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  • Name: Anna Tsukanova ( Anna Tsukanova-Cott )
  • Date of birth: 16 June 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Tver
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actress, television presenter, singer
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Anna Tsukanova: biography

    Anna Tsukanova – Russian actress and TV presenter. First popularity came to her in childhood when she took part in the shooting of nearly 20 stories of popular children’s comic newsreel «jumble». Later, the actress has received wide fame as a member of the sitcom «the Eighties». Also, a few years led the entertainment program «Our favorite animals» on TV channel TV-Center.

    Anna was born in Tver in a creative family. Both parents Neither graduated from drama school, where he met. After 2 years Tsukanova moved to Moscow, but moving a family relationship did not survive and Anna’s parents broke up. The father emigrated to the United States, where he organized his own catering business and successfully implemented as a businessman and restaurateur.

    Anna left to live with her mother in Moscow, where he went to study in a specialized drama school №123. Then, in 7 years, little Anya made her debut as an actress. One of the founders of the newsreel «jumble» Boris Grachevsky invited her to try yourself in the set. In the end, Tsukanova took part in 17 humorous stories of this popular program. Also as a teenager, she was involved in the musical «Nord-OST» at the Theater on Dubrovka. The girl conveyed the image of Katya Tatarinova in childhood.

    In 2005, Anna Tsukanova received in the course of Galina Sazonova, the Theatre Institute named Shchukin. In parallel with her studies, she starred in many movies, and the thesis played in student productions of «the Pupil» and «Tomorrow was the war». With a second performance troupe, with great success, has toured not only in Russia, but has shown his work in new York. It’s funny, but after graduating from the Institute, Anna never picked up his diploma. And it happened quite banal reason – she can’t find time to donate books to the library, which can not sign a certificate.


    After starring in «Jumble» talented girl was invited to play in many movies, the most famous of which was the series «Pure keys» directed by Vladimir Basov, where she played the young witch. In the same adolescent age Anna has had experience in Comedy show «33 square meters», filmed by the participants of the project the «V. S. P. Studio». Tsukanov has played the girl of Light, the illegitimate daughter of the protagonist of Sergei Svistunov, in season 4 of this sitcom.

    The other 2 of the series brought the actress the popular «viola. In the world of criminal passions,» which was filmed with an ironic detective novels by Darya Dontsova and military drama about graduates of the artillery school during the Second world war «Students.» For shooting in the last series Anna Tsukanova was the winner of American chamber of Commerce in Russia.

    But nationwide fame actress brought the Comedy sitcom «the Eighties», which was released in 2011, and since the STS has been shown 5 seasons. Anna Tsukanova played the role of Katya Polyakova, student-Komsomol, lover of the protagonist Ivan Smirnov, played by Aleksandr Yakin. In later seasons she becomes a flight attendant. The success of the series, the Russian audience was enormous, the rating of starting the series allowed the «Eighties» to take first place in the list of the most successful TV movies.

    It should also be noted large-scale historical projects Alexander Kott devoted to military subjects, which starred Anna Tsukanova – «Brest fortress» and «Third world.»

    In different movies she can appear in the credits under his name Tsukanov, and under the husband’s name is Scott, and in recent years often her name appears as Anna Tsukanova-Cott.

    Personal life

    With her civil husband, filmmaker Alexander Scott who is older than her 16 years, Anna met at the age of 7 years. He made the first of her career story «jumble». Later, they met on the set of various films. Tsukanov, which was necessary for the support of an older husband, because she grew up without a father, often asked his opinion of Alexander about his game and asked for creative advice. He told the girl what repertoire to choose for receipt in theatrical Institute, the best way to show yourself in the exam.

    Later, Anna and Alexander began to live in a civil marriage. In 2008 they had a son Michael.

    You can often find information that the actor Mikhail Gorevoy is the stepfather of Anna Tsukanova. It’s not as though they have developed a very friendly relationship after a few joint shots. Tsukanov and Gorevoy many years supporting each other, and with the son of Mikhail Dmitry she really inseparable, like brother and sister.


    • 2003 — Pure keys
    • 2004 — the Cadets
    • 2004 — The Mystery Of The Blue Valley
    • 2008 — Fathers and sons
    • 2010 — the Brest fortress
    • 2011-2015 — Eighties
    • 2012 — side of the moon
    • 2013 — Shopping center
    • 2014 — Princess Shushkina
    • 2015 — Born star


    Anna Tsukanova

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