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  • Name: Anna Quiet ( Anna Tikhaya )
  • Date of birth: 21 June 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Vladivostok
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer
  • Marital status: not married

    Anna Tykha: biography

    Quiet Anna is a young Russian singer, participant of the first season of the TV show «Dancing on TNT». She was born and raised in the Eastern city of Russia – Vladivostok. The brother Nor Dmitry Quiet is also quite famous. He is a professional footballer who plays for Voronezh «the Torch».

    Anna started at 8 years old to engage in choreography in the Studio of ballroom dance «Joy.» It happened at the initiative of the mother, who herself as a child dreamed of becoming a dancer, but haven’t implemented that desire. Later, the girl moved to the youth Studio «Contemporary». Anya is with great pleasure that fled to the gym, and after seeing on TV the melodrama «Dirty dancing» with Patrick Swayze in the main role, decided that he would have to succeed in ballroom dancing.

    This style has quietly been doing for quite some time, even was the champion of the far Eastern Federal district, but over the years began to understand that she was spiritually closer to the modern choreography. And when the flooring was left standing partner of Ani, and she went with ballroom dancing and was able to get into the local branch of the famous dance school of Alla Duhova «Todes». It was in the last row of the corps de ballet, but thanks to the efforts and perseverance managed to attract the attention of the leaders of the troupe.

    At 16, she moved to Kiev, where he entered the Moscow regional College of art, and also continues cooperation with «Todes», but the main group. At this time, the Quiet Anne is truly a versatile dancer. Submit and hip-hop, and folk dance, and jazz funk, and thanks to the education she masters another classic by her own admission, was the most difficult in her student period.

    After graduating from College, Anna decided to concentrate on a single current direction and chose hip-hop as it appeared most appropriate to its temperamental nature. Together with various bands has quietly been involved in dance festivals, including the American, and in 2013 he won the Grand Prix in the championship Area of Talent».


    His television career Anna is Quiet, unlike many other participants in the project «Dancing» began a little earlier. She starred in the video Olga Stelmach for the song «Love knows no borders», and also appeared in the shows «the Chanson of year» and «legends of Retro FM». In the last transmission she went on stage in a group of dancers singer Alexander Aivazova.

    But all-Russia glory, of course, brought her show «Dancing on TNT». I wonder what project she’s got no chance. On casting the girl learned to see the ads on TV, and soon her classmates at school said that they intend to participate in this new transfer. And, as Anna says, the guys were tuned very seriously and have been preparing for the performance, and she went exclusively for the company. In the end the choice of the jury members fell on Anna Quiet.

    Project girl became friends with Julian Bucholz, Adam (Dima by Trakhinin) and Elena Basenko named Foam. Their support helped 19-year-old dancer, one of the youngest participants of the walk is quite far and very much to learn. Indeed, in this dance show the guys had in a very short time to learn new styles of dance, sometimes exotic. For example, Anya is in its versatility added folk Indian dance and professional contemporary, who showed the audience in a duet with Vitaly Savchenko.

    In March 2016 on channel TNT starts the new show «battle of the seasons», in which the victory will qualify the winners, finalists and less happy dancers from previous seasons. All fans of Anna sincerely hope that the new project will be a place for her.

    Personal life

    Some Quiet time Anna was in a romantic relationship with the athlete and stunt Alexey Doronin, but, according to the latest information from social networks, now her heart is free for new love.

    Anya was an excellent host, knows how to cook and knows how to create comfort in the house. Favorite hobby girls – painting, to which her talent is no less than to dancing, but because of the very small amount of free time a dancer cannot fully develop it.


    Anna Is Quiet

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