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  • Name: Anna Zavorotnyuk ( Anna Zavorotniuk )
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1996
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: actress, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Anna Zavalska : biography

    Anna Zavalska — belongs to the category of people who, rightly called «spoilt children». This girl was born January 14, 1996, in the family of millionaire Dmitry striukove and theatre actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

    The first years of her life she spent in Russia but then my family moved to the United States. There Stryukove car crash opened the Agency for the sale of real estate, in 2000 was born the younger brother of Anna — Michael. Until 2004, the family remained in Los Angeles, where the girl went to school. But after Anastasia was selected for the role in the project «

  • My fair nanny», all four members of the family returned to Moscow. For several years the girl lived in Moscow until the marriage of the actress and the businessman began to crumble. Then, to protect Anna, the parents decided to send the child to study in one of the private schools of England. There she graduated, and in adulthood moved back to Russia, where he entered the Higher school of modern social Sciences of Moscow state University.

    Anya, unfortunately, did not last long in high school and was expelled for truancy. While walking to the information that young Zavorotnyuk studies in the United States on the producer, however, this information proved to be false. Now she travels extensively around the world, what will tell you with pleasure in social networks.

    Anna Zavalska: film and TV

    For the first time under the gun cameras of Anya was sixteen years old when Anastasia took his entire family to the premiere of the film «Mother». Young beauty instantly captured the attention of the media and became widely known in the domestic media space. The popularity of the girls contributed to a lot of what Anne wrote a lot about yourself and family on social networks, and therefore has quickly become a blogger-thousanders.

    In 2012, the girl successfully passed the audition for the leading role in the project «

  • To get a star». First, the producers were very pleased with the choice: Anna, according to them, absolutely not afraid of the camera, was beautiful and photogenic, and with the audience behaved and just relaxed. Furthermore, played into the hands of the already existing popularity of the young Strykowo car crash. However, after some time it turned out that the user was expecting from the girl not quite what she was doing. They need more sexuality, brightness, and Zavorotnyuk was not ready for such a bold move. Therefore, in 2013, the show ceased to go on the air, and soon all closed.

    In 2012 Zavorotnyuk Anna started acting in the fifth season of the series «

  • Closed school», first having worked as an actress, however, whether the project is shown to viewers is unknown. Beautiful girl was invited to participate in the project «Top model in Russian», however, the daughter Zavorotnyuk refused the offer.

    Anna Zavalska: personal life

    Despite the openness, she is not inclined to show personal life to the broader public. The first relationship in which she was seen with rap artist

  • Egor by Bulatkina didn’t last long: the couple broke up, and the young man gave an interview in which he called Anna too young for a serious relationship. At the end of 2014, Anna has published in social networks pictures where posing with a gorgeous bouquet of roses. The image was accompanied by a quote from «Romeo and Juliet». Some time she kept interest in his personal life, posting pictures, but without revealing the name of the mysterious boyfriend.

    Just recently, the pair finally opened to the public. Elect Zavorotnyuk, Jr. was the son of Latvian millionaire

  • Mansur Dzhamaldaev. The media claim that young people met in a nightclub in the USA in the fall of 2014. Herself the daughter Zavorotnyuk information refutes indignantly stating that the current young man they’ve known each other for seven years, and both in recent times do not like to visit the bustling nightlife.

    Anna Zavalska: TV shows

    • To get a star
    • School closed

    Anna Zavalska: photo

    Anna Zavalska

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