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  • Name: Anna Vyakhireva ( Anna Vyakhireva )
  • Date of birth: 13 March 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: handball player, Olympic champion
  • Marital status: not married

    Anna vyakhireva: biography

    Anna vyakhireva is a Russian women’s handball club «Rostov-don» and the national team of Russia. In the summer of 2016, she has become one of the key figures in the team and helped the conquest of the Olympic gold at the Games in Rio de Janeiro.

    Anna was born on 13 March 1995 in the city-hero of Volgograd, but soon the family moved to Tolyatti. Her parents, Victor and Helen Vahylevych, four children. The eldest son Ivan became a sailor, but of three daughters, Pauline, Anna and Irina, the father who is the coach of the handball, was to educate athletes.

    Victor Vyakhirev and his three daughters: Anna, Polina and Irina
    Victor Vyakhirev and his three daughters: Anna, Polina and Irina | Club «Star»

    The husband from the first day taught the girls to physical exercise. Elder Pauline quickly went out on a professional level and as a teenager got into the national team of Russia in handball. Now the Russian fans know her under a new name as Pauline Kuznetsov.

    Anna started the first training with his father at the age of about six years. Interestingly, from birth Vyakhirev’s right – handed, but on the handball court doesn’t have enough players who can throw with his left hand. Therefore, the coach is the father to improve the prospects of daughters in sports, helped her to learn to play as a Lefty. Free time Anna as a kid, just was not, and when I had a minute to spare, she gave her another passion – books: the fact that the girl very early learned to read.


    Anna vyakhireva followed his sister went through all the youth national teams. At age 14 she was not only one of the most important figures of the team at the European Championship in handball among girls, but and has acquired its first international awards. In addition, almost every tournament Anna receives the title of most valuable player of the competition.

    In 2011 Vyakhirev signed a professional contract with his first club Zvenigorodsky «the Star» for which she played for three years and once won a bronze medal in the championship. Then in the career of handball players was «Astrakhanochka», which is not without her help won the 2015/2016 season in the championship of Russia, repeated champion of the country club Rostov «Rostov-don» in which Anna moved ahead of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

    Anna vyakhireva - Olympic champion
    Anna vyakhireva — Olympic champion | tvnz

    By the way, in the Olympic team Anna vyakhireva was the youngest handball player. But age did not prevent the girl to become the most valuable player of the tournament and to acquire an incredible fame worldwide. Game of Ani, which it has demonstrated in the semi-finals with the Norwegian national team and also in the final, with the French, most European and American publications were named only as phenomenal.

    At 21, Anna is already honored master of sports and was recognized as the strongest extreme right in the world, according to the newspaper «Planet Handball», and for services to the country at the ceremony of the Olympic team in the Kremlin on 25 August 2016, was awarded «Order of Friendship».

    Personal life

    After the triumph of the Russian women’s team handball at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro Anna vyakhireva, in her confession, tired of interviews and the attention of the public much more than the games at the tournament. Of course, this fatigue is nice, but it is not conducive to candor, so about the detailed information about the personal lives of athletes while fans can only dream about.

    Anna Vyakhireva
    Anna Vyakhireva | Championship-Rostov

    It is interesting that unlike many other athletes Anna vyakhireva is categorically not a superstitious person. Moreover, she is eager to emphasize this in numerous interviews. And for the same reason all clubs and national teams in handball chooses game Jersey with number «13».


    Anna Vyakhireva

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