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  • Name: Anna Ukolova ( Anna Ukolova )
  • Date of birth: 15 February 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: p. Precast, Samara region.
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Anna Ukolova: biography

    Anna Ukolova was born 15 February 1978 in Samara region, the village Team. In her family there were no actors, but everyone played musical instruments, my mother worked in the house of Culture, where and went little Anna. She has an older brother. The difference in age they have 7 years.

    When Anna Ukolova graduated from high school, she didn’t know what to choose. While her brother graduated from the Samara Institute of culture and are advised to do there. Lucky: the Institute for the first time scored an acting course for work in the Samara theatre. There were 10 budget places. Ukolov sang, danced, read a fable and a poem by classmate’s brother. When arrived, was very happy. Attended the first course. Teachers in one voice advised her to go to Moscow. She, being a country girl, have rejoiced in the fact that studying in Samara. First refused to go, but soon to take this step and pushed her mother. Not begging, but encouraged. Money has been allocated to Anne had some time to live in the capital.

    Of all the schools she was drawn to the GITIS (now RATI). When she came to school, sat on the bench Vladimir Andreev. Ukolov spoke to him, told that he came from Samara to do to be an actress and wants to develop his talent. Andreev smiled and asked her to take the exams without listening. In the first round she was constantly smiling, and even asked why. And she said that she was happy and enjoying Moscow. In the second round Anna was waiting for a test of the flexibility and musicality. Unfortunately, there was virtually no money. It was not and sportswear for dancing. She had to persuade the seller to sell her clothes with the proviso that she would return it and get your money back. The seller was riveting charismatic girl. Ukolova came to the second round of the exam in t-shirt and shorts with tags.

    Anna entered and graduated from GITIS in 2001. During training, she never filmed. A student Ukolov after graduation, took to the theater of the moon Sergei Prokhanov.


    In her movie was invited Director Veledinsky, watched a recording of her graduation show. In the TV series «Law» she immediately got a big role. Parallel textured actress called «Kamenskaya». It took no samples I saw.

    Since then, years passed, and a list acting job in the movie, Anna Ukolova is growing and expanding. Played more than 70 roles.

    From the theater of the moon she went to have the time to shoot. But now it can be seen in the performances. Anna Ukolova is collaborating with the Theatre of Nations, «LimeLight Theatre», and Center of drama and directing of A. Kazantsev. Today it can be seen in productions of «Killer Joe», «Marriage».

    In 2006, she received the award for best actress in the film «Dot» at the International film festival in Chicago.

    In 2015 it was nominated for the award «Nika» for best actress the second plan in a film «Leviathan».

    Personal life

    Anna Ukolova is married to Sergey Pugachev. Businessman under wife for 3 years. The couple met at the club where Anna came to celebrate her debut in the film «the Law.» The actress is surrounded by many handsome men, but she loves her husband and considers it the best.

    Together they survive a difficult period, when Pugachev was an accident. Nobody knew if he will stay alive. But all went well. In the time of trouble was helped by the support of his brother.

    First, they did not seek to have children, wanted to travel, to live for myself, waiting for an internal response, a willingness to become parents. But now they have a teenage son.

    In life Anna Ukolova is trying to maintain optimism in every situation looking good.


    • «The law»
    • «Kamensky-2»
    • «Piranha»
    • «Point»
    • «Mymra»
    • «The geographer globe propyl»
    • «The perfect marriage»
    • «Leviathan»
    • «Translator»


    Gunn Ukolov

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