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  • Name: Anna Popova ( Anna Popova )
  • Date of birth: 28 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Anna Popova: biography

    Anna Popova is a young Russian actress, who became famous after the role of Anna Ogarevo in the television series «One is love.» She was born in the suburbs in a family that has a direct relationship to cinema. Her mother, Vera Storozheva – fairly well-known film Director and producer, and father Sergei Popov is the author of scripts for films.

    In the childhood Anna seriously was engaged in sports ballroom dancing and participated in many Russian and international competitions. Getting education in a creative family, the girl clearly wanted to connect his life with the «most important art,» but she hesitated in the choice of profession between the desire to become a filmmaker, a mother, and the idea to try themselves on the stage as the main character. In the end, Popova chooses the path of an actor and, after graduating from school with a gold medal, becoming a student of the Russian University of theatre arts, where until 2007 he studied at the Studio of Michael Iskandarova.

    After high school theater Anna Popova not only starred in movies and TV series, but went on stage of Taganka Theatre in the play «No years» directed by Veniamin Smekhov and staging of Ostrovsky’s play «even a wise man stumbles» directed by Vladimir Mirzoev.

    In 2009 the actress took part in the 4th season of the popular entertaining TV show «Dances with stars». In this project for several esters were dancing paired with professional dancer Ian Halperin.


    While studying in the second year of high school theater, Anna Popova made her debut in feature films, starring in one of the episodes of the Comedy adventure «the Resort destination».

    The popularity of the actress brought the romance «One day love» in which she plays the main character – a kind and romantic girl Anna Ogarev. Before you get into acting clip of this serial movie, Popov came to the casting for the picture Valery Todorovsky «dandies». There she got rejected, but was seen by the leaders of the project «One day there will be love», which not only approved it, but it was under Anna picked up a primary partner, which eventually became Konstantin Soloviev. The actress says that the choice fell on it, as it is in nature and life priorities are very similar to her character.

    In 2010, Anna Popova took part in the creation of the continuation of the cult gangster Saga «Brigade», which was published under the title «Brigade: the Heir» 2 years after the end of filming. This painting tells of a new generation, in particular, about his son Sasha White – Ivan, played by young actor Ivan Makarevich. In General, the film received average grades, but the work of Popova, who plays a girl Lera, critics and audiences praised, calling it one of the most striking moments in the crime drama.

    Personal life

    Anna Popova conceals information about their romantic relationship. We only know that she was never officially married, but in 2008 gave birth to son Daniel. Anna talks about who is the father of the boy.

    The actress a large number of hobby – she travels a lot and often, and also loves snowboarding, horse riding and bowling.


    • 2008 — From the flame and light
    • 2009 — One day love
    • 2012 — The Brigade: The Heir
    • 2012 — the Path along the river
    • 2012 — Will be a bright day
    • 2013 — Ded 005
    • 2013 — Think like a woman
    • 2014 — Two Legends
    • 2014 — County drama
    • 2015 — Stolen wedding


    Anna Popova

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