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  • Name: Anna Terekhova ( Anna Terekhova )
  • Date of birth: 13 August 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: theater and film actress, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Anna Terekhova biography

    The future of the Russian theater and film actress Anna Terekhova Savvovna was born in Moscow on 13 August 1970. Her mother, Margarita Terekhova, the famous Russian actress, father Savva Khashimov – at least famous person at home (in Bulgaria). His parents ‘ marriage was short-lived (less than two years). But father’s to her name the girl cheated after school.

    Anna and Margarita Terekhova
    Anna and Margarita Terekhova | Wooman-base

    In my childhood nothing was said about the fact that the biography of a baby will repeat the parent. She grew up a normal kid. Genes in no way manifested. Why good to have, not impose the will of the daughter. But fate is not fooled. The girl, like many other children acting dynasties (Mikhail politseymako, Maxim Vitorgan, Julia Menshov etc.), followed in the footsteps of his family.

    It turns out that dramatic actors were at the time, and her grandmother G. S. Tomashevich, and grandfather. V. Terekhov. And already at the age of ten young Terekhova she decided to try on the role of the actress. And then in his film «Girl, where you live,» the future actress for the main role invited the Roman Viktyuk, the President saw it.

    Anna Terekhova in childhood
    Anna Terekhova as a child with my mother and grandmother | Telenedelya

    After graduating from tenth grade, Anna did not long to ponder over what to become. The question of a profession was settled long ago. Experience and acting skills the girl was taken from her mother, took her on tour for the Union. So after school I went to hand in the theatre. Acted in several universities, but the third time was in GITIS, and without using eminent mother.

    Actor’s skill in GITIS representatives of this professional dynasty taught and passed on her experience and knowledge E. Lazarev St. Levertov. While training on the fourth year girl was invited to work in the «Independent company» Alla Sigalova. Here playing Desdemona in «Othello», Lisa in «Queen of spades» and Herodias in «Salome», the actress and showed his real talent.

    Movies and theatre

    In 1990, Terekhova successfully graduated GITIS. 8 years after this one goes on the invitation of Sergey Prokhanov in the theater of the moon. Become one of the leading Actresses. Here Anna debuts in «Tais Shining», playing a Tais. The audience appreciated the talent of the artist, goes «Terekhov». Being given the stage, Terekhova quite a few in films.

    Anna Terekhova in the film
    Anna Terekhova in the film «Vivat, Anna Ivanovna» | Group VK

    Her film debut was in the early ‘ 90s («Russian ragtime»). And the first success to the actress, well-known theatrical roles have come in 4 years. Terekhova, Jr. starring in the film «All of what we have so long dreamed of,» woke up famous. And not because of loud names and talent. Her filmography includes 20 films.

    Personal life of Anna Terekhova

    As a profession, and personal life of the actress could not affect her mother. Anna not only looks very similar to it, but something has repeated its destiny. So, the girl, being so young lady (17 years), pregnant and then married. However, having given birth to from a young actor Valery borovinsky son in 1988, is divorcing her husband after four years.

    Anna Terekhova and Nikolai Dobrynin
    Anna Terekhova and Nikolai Dobrynin | Seven days

    Not happy second marriage. Marrying for love for his colleague in the shop, she never gave birth to Nikolai Dobrynin child. But a talented actor felt obliged to adopt her son Michael, giving him his name (they are now – native people). But after a time, and this family is falling apart. The novels of Anne over quickly. Her heart is free now.

    Anna Terekhova mom
    Anna Terekhova mom | People

    Especially gently and tenderly Terekhova, Jr. refers to her famous mother, who for several years suffering from an incurable disease. In 2016, the year daughter, congratulating her 74th birthday, wrote a very heartfelt message to mom outlining and writing, and children’s mom’s photo in social networks. Instagram Anna often posts old family photos.

    Hanna Terekhova
    Anna Terekhova | Cinemania

    Hobbies Anna quite a lot. Terekhova Jr. loves gymnastics. She loves horses and has mastered horse riding. Long been fond of melee combat, which often saves on set. Cool drives a «Toyota». Loves peonies, irises, roses, apples, peaches, raspberries. Great baking «Napoleon», is preparing chic cakes with cabbage. Pampers Pets and other Goodies.


    • «Flowers from Lisa»
    • Chayka
    • «Herbarium Masha Kolosova»
    • «Straw»
    • «The sleeping and beauty»
    • «Hope leaves the last»


    Hanna Terekhova

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