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  • Name: Anna Rudneva ( Anna Bilyna )
  • Date of birth: 11 January 1990
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 152
  • Activities: Russian singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist and actress. Former soloist of the Russian pop group «Ranetki»
  • Marital status: married

    Anna Rudneva: biography

    Former rhythm guitarist previously popular maiden group «via gra» Anna Rudneva was born in the capital in January 1990. Her father is a successful entrepreneur. The greatest influence on Ania gave beloved grandmother. She was the first to see in the future, the granddaughter of singer and insisted that the parents took the daughter to a music school.

    Anna Rudneva
    Anna Rudneva | Korok.Gee

    But the chosen instruments – violin and piano – Anna Rudnev rejected. They struck her as strange. Most of all she liked the guitar. Therefore, Anya was transferred to a class where children were taught the classical guitar. Sing Rudnev learned in the choir. However, it is not very liked, and choral singing in the past.

    But the relationship with the guitar had excellent. Anna Rudneva is so in love with this instrument that her house began to accumulate a collection of guitars. One of the most popular exhibits was an exact copy of the instrument, which was played by Keith Richards, guitarist of the legendary band «The Rolling Stones».


    That recruited girls of her age in a new group, Anna Rudneva heard from one of the teachers of the music school. Girl on fire «» desire to try his hand in this capacity. She had long dreamed of performing on stage with his beloved guitar.

    15-year-old player came to the casting, she sang a few of his own songs accompanied by guitar. Producer Sergey Milnichenko immediately appreciated the talent of the girl and accepted her into the team.

    Anna Rudnev and
    Anna Rudnev and «Ranetki» |

    Thus began a musical biography of Anna Rudneva in the group «Ranetki». In addition to Anna in the team included Evgeniya Ogurtsova, Natalya Shelkova and Valery Kozlov. Later joined by Elena Tretyakova.

    The girl began to literally disappear in rehearsals. The new work, she gave all their strength, which is not very welcomed by parents. But Anya is no objection or claim on this account do not take creativity came to the fore, and successfully took the second and third.

    Rudneva barely managed to avoid expulsion from school. But the Director, knowing that behind not just a student cuts class, and from morning to night working up a sweat, changed the temper justice with mercy.

    The popularity of «Ranetok» has grown rapidly. From summer 2005 to winter 2011 Rudnev not only played in his band on rhythm guitar, but also was a soloist and composer of many songs and even music for them. She is an author of popular songs «Angels», «Moon» and «Champions of love».

    Later, Anna Rudneva received higher education, what unspeakably happy parents. Soloist and guitarist of «Ranetki» became a student of Moscow state University of culture, where he studied together with other «Ranetki» at faculty «Producing and directing programs».

    In 2006, «Ranetki» appeared on TV channel TVC project «Kitchen». It was a great start for further «promotion» of the group. Girls were invited on various rock festivals such as «Megahaus-2006» and «Emmaus-2006».

    Next year the festival «Emmaus» they gave their concert. In the same breakthrough for the group of 2007 about Anna Rudneva and her colleagues have learned more and more supporters. Because of the song «She’s the one», «Ranetki» and «Boy cadets» sounded on the screen in the new popular TV series «kadetstvo». These songs instantly became hits. In addition, the team already has released one album, which received the status of «platinum». The girls toured successfully across the country. At the concerts of the group wanted notices.

    Anna Rudnev and
    Anna Rudnev and «Ranetki» |

    And when the broadcast of the show «kadetstvo» ended, the General Director of channel STS Vyacheslav Murugov invited the girls to star in a new project, where the main characters would be themselves. Preserved even the names of the participating team. Thus began a cinematic biography of Anna Rudneva. Vocalist and guitarist has become a heroine of the series named Anna Prokop. In the film Anna was a lonely teenager who didn’t understand either at home or at school. Of course, in life Rudnev – the complete opposite of his on-screen character.

    The series «Ranetki» were released from 2008 to 2010 and was a huge success. However, season 5 has shown that the popularity of the project decreases, and thus became the last.

    For Anna Rudneva appearance on screen was not confined to the named series. Later, the actress starred in several episodes of the TV series «Happy together», where he played a member of the popular band «the Pipettes». And the audience saw a girl in the role of a schoolgirl in the Comedy film «Amazon from the heartland». The series is more familiar under the name «Once in the Babin-Babine».

    Anna Rudneva
    Anna Rudneva |

    The group Anna Rudneva recorded 4 albums. A late fall 2011, the singer and guitarist decided to pursue a solo career. A year later, in December, it presented its first and to date only album «Magnet», which received its name from its main songs. Recital Rudnev gave in the spring of 2013. It was held in one of the popular night clubs of Moscow.

    Personal life

    Anya was called the most amorous girl in «Ranetki». The feeling of love was the «combustible substance», the energy of creativity that motivated the girl. Falling in love, Rudnev wrote the lyrics and the music for these hits by the group.

    One time the personal life of Anna Rudneva was associated with Stas Shmeleva. But in 2008, she became acquainted with actor Paul Serdyuk, known to most of us as the son of businessman Maxim Shatalin Denis in the sitcom «My fair nanny». Paul with the work of «Ranetok» was not familiar, but the face Nor him seemed familiar. He remembered seeing her in some show and immediately thought: «What a beautiful girl!». I thought – and forgot.

    Romance at Rudneva and Serdyuk developed rapidly. But at some point, Anna and Paul started to fight, to move away from each other. And when Anna was close to a decision to leave Pasha, she found out about her pregnancy. To wait until the baby rallied a couple of. At the 6th month, Anya’s pregnancy they got married, which was the dream Rudnev.

    Anna Rudnev, Pavel Serdyuk daughter Sonia
    Anna Rudnev, Pavel Serdyuk with her daughter Sonja |

    The husband immediately refused to attend the birth of wife. But when a daughter was born to Sonia, Paul woke incredible paternal feelings. Anna was able to go to rehearsal, or in other cases, leaving Sonia with a caring dad.

    Serdyuk were great wife when she started having problems in «Ranetki». The producer hoped that after the birth Rudnev returns to the team, but she refused. Anna realized that its former popularity will be gone and we need to move forward. In one interview, the singer appeared in the press unflattering article of her former colleagues, which focuses on the problems Rudneva in your personal life, prolonged depression and even treatment that allegedly paid a group.

    But Anna Rudneva claims that after the birth of a girl on the contrary she felt a surge of energy and incredible energy. She wanted to do, what she do, barely the child was 2 months.

    Anna Rudneva husband
    Anna Rudneva husband | VK

    Unfortunately fans of the singer and actor, personal life, Anna Rudneva and Paul Serdyuk in 2013 cracked. They live in different dwellings. And in 2015 officially divorced. And in April 2015 Rudnev was married a second time. Her husband was Dmitry Belin. In August, the couple had a son Timothy. Rudnev and Belin not only spouses, but also United by a common business project: they opened a recording Studio, and at her school, where they teach everyone to play guitar and vocals.

    Discography (Ranetki)

    • Ranetki
    • «Our time has come»
    • «Will never forget»
    • «Bring the rock-n-roll!!!»

    Discography (solo albums)

    • «Magnet»


    • «Happy together»
    • Ranetki
    • «Winx club: Secret of the lost Kingdom»
    • «Once in the Babin-Babine»


    Anna Rudneva

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