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  • Name: Anna Timireva ( Anna Safonova )
  • Date of birth: 18 July 1893
  • Age: 81 years
  • Date of death: 31 Jan 1975.
  • Place of birth: Kislovodsk, Russian Empire
  • Activity: artist, poet
  • Marital status: was married

    Anna timireva: biography

    Anna V. timireva (nee Safonova) – Russian poet and artist, the latter the wife of Admiral Alexander Kolchak, who after his capture by the red forces in the beginning of 1920, decided voluntarily to go under arrest with him.

    Anna V. Safonova was born on 18 Jul 1893 in Kislovodsk. She was the sixth child in a large family of Vasily Safonov — a music teacher, pianist and conductor, who for some time was Director of the Moscow Conservatory.

    Anna Timireva
    Anna timireva in youth | Musicslist

    When Anna was 13 years old (1906), her family went to Saint Petersburg. In the Northern capital Anna graduated from school in 1911, then married a naval officer Sergei Nikolayevich Anna timiryova.

    Anna gave birth to a son Vladimir in 1914, and a year later, while in Helsingfors, where he was stationed, her husband, first met with Alexander Kolchak. This event completely changed their lives. They instantly fell in love, like in the books – at first glance, but admitted to each other not at once.


    In 1918 Anna timireva worked as a translator of the printing Department at the Council of Ministers and the Supreme ruler in Omsk. In addition to this, the woman worked in a shop for the manufacture of linen and was on distributing food maimed and sick soldiers. Later, under Soviet rule, became known as a poet, published his poems about Kolchak.

    Personal life

    Admiral Kolchak was married, and, moreover, was nineteen years older than Anna. He went sailing on the waters of the four oceans, was part of the twenty seas, and earned a lot of both domestic and foreign awards and medals. Alexander Kolchak was considered a talented naval commander and a very Patriotic man. It is not clear that bound him to Anna, a young married artist, but feelings cannot be deceived.

    Aleksandr Kolchak
    Alexander Kolchak | Gossip

    From their first meeting to the arrest of the Admiral, during five long years, soul lovers were always with each other, despite the fact that they could not see each other for months. And Anna and Alexander had his own family. A lot of people knew about the feelings of a brilliant naval commander to timireeva to, but I speculate no one dared. Husband of Anna, as wife of Kolchak, pretended not to notice anything, perhaps hoping that over time, their feelings will fade.

    Anna Timireva
    Anna timireva | oak

    In 1938 he was shot the first and only Anne’s son – Vladimir. During the search he found a sword and a gun, the indictment called him a German spy, allegedly, he was producing for Germany information about the fishing industry in the USSR. Years later (in 1958) Anna has achieved the rehabilitation of the murdered child.

    Divorce from her husband

    Timireva and Kolchak communicated by correspondence. They wrote to each other with amazing respect and dignity, and seem incomprehensible to contemporary realities: addressed each other are always «you» and my name. «Dear, dear Anna…» — with these lines Kolchak usually started writing. When she revealed her feelings, Alexander put his heart and soul in response to: «I love You more than…».

    Anna Timireva
    Anna timireva | drafts historian

    Anna broke up with Sergei Nikolaevich and left his family and son for the sake of the Admiral. Since then it has become the actual wife of Kolchak and tried as little as possible to leave. These times, she later called the happiest of his life. Through the horrors of the civil war and the mud of the revolution, which tore then Russia, they to the end maintained a mutual love.

    The arrest of Kolchak and years of references

    After the arrest of the beloved Anna, without a moment’s hesitation, went into custody after him. A young girl, she was twenty-six years, sought the extradition of various things and drugs to the prison Director, because he was very sick. All this time they continued to write each other letters…

    Anna Timireva
    Anna timireva | drafts historian

    In February 1920 he was shot. The girl immediately felt it. Grim jailers to her question, only turned away, but the commandant could not cheat her and only said that he was taken. A woman’s heart can not deceive – Ann immediately understood, but wanted to hear it from another person just to make sure that the loved one really was gone. Then she gets a paper with a name and string «cause of death: execution by shooting».

    Anna timireva in old age
    Anna timireva in recent years

    The death of the Admiral was for Anna Vasilyevna, the only source of suffering. She was about thirty years spend in camps, prisons and all sorts of links. Happiness as a result her life is forever left on the last photo you can see her eyes unblinking. She died at eighty-two years, leaving behind a mountain of notebooks with poems and some of the letters read out to the holes.


    About this beautiful and tragic story not taken one picture. In 1997 Director Sergei yurzhenko completed the documentary «More than love. Romance Of Kolchak». In 2006, the First channel showed a film «Admiral Kolchak. Two of the abyss.»

    Keira Knightley and Lisa Boyarskaya
    Konstantin Khabensky and Liza Boyarskaya in the film «Admiral» | Livestory

    In 2008, the cinema came the big-budget feature film «Admiral», which tells the love story of Kolchak and timireeva to. Key roles in the film played by Konstantin Khabensky, Liza Boyarskaya and Sergei Bezrukov. The picture was received positively by both adults and children, so that «the First channel» later showed the series based on it.


    Anna Timireva

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