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  • Name: Anna Melikyan ( Anna Melikyan )
  • Date of birth: 8 February 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Activities: Director, screenwriter, producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Anna Melikyan: biography

    There are people who are born Directors and do not see myself in any other profession: Anna Melikyan is one of them. The authoritative magazine of the Hollywood Variety included her in TOP 10 most promising young Directors such recognition more than prestigious.

    Anna was born on 8 February 1976 in Baku, but her childhood took place in Yerevan. Talent manifested itself very early, even in kindergarten. The girl knew how to tell stories so that the kids listened to her with an open mouth. Educators at this time were drinking coffee.

    At school Anna Melikyan often substituted for sick teachers. She was called to the guidance counselor, then put near the boards, and she, like a robot, talked to the students about their history.

    Surprisingly, in contrast to the majority of peers become an actress Anna never dreamed of. She said that she liked to watch people from the outside. This quality helped her in the production of plays in kindergarten and school. Teachers repeatedly told Anna that she will become a Director. And so it happened.

    In 17 years, Melikyan moved to Moscow and entered the directing Department of VGIK. She was lucky – she got in the course of Sergei Solovyov. In his student years she directed several short films, and in 1999, her term paper was a picture of «Flew», in which the main role was played by Nelly Uvarova.

    After graduation, Anna Melikyan worked on the channel «TV-6» – filmed a travel programme. Its leaders liked it so much that she was offered any project to choose from. She could remove the rating ice show, «Blue lights», but preferred the movie. Some colleagues did not understand her decision – puzzly shrugged shoulders: now they’re talking about phenomenal luck Anna Melikyan.

    The Director admits that he prefers to remain in the shadows, Shine in the scenes she’s ever wanted, though acting she had good grades.


    Her short film «Poste restante» was purchased by the Museum of cinema in Rome and Melbourne in 2000.

    The first feature film directed by Anna Melikyan, «Mars», it premiered at the film festival in Berlin in 2004. Scenario Anna wrote herself. Starring «Mars» starred Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya and Gosha Kutsenko. This work received a special prize of producers at the film festival «Kinoshock».

    The second film «the mermaid» has also become a directorial success. He received the prize of the Sundance film festival in the nomination «Best Director», and in 2008 was nominated for the award «Oscar» from Russia.

    Following the work of Anna Melikyan – romance «Star». At the film festival «Kinotavr» film won in two nominations – » for best Director and best actress. Another «Kinotavr» in the Treasury of the Director brought a lyrical almanac «About love». This movie consists of 5 short stories that combine the monologues of Renata Litvinova.

    Anna Melikyan is the Director’s own style. Producers and critics say it removes a new women’s film. Her characters are recognizable, they have a strong character, the story takes a chord, and the ending is always unpredictable. But even Anna is attentive to detail, she strives to be authentic. In the film «Star» all the props were real: the Birkin bag is really worth 40 thousand euros, diamond jewelry is also true. The Director and crew have to gather accessories for the familiar because the films budget doesn’t allow to buy such things and use copies Melikyan doesn’t want to. With the same thoroughness comes to the choice of consultants and make-up artists.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Anna says sparingly and reluctantly. She has a daughter Alexandra. Have to get up at 6.30 am to cook Breakfast, freshen up and take the child to school. In the evening we have to pick up my daughter from school and prepare dinner.

    On the set of Anna Melikyan goes to work with his head, and the rest of the time – an ordinary woman with the same concerns as others. Facilitates the task that the office of the Director is located near the school in which the student of Alexander.

    Anna Melikyan was married once. Her husband – producer, General Director of the company «Tsentral partnership» Ruben Dishdishyan. Marriage with him was born a daughter, Alexandra. In the film «mermaid,» Anna was pregnant, but carefully hid it.

    Ruben – the man with a difficult character, their marriage ended in divorce. Melikyan is recognized that it falls rarely, but if it happens, thoroughly and seriously. And tear – it is always painful, «as if stabbed in the body and wiggle it, checking the strength». The reason for the separation from her husband, the Director has not commented.

    After the premiere of the painting «About love» journalists talked about her affair with the owner «Rosgosstrakh», billionaire Daniel Khachaturov. Anna Melikyan in its usual manner, does not comment on this information.


    • «Mars»
    • «About love»
    • Mermaid
    • «Star»
    • «Back in the USSR»
    • «Only you»
    • «Dad for rent»
    • «Under the thumb»
    • «Believe it or not»
    • «Flew»


    Anna Melikyan

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