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  • Name: Anna Vyrubova ( Anna Vyrubova )
  • Date of birth: 16 July 1884
  • Age: 80 years
  • Date of death: 20 Jul 1964
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: maid of honor and friend to Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, memoirist
  • Marital status: divorced

    Anna Vyrubova: biography

    Anna Alexandrovna Vyrubova was not only a favorite maid of honor of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, but also closest friend of the Royal family. She knew many secrets of the yard and was privy to the details of the life of the Royal family. This was the cause of envy, gossip and incredible rumors that poisoned his life and a train pulled even after death.

    Anna Vyrubova
    Anna Vyrubova |

    Anna Vyrubova was born in a noble family, where ancestors became famous for his loyal service to Tsar and Fatherland. Maiden name maid of honor – Taneyev. Into the light she appeared in St. Petersburg in the summer of 1884. Anna’s father, Alexander Taneyev, was a prominent official and for 20 years held the responsible post of Secretary of state and chief commander of the Imperial Chancellery.

    It is noteworthy that the same post under the tsars Alexander I, Nicholas I, Alexander II and Alexander III took grandfather and great-grandfather Takeaway.

    Farther Gunny Vyrubova
    The Parents Of Anne Of Takeaway |

    Mother of Anna Vyrubova, Nadezhda Illarionovna Tolstaya, was a great granddaughter to the field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov. Her father Hilarion Tolstoy was a participant of Russian-Turkish war, and his grandfather General Nikolai Tolstoy – directed the Nikolaev Chesmensky almshouse.

    Childhood Anna Vyrubova held in the suburban family estate, which was called Rozhdestveno. From a young age she was instilled good manners and a love of reading. In 1902 she passed the exam at St. Petersburg school district and got right to work home teacher.

    «Rozhdestveno» |

    The Taneyev six months, the family lived in St. Petersburg, and six months in Rozhdestveno. The neighbors have been notable: the princes Golitsyn, which Taneeva were in family relations, and the Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich. His wife Elizabeth Feodorovna was the sister of the wife of Tsar Nicholas II Alexandra Feodorovna.

    Once, when Taneeva again came in Rozhdestveno, Elizabeth Feodorovna invited them for tea. There Anna Aleksandrovna Vyrubova, then Taneyev, and met with the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, who came to visit their elder sister.

    Lady-in-waiting of the Empress

    In 1903, when Anna was 19, she received a so-called Cypher: she was entrusted to perform the duties of city ladies the Empress, at the time of replacing the ailing Sophia Jambakur-Orbeliani. From that moment Anna Aleksandrovna Vyrubova was among those elected, who wrote the history of Russia. The girl was obliged to be on duty at balls and other appearances of the Empress.

    Anna Vyrubova
    Anna Vyrubova |

    Soon, the Royal family went on holiday and took with them Taneevu. Together with Alexandra Fedorovna and children Anna gathered mushrooms and berries, walking through the forest, running errands. A pleasant and sensible girl attached. Later in her memoirs she writes that too with all my heart fell in love with the family of the Emperor.

    Anna Vyrubova with the Grand duchesses
    With the Grand duchesses |

    The Empress liked smart, modest and well-mannered girl, dramatically framed by a pompous and disinterested nobility. But her kindness to a new lady-in-waiting immediately aroused the envy of other courtiers. The envious and ill-wishers, which is around the Queen were many, expressed open discontent, complaining to the Empress for her ignorance of etiquette. They said to approach the Royal family can only bearers of selected names, and Taneeva this circle was not included.

    Anna Vyrubova and Alexandra
    Lady-in-waiting to the Empress |

    But Alexandra was in no hurry to give in, responding that now knows that at least one person in her life to serve her unselfishly, without demanding remuneration.

    In 1907 Anna married naval Lieutenant Alexei Vyrubova. This marriage was favored by the Queen. She found a favorite lady-in-waiting, as it seemed worthy of a party. But a year later the marriage broke up. After the divorce, Anna Vyrubova could no longer be the official maid of honor – these duties had the right to execute only single girls. But the Queen did not want to part with the only friend he trusted. So Vyrubova remained with her as an unofficial maid of honor.

    It often happened that the Empress held her to his office through the room maid, to avoid encounters with the regular ladies. Women spent time at needlework, reading, and spiritual conversation. But the secrecy of the meetings spawned vicious rumors and dirty gossips.

    Anna Vyrubova and Alexandra Feodorovna and Princess Tatiana
    With Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and Grand Duchess Tatiana |

    A bad marriage and a vicious whispering behind pushed religious Anna Vyrubova to even closer communication with the Church. About it in his memoirs, wrote Pierre Gilliard, tutor of the crown Prince. He said that the girl was very religious, inclined to mysticism and sentimental, but sincerely devoted to the Imperial family.

    I agree with him and Prince N. D. Zhevakhov, a close friend of the Chief Procurator of the Holy Synod. In his memoirs, he wrote that a lady-in-waiting Anna Vyrubova was the only truly religious person in the entourage of the Empress.

