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  • Name: Anna Snatkina ( Anna Snatkina )
  • Date of birth: 13 July 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married to Victor Vasiliev

    Anna Snatkina: biography

    Anna Snatkina was born in Moscow in a family of aircraft manufacturers. And grandparents Anna and her parents graduated from the Moscow aviation Institute. Father Alexei Vladimirovich Snatchin is one of the chief designers of the aircraft «Buran», mother Elena works as a teacher in the MAI.

    At the age of three my parents gave Anya the gymnastics section. Soon the girl began to engage in sports aerobics. Sports Anna Snatkina gave 13 years of his life, having achieved over the years significant results. Snatching the first adult rank in gymnastics. Parents know that after school, the daughter will continue sports career and become a coach.

    But the plans of the parents and not parted: she decided to become an actress. As it turned out, it was his childhood dream. In adolescence, Anna Snatkina saw the movie «the Bodyguard» with Whitney Houston. The impression was so strong that the young athlete made a choice in favor of the movie. The schoolgirl would spend hours in the library looking through the history of theater, enjoyed reading biographies of famous actors. In the 10th grade Anna Snatkina went on a course at the Shchukin school, and later courses at VGIK. After leaving school in 2001, the girl immediately filed papers in three institutions: at GITIS, the state Institute of cinematography and theater. Passed, but she made a choice in favor of a school deciding that a movie closer to her than the theatre.

    Anna Snatkina movies

    Biography of Anne of Snacking began in his student years. Students of Cinematography allowed to act in films even during training. Moreover Vitaly Solomin, who led the course Snatkina, believed that real education can only be obtained on a film set.

    In the second year Anna Snatkina got the first sentence: she was invited to the role of the Tree of Hail in the series «

  • Moscow Saga». At the same time Anya starred in another popular series –»
  • Station.»

    When Anna Snatkina graduated from VGIK, she was already a famous actress with a name and a solid filmography. From several series, in which Anna Snatkina starred in his student years, one of the best was «

  • Doomed to become a star», where she played Eugene Asarina. Anna had to fight for this role, because the casting were about 200 girls. This film made Anna famous. Adequately done by the artist and other series of this period. «Call», «Airport», «Fighter», «I’m not going back» – all strips Snatkina starred in the title role. The most difficult actress finds the role of Masha in the television series «I’ll not return.» In the story the main character has a severe form of epilepsy. To better get into character, Anna had to go to hospital and spend hours watching patients with epilepsy.

    Over the years of studying at VGIK Snatkina starred in nearly a dozen tapes. She had so tight schedule that sister Mary, was going to follow in the footsteps of Ani and become an actress, she changed her mind.

    Biography of Anne of Snacking has a very bright page on which actress can be proud of. It is the role of Natalia Goncharova in the film «

  • The duel and death of Pushkin,» directed by Natalya Bondarchuk. The artist herself believes that she was subconsciously preparing for this role since childhood. The fact that the Moscow aviation Institute’s former estate in the village Yaropolets Goncharov. Mother often took little Anna on trips to the house where she lived Natalia Goncharova that the girl was better able to absorb the spirit of Russian history and literature. Anna knows all about the life of legendary favorite main women in the life of Alexander Pushkin. The girl more than once caught myself thinking that I would like to play the role of a poet’s wife in the movie. For this role Anna Snatkina had to lose about 10 pounds and grow his hair. The film was delayed for several years. The picture was released in 2006 and received good reviews from critics and audiences. Pusina role in the film played by Sergei Bezrukov.

    Biography of Anne of Snacking, about which know not all. So, colleagues of the actress talk about her courage and willpower. While studying at VGIK Anna studied fencing. In one of the exercises she fainted from a sharp pain in the back. Doctors discovered the girl has a spinal hernia and suggested surgery. But the result could be a wheelchair. Only the endless exercises and the pain helped Snacking to defeat the disease and return to the profession.

    In 2007, the artist has also accepted the offer to participate in the TV show «dancing with the stars», where paired with Evgeny Grigorov won the first place.

    Anna Snatkina: personal life

    The beautiful and promising actress was constantly surrounded by fans. But the personal life of Anne of Snacking not is replete with many novels. Anna is a very demanding and conservative. She doesn’t like fleeting relationships and shuns the spotlight when it comes to personal. And yet the press found out about the affair of Anne of Snacking with the actor

  • Andrei Chernyshev. The pair met on the filming of the series «the General therapy». Anna for Andrew even broke up with a fiancé-a businessman, who met more than five years. And Chernyshov for Snatching left his beloved, the actress Elena Korikova. A couple vacationing in the Seychelles, but the novel remained a memory. But the relationship with St. Petersburg showman and humorist
  • Viktor Vasilyev led the pair to the crown. Anya met Victor on the Comedy show «Yesterday live», where he was invited by the producers of the First channel. Prior to this, the artists anything about each other did not know. 12 Oct 2012 in full secrecy Snatkina and Vasiliev were married. The wedding took place in complete secrecy in the summer Palace in St. Petersburg, attended by only close relatives and friends. In April 2013, the couple had a daughter Veronica.

    Anna Snatkina: filmography

    • Plot
    • Moscow Saga
    • Airport
    • Yesenin
    • I’m not going back
    • Doomed to become a star
    • Pushkin. The last duel
    • Where happiness dwells
    • Tatiana day
    • The justice of wolves
    • On the Sunny side of the street
    • Process

    Anna Snatkina: photo

    Anna Snatkina

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