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  • Name: Anna Politkovskaya ( Politkovskaya, Anna )
  • Date of birth: 30 August 1958
  • Age: 48 years
  • Date of death: October 7, 2006
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Activities: journalist, human rights activist, writer
  • Marital status: was married

    Anna Politkovskaya: a biography

    Anna Politkovskaya, whose maiden name Mazepa, Russian journalist and author, famous throughout the world during the second half of 90-ies because of his reports from Chechnya. The conflict in this mountainous Republic was the Central theme of journalistic activity Politkovskaya.

    Anna Politkovskaya in childhood
    Anna Politkovskaya in childhood

    Anna was born in new York, where at that time her parents lived. The fact that the girl’s father, Stepan F. Mazepa, was a diplomat, an employee of the Ukrainian SSR mission to the United Nations.

    Anna Politkovskaya
    Anna Politkovskaya | Radio Sweden

    Some time later the family returned to Moscow, where Anna graduated from high school and finally decided on a future profession. Anna Mazepa was very fond of the arts and Humanities, but also she wanted to communicate with people. The choice of girls fell into journalism, and she began to study this specialty in the respective faculty of Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov.


    In 1980 Anna Politkovskaya worked as a reporter and journalist for such periodicals as «news», «Air transport», «Megapolis Express». Later, she began to cooperate with «the General newspaper» as editor of the division of emergency incidents.

    In the mid 90-ies Politkovskaya was a special correspondent and columnist of «Novaya Gazeta». During the war in the Chechen Republic, the journalist repeatedly traveled to the war zones. Reports and articles from the event the woman has repeatedly received awards from the Union of journalists of the Russian Federation, and also was the winner of the award «Golden pen of Russia».

    Anna Politkovskaya interviews at the scene
    Anna Politkovskaya interviews at the scene | Now

    But Anne was not limited only to giving information to the public. She actively helped the mothers of dead soldiers defend their rights in court, fighting corruption in the Ministry of defence and conducted journalistic investigations against the policemen who exceeded their authority.

    For example, in September 2001 she published an article entitled «People disappearing», in which he accused law enforcement officer in the killing of civilians. Four years later, the results of the investigation, which began Politkovskaya, one of these in a publication of the policemen was sentenced to 11 years.

    Anna Politkovskaya is conducting a journalistic investigation
    Anna Politkovskaya conducts investigative journalism | Magazine «Samizdat»

    During capture of hostages in Moscow Theater center at Dubrovka, it was Anna Politkovskaya chose a person who are able to negotiate with the terrorists. And when a tragedy occurred in Beslan, the journalist immediately flew to the school, where militants seized the children, but in the aircraft suddenly felt ill and unconscious, was hospitalized after the emergency landing in Rostov. Later, Anna will argue that she tried to poison, not to allow to objectively cover the events in Beslan.

    Anna Politkovskaya
    Anna Politkovskaya | Gordon

    The last article by Anna Politkovskaya in the «Novaya Gazeta» called «Punitive agreement». In it she spoke about the Chechen rebels, who are fighting on the side of the Federal forces. Were also made to the announcement of a new publication on torture in Chechnya. But this stuff in the press already appeared.


    Their experiences and the information collected Anna Politkovskaya shared with the public in books of its own production. It’s not artwork, and nonfiction materials, based on personal experience and communication with many people.

    Books Of Anna Politkovskaya
    Books Of Anna Politkovskaya

    First saw the light of the book «Journey to hell. The Chechen diary». She was dedicated to the events of 1999 in the Chechen Republic. On the same theme was written «the Second Chechen», «a Dirty war: a Russian reporter in Chechnya» and «Alien war, or life behind the barrier».

    Many of the works of Anna Stepanovna had been translated into several languages and published not only in Russia but also in the West. But the greatest interest, both at home and abroad, caused a scandalous book «Putin’s Russia», in which journalist and writer criticized the government.

    Personal life

    When Anna Mazepa studied at the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University, she met another student, Alexander Politkovsky. They were classmates, as a young man was the older girl of five years. They soon got married and became spouses.

    The wedding of Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Politkovskaya
    The wedding of Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Politkovskaya | the Echo of Moscow

    In this family were born two children Anna and Alexander: son Ilya and daughter Vera. Politkovskaya lived together for 21 years, but we cannot say that their life was cloudless. And Anna, and her husband difficult people, honest and straightforward. Impact on relationships and professional success. Politkovskaya was very popular in the Perestroika period, while his wife has not yet reached popularity. In the 90 years, everything has changed upside down – thanks to incisive articles on the topics of woman has received recognition, and her husband has become is not so popular.

    Anna Politkovskaya's son Ilya and daughter Vera
    Anna Politkovskaya’s son Ilya and daughter Vera | RIA Novosti

    Anyway, in 2000, the marriage actually broke up. Alexander and Anna began to live separately, but the divorce were not decorated, so officially Politkovskaya remained married woman until the end of life.

    It should be noted that immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union Anna Politkovskaya was invited to the United States citizenship papers at birth. Her claim was satisfied and the woman had two passports – Russian and American, from which she can not refuse going.


    7 October 2006 in the Elevator of her apartment block in Central Moscow, Anna Politkovskaya was shot dead with a pistol. The killer has made four shots, one of which is in the head, the so-called «control». This circumstance immediately gave the investigation the version about custom-made murder.

    Considered a variety of options to identify the customer and the performers. It was assumed connection with the professional activities of the journalist, and referred to the so-called «Chechen trace», that is found the opportunity to defend against charges of Anna Stepanovna, and perhaps, on the contrary, to discredit the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

    Do not exclude the version of personal revenge by some hero of the publication. In addition, it was found no benefit in the death of Politkovskaya as for supporters of President Vladimir Putin, and the opposition.

    By the way, the President of the Russian Federation said that the murder of the journalist of Russia causes much more damage and damage than all of its articles. And the edition of «Novaya Gazeta», an employee of which was the dead woman, announced the award in 25 million rubles to anyone who can help in the investigation of crime.

    On the anniversary of the death of Anna Politkovskaya
    On the anniversary of the death of Anna Politkovskaya | Russia Regions

    As a result, the investigation established that the actual perpetrator of the murder was Rustam Makhmudov, and the organizer of the crime known Chechen crime boss and businessman Lom-Ali gaitukayev. They both received a life sentence. Also sat in jail a former employee of ethnic division RUBOP Sergey Khadzhikurbanov and brothers of the stars Gabriel and Tamerlan Makhmudov.

    In addition, it was found involved in the murder of a former employee of the Moscow police Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Pavlyuchenkova, who supplied the organizers information about the journalist, including said address and the routine of her day.


    • 2000 — Journey to hell. Chechen diary
    • 2001 — a Dirty war: a Russian reporter in Chechnya
    • 2002 — the Second Chechen
    • 2002 — Chechnya: the shame of Russia
    • 2002 — Alien war, or life behind the barrier
    • 2004 — Putin’s Russia


    Anna Politkovskaya

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