    Anna Vyrubova and the Empress
    Empress |

    A web of gossip began to trail even harder when the life of the Imperial family appeared, the elder Grigory Rasputin. The rumor was attributed to his acquaintance with the Queen of the intermediation chain. But the memories of Anna Vyrubova refute this. They woman writes that Grigory Efimovich met through the Grand Duchess Milica Nikolaevna. And the emergence of a Siberian traveler in the Royal chambers – the merit of the Grand Dukes and their wives, prosiyavshih about the wonderful properties of this amazing man.

    When the pendulum of history is swinging and the king abdicated, the former close of the Romanovs in favor of the new government deliberately turned away from Nicholas II and his family. Now they openly slandered the family and elders, to whom yesterday bowed. Anna Vyrubova and Rasputin were associated said together. They were accused of illicit relationship.

    Anna Vyrubova, Rasputin and Alexandra Fedorovna
    With Grigori Rasputin and Alexandra Feodorovna |

    In the memoirs of Anna Vyrubova was said that the loudest slandered the Great princes and nobles, spreading rumors about the «rotten monarchy», the imaginary vices of the Imperial family, Rasputin’s dissolute and cunning lady.

    After the February revolution of 1917, the Provisional government arrested Anna Vyrubova. Don’t become a nuisance even to his disability. After a terrible train accident, which got the maid of honor in 1915, she survived by a miracle. The woman could only move in a wheelchair or using crutches.

    Anna Vyrubova was accused of espionage and treason, and for a few months thrown into the Peter and Paul fortress.

    Anna Vyrubova
    After a train accident |

    The investigator Nikolai Rudnev, who at that time headed one of departments of the Cheka (extraordinary Commission of the Provisional government of Alexander Kerensky), was commissioned to investigate the case of Rasputin and Vyrubova. For this purpose Rudnev arrived in the fortress to meet up with Anna Alexandrovna. What he saw shocked seasoned investigators. The exhausted woman was subjected to torture and incredible humiliation. She could hardly move.

    Rudnev demanded to replace the doctor Serebrennikov, who encouraged abuse of patients. His substitute Ivan Manukhin, surveying former lady-in-waiting of the Empress, was amazed on her body from the constant beatings was not a living space. Woman almost not fed and were not allowed to walk. From the cold and dampness she had pneumonia.

    Anna Vyrubova and Princess Olga
    A walk in the wheelchair with the Grand Duchess Olga |

    But the thing that held several medical examinations debunked the main and the dirty myth about Anna Vyrubova: it turned out that she is a virgin. Attributed to her having a sexual relationship with Rasputin, the Tsar and the tsarina turned out to be slander. Due to the lack of corpus delicti sick and barely alive the woman was released. But it was too dangerous a witness. Therefore, the threat of a new arrest was constantly hung over her. Anna Alexandrovna had to hide in the apartments and basements of people she helped.

    In 1920, she managed with her mother illegally move to Finland. There is a former lady-in-waiting Anna Vyrubova, accused of greed and supposedly derived from the Royal family millions, was leading almost a miserable life. She received the citizenship for lack of livelihood.

    Anna Vyrubova
    The tragic biography of Anna Vyrubova |

    In exile Taneyev Vyrubova wrote a memoir called «my life» Page. In them, she told the truth about the Royal family and Rasputin himself.

    Sorry, still talking about this woman is judged by another book – «the maid of Honor, Her Majesty Anna Vyrubova» or «Diary Vyrubova». This work appeared in 1920. Its authenticity had already been questioned. Publicly denied the authenticity of the Diary and Anna Aleksandrovna Vyrubova.

    Perhaps this vulgar libel was written in order the new government of the Soviet writer A. N. Thick and Professor of history P. E. Shchegolev. In the same period came out together they play with a similar plot called «the Conspiracy of the Empress».

    Personal life

    22-year-old maid, whom the Empress was deeply unhappy in his personal life. Naval officer Alexander cut down, wedding which took place in Tsarskoye Selo, was a man mentally ill. Perhaps this happened because of the tragedy. The battleship «Petropavlovsk,» on which he served was sunk during the break of the Harbor of Port Arthur. Of the 750 crew members escaped, only 83. Among them – to cut down.

    Anna Vyrubova
    He divorced a year after marriage |

    The Empress thought that with such a man her servant will be happy. But the personal life of Anna Vyrubova cracked immediately after the marriage. Probably due to the shock of the man was suffering from sexual impotence. In addition, according to Gilliard, he was a scoundrel and a drunk.

    Shortly after Alexander showed signs of severe mental illness. One day in a fit of rage, a drunken man brutally beating his wife. Vyrubova was declared to be mentally abnormal and was placed in a Swiss hospital. The marriage was annulled a year later.


    In Finland Anna Vyrubova lived another 40 years. She took vows and took the name Maria. The last years of his life, the nun Maria is held in the Smolensk skete of the Valaam monastery.

    The Grave Of Annie Vyrubova
    Grave in Helsinki |

    Died Anna Aleksandrovna Vyrubova during the summer of 1964 at the age of 80 years. She was buried at the Orthodox cemetery in the district of Lapinlahti in Helsinki.


    Anna Vyrubova

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