zavadski, and after high school played on the stage of the Mossovet theatre.

    Anna and today fondly remembers his father, said that he had a prodigious talent and complex. Because of the character he had to leave the theater. In 2011, he did not.

    While the parents of Anna Yakunina studied, girl doing grandmother – the actress of theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Elena Dmitrieva. She always took Anna to the theatre. In childhood she even trusted small roles in productions of «the Marriage of Figaro» and «the Pokrovskie gate».

    Aunt Anna Yakunina was a ballerina and performed on stage of the Bolshoi theatre. She wanted the niece followed in her footsteps. Anna entered the Vaganova choreographic school in St. Petersburg, but in 4 years he dropped out. She did it in secret from his mother and aunt, said that the orphanage was bored at home. Now Yakunin regrets that they have not received the diploma of the choreographer.

    Back in Moscow, the girl arrived in school-Studio of the Igor Moiseyev, and in 1986 – the directing Department of GITIS. In 1990 she finished high school and went to the theatre.


    The graduate of GITIS invited at the famous theatre «the Satyricon» — the theater, she devoted 13 years of age. Anna Yakunina was lucky – she worked with talented Directors Konstantin Raikin, Alexander Gorban, Valeriy Fokin. In «the Satyricon» the actress played Lisa in «Cyrano de Bergerac», Jill in «butterflies Are free» White chicken «Chanticlere».

    In 2004 in «the Satyricon» has put «Profitable» in which Anna Yakunina played Zozulya. To see the play came mark Zakharov. After the performance he invited Yakunin in «Lenkom».

    The actress says that she was afraid to even appear in the theater, I was sure that I will not take. But fate decreed otherwise — and Anna is now working in «Lenkom». She played Bianca in a production of «taming of tamers», aid Firsovna in performance «VA-Bank», Recid in «one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest» and many other roles.


    Filmography actress approaching 40 paintings. In 2005 and 2008, she starred in two episodes of «My fair nanny», in the same period appeared in small roles in the TV series «Kulagin and partners».

    In 2007, the screens out the series «life of Dr. Slivnoy», in which Anna Yakunin played the girlfriend of the main character, a gynecologist Kira Korchagina.

    But the real love of the audience came to her after the series «Sklifosovsky», where she plays Nina Registrar Dubrovsky. Anna calls this the role of his immense fortune, said that she was Nina, and Nina – it.

    The actress it seems that four years of filming, she really worked in «Sklif». And her character viewers love because her character reflects real life. Nina also wants to be a Princess, but you have to be a strong woman to resist the circumstances.

    Personal life

    In the privacy of Anna Yakunina’s all good. She is a happy wife and mother of two grown daughters. The first daughter, Anastasia, she gave birth to while still a student. But the relationship with her first husband did not work, the marriage broke up.

    The second man Yakunina is not related to the theatre and cinema. Alex graduated from the aviation Institute, engineer by profession, a man with a great sense of humor. Their marriage lasted for more than twenty years. In 1996 the couple have a daughter Marusya.

    Mary followed in the footsteps of the mother – student of GITIS. The eldest daughter Nastya – artist and designer. Anna Yakunin is proud that in his later years looks like elder sister of her daughters.

    The actress also enjoys design: interior and landscape country house family she did herself. Her husband often indulges delicious homemade food – like «to conjure in the kitchen.

    An example of cheerfulness for Yakunina was always her grandmother, whom she fondly called Lala. With the actress and some of her friends she often spoke of love, enjoyed listening to maiden revelations, sipping a cigarette and always being in a good mood. Lala lived to be 92 years old. Anna Yakunin wants to be a grandmother to my future grandchildren.


    • «Three in Komi»
    • «You may kiss the bride»
    • «The man in my head»
    • «The night visitor»
    • «Zemsky doctor»
    • «VA-Bank»
    • «Cold heart»
    • The «gang»
    • «Stronger than fate»
    • «Sklifosovsky»


    Anna Yakunina

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