Anna Sedokova

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  • Name: Anna Sedokova ( Anna Sedokova )
  • Date of birth: 16 December 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activities: Actress, singer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Anna Sedokova biography

    Biography of Anna Sedokova interesting because of their bright appearance on the scene. The girl’s parents moved to Kiev from Tomsk, it was done because of the complex relations between families. As the singer herself recalls, the situation was fairly standard. My mother’s parents lived quite modestly, and parent family, on the contrary, was wealthy.

    Anna Sedokova has an older brother Maxim, the mother was left alone with two children, when the future artist was barely three years. Father left the family a few years after Anna Sedokova lived in Tomsk with my grandmother, and later took her father. It lasted long, soon she was forced to return to his mother twenty-four-hour taught foreign language and music lessons, the children to have everything they require. After the last move the girl did not see his father for twenty years. Since childhood Anna Sedokova dancing and music, growing creative and development of children.

    Due to the difficult situation in the family of a girl with 16 years looking for any opportunity to earn. She auditioned as a presenter and model, she was a solo entertainer at parties in the capital’s clubs. The first success of a future star experienced while working at the local TV channel «O-TV». For the year Sedokova has grown from an ordinary journalist leading their own programs.

    Anna Sedokova: the group «VIA Gra»

    The real glory was waiting for her ahead. Strict casting, thousands of beautiful girls, but Anna Sedokova becomes a party pop group «VIA Gra». For a long time she did not stay in the popular trio and left to float freely. He returned to the profession presenter, led to the rating of the Ukrainian «New channel» morning show «Rise». At that time photos of Anna Sedokova already become recognizable, and the work had to combine studying at the Institute. Still, the singer was able to obtain a diploma and become a qualified specialist.

    Leaving the sexy trio link with «VIA Gra» is not over. In 2002, she returned to Konstantin Meladze and replaced the Hope Meyher. Spent with the artist in the group only two years, during which time there were known hits, which are still not out of the rotation on the radio.

    In the group «VIA Gra» Anna not only sang songs, but was also engaged in directing and staging performances and concert programs. As time went on, and photos of Anna Sedokova is increasingly appearing on the covers of glossy fashion publications. For Anna, the legendary «Playboy» agreed to a photo shoot without full exposure. The issue with Nude photos Sedokova broke all records for sales.

    Anna Sedokova: solo career and TV

    Being in the popular group «VIA Gra» Anna Sedokova began a relationship with football player Valentin Belkevich. This person is so joined in her life that she decided to leave the band and devote himself to the family. But «family» time lasted long. After leaving the group, the artist embarked on a solo career and took the pseudonym

  • Annabelle. In the spring of 2006 on the radio station was the premiere of the song «My heart». In the same year, she for the first time after a long holiday appeared on the stage of the festival «Five stars» in Sochi. A little later Anna Sedokova signed a lengthy contract with the recording Studio RealRecords and starred in the video for their song «best girl». With each new premiere of the song the singer has become more popular and more successful, began the announcement of the first album.

    At the time, for unknown so far reason Anna Sedokova decided to take a vacation. The beginning of 2008 was characterized by her offer from «the First channel» producers invited in the show «king of the ring». The singer took it, and this year for her was intense. In many projects, including a collaboration with Ilya Averbuch in «Ice age 2», the Ukrainian show «TV Star – superstar». In the end, she pleased her fans with a video for the song «Used» appeared in the new Ukrainian series called «Power of attraction».

    Independent career of Anna Sedokova goes well, in 2009 she accepted the offer from the producers of the project «

  • Two stars» on «the First channel» and successfully performed with partner Vadim Galygin.

    After a few months, fans of the actress actively begin to discuss new song, «C’est La vie», which was later renamed the «drama».

    Made star in the role of the writer in the spring of 2010, when the shelves of bookstores appeared a work by «the Art of seduction», the demand for which was stunning.

    Anna Sedokova: «I Want to Meladze»

    In 2014 he released a new show «

  • I want to Meladze», where participants competed for the opportunity to become members of the «M-BAND» Meladze. Anna Sedokova is present in the composition of the mentors, but due to conflicts with other colleagues, the singer had to leave the show. Sedokova coped with emotions and came back, and her team reached the final, losing to Sergey Lazarev.

    Today in an interview the singer says that the show «Want to Meladze» became for her a very emotional, because at the last stage left with a bright participant,

  • Anatoliy Tsoy from Kazakhstan, and she was pretty hard to survive it. Choi was in a group MBAND, Sedokova and considers it as his victory. Note that
  • Sedokova song «Heart in bandages», which the actress sang along with his team and scored many hits and became one of the brightest appearances on the show.

    Anna Sedokova: personal life

    First husband of Anna Sedokova – football player

  • Valentin Belkevich, he girl finally decided its time to leave the popular group «VIA Gra». The girl gave the athlete daughter Alina, but the couple broke up for unknown reasons immediately after birth. The next two years about the singer was not heard, she was a single mother and devoted little girl. After returning to the stage and television screens and personal life of Anna Sedokova again becomes a tempting object for discussion. This time her lover becomes the Manager of racing, «GrandPrix»
  • Maxim Cherniavsky. He lived in Los Angeles, and the singer with her daughter often came to visit him. Wedding Anna Sedokova and Maxim Cherniavsky played in America in February 2011. Like the previous one, this marriage was short-lived, and after two years of married life the couple broke up. During this time Anna Sedokova managed to give birth to Cherniavsky’s daughter Monica, who still spends time with his father and mother.

    Anna Sedokova: discography

    Today it is impossible to say that the discography of Anna Sedokova significant. Basic albums and singles released in the band «VIA Gra». However, there are several works of his solo career of the singer:

    • «The piranhas»

    • «Between us high»

    • «What have I done»

    • «Jealousy»

    • «Drama»

    • «Cold heart»

    • «Used»

    • «Heart in bandages»

    • «My heart»

    Anna Sedokova: photo

    Anna Sedokova

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