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  • Name: Anna S. ( Anna Semenovich )
  • Date of birth: 1 March 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: the Russian figure skater, actress, TV presenter and pop singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Anna Semenovich biography

    Anna Grigorievna Semenovich was born in 1980 in Moscow in the family of Director of a fur company Gregory T. and economist Tatyana Dmitrievna Semenovich. But Anna in the family has a younger son, Kirill.

    In two years, Anya fell ill and six months in the hospital with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. After discharge the doctors advised the parents to give the girl in school sports. The choice fell on the figure skating. The girl started skating at the age of three, and her class loved it, as singing, which Anya was engaged in all the free skating time.

    In the school years, Anna Semenovich has achieved notable results in sports. She often went to the competition, including abroad. She had to change five schools, the girl struggled to find a common language with classmates. She was jealous, because having the opportunity to visit abroad, Anya could afford to buy there beautiful things.

    After school Anna Semenovich decided to link their lives with figure skating and entered the Moscow Academy of physical culture. It immediately identified as a very promising athlete. Were very famous in the world of figure skating coaches.

    Anna Semenovich-figure-skating

    Under the guidance of such talented teachers as the honored trainer of the USSR Elena Tchaikovskaya, honoured coach of Russia Natalia Linichuk and honored master of sports Gennady Karponosov, Anna Semenovich has made great strides. The athlete repeatedly won prizes at various international competitions. At one time she even entered the list of six strongest skaters of the world in ice dancing.

    Sports biography of Anna Semenovich has bright pages. In 2000, the year the Duo of figure skaters Roman Kostomarov and Anna Semenovich under the guidance of coach Natalia Linichuk became Champions of Russia. They were considered second duet after Irina Lobacheva and Ilia Averbukh. S. – master of sports of international class in figure skating and ice dancing.

    Three years skater lived in the United States of America and there trained. But the girl had to withdraw from the sport. Injury of the meniscus and subsequent surgery put an end to his sports career. Anna still tried to return in big sport, but the injured knee ached unbearably. It is another six months of riding, keeping themselves injections. But then could not continue.

    21 S. returned to Russia. Here she was offered a job in the ballet of Igor Bobrin, Tatiana Tarasova and Natalia Bestemianova. But Anna refused.

    Anna Semenovich: show business

    Six months Anna Semenovich get used to the idea that a career in sports is over. But I had to look myself in something else, because in 21 years of life ahead of him. And the girl remembered his second passion is singing. This helped her producer Daniil Mishin. Semenovich began performing in his band called «Charlie’s Angels». But financial difficulties have not allowed to promote the group, and «Charlie’s Angels» ceased to exist.

    Fortunately, Anna with her striking good looks and innate artistry was noticed and invited to work on television. Thus began a new, musical film biography of Anna Semenovich. At first, Anya led the sports program, but then she was accepted into the music program «Adrenalin party» on the channel «STS». There she met a group of «Brilliant». Once the leading interviewed Zhanna Friske, Julia Kovalchuk, Ksenia Novikova. By this time, Anna has already gained the title of «Miss bust» and «Miss Charm». Perhaps it looked all very organic, because immediately after the recording of the producers group Andrei Grozny and Andrei Shlykov invited her to be part of the «Brilliant». Anya immediately agreed, leaving the work of the master.

    In the group «Brilliant» Anna Semenovich shone a few years. The most famous clips in which fans saw Anna, became the «Orange song», «the Christmas song», «Palm pairs», «my Brother paratrooper» and «Eastern tales».

    Singer realized that he has sufficient charisma and recognition to start a solo music career. In 2007 Semenovich left the «Brilliant» and completely immersed himself in a solo music career, film and television. As time has shown, she did the right thing, the risk paid off.

    In 2008, fans of Anna Semenovich saw her first clips. It was the videos for the songs «At sea» and «Tyrolean song». A year later, released the video for the song «Oh my God», and in 2011 two more: «Madonna» and «Deceived people».

    Soon the biography of Anna Semenovich has been enriched with new pages. Even being a member of «Brilliant» Anna started acting in movies. In 2004, she starred in the TV series «Bachelors», in the film «Balzac age, or all men are bast…». A year Semenovich received roles in the films «Destined to become a star» and «Students». The most notable role she played in the films «Night watch» and «Hitler Kaput!». But if this is Anna starred in the roles of the second plan in a Comedy series «All this sudden» she got the lead role.

    In 2006, Anna Semenovich returned to the ice. But not as an athlete but as a participant of the project of the First channel «Stars on ice». A duet with an actress was made by actor Vyacheslav Razbegaev. And in 2007, figure skater, singer and actress S. again entered the ice – in the framework of the TV show «Ice age». This time with her in a pair of riding Alexey Makarov.

    Bright and popular Anna Semenovich pleasure to participate in various programs and projects. In 2010-2011, she participated in the reality show «Wife for hire», and since July 2010 in a pair with Mikhail Plotnikov S. is a culinary show «the Lady and the cook» on TV channel «TV Center».

    Anna Semenovich: personal life

    Personal life of Anna Semenovich has always been in the spotlight of fans and journalists. The girl is credited with many novels, but most of them are just rumors. His personal life Semenovich every effort to protect from prying eyes, and almost never talks about their elected representatives.

    It seems that recently, Anna has decided on his choice and found the person that are ready to be together. A businessman named

  • Dmitri, who is five years older than Ani. With him, the artist got acquainted in the company of mutual friends. The young man immediately began to care for Anna. During the show «Ice age» Dmitry brought in for training meals from the restaurant. And not only her, but all participants show. Such care and generosity finally won Anna, and she agreed to live with Dimitri. S. says that he finally found the man of her dreams.

    Anna Semenovich: discography

    • On sea
    • Tyrolean song
    • Oh my God
    • Madonna
    • Deceived people

    Anna Semenovich: filmography

    • Night Watch
    • Bachelors
    • Doomed to become a star
    • All this sudden
    • The irony of fate. Continued
    • Hitler kaput!
    • The taming of the shrew
    • Rzhevskij against Napoleon
    • Little Red Riding Hood

    Anna Semenovich: photo

    Anna Semenovich

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