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  • Name: Anna Matison ( Matison Anna )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Irkutsk
  • Activity: the Russian film Director, screenwriter and playwright
  • Marital status: Married Sergey Bezrukov

    Anna matison: biography

    The rapidly rising star of the Russian stage direction and dramaturgy Anna O. matison was born in Irkutsk in July 1983. Anna has two brothers — senior and Junior Timothy Leonidas. Her mother Olga Mathison — a well-known Irkutsk journalist. The daughter went in her mother’s footsteps and at the age of 17 ad worked as a freelance correspondent on local television quite rapidly having risen from a simple correspondent to editor software broadcast.

    In 2004, Anna matison, along with Director and producer Yury Dorokhin started his own production Studio «REC.production», which deals with the creation of commercial video, audio, and video advertising. Matison became the main producer and then a Director of the company. By the way, the youngest producer in Russia. And this without departing from the teaching at the international faculty, Irkutsk state University, where Anne received the knowledge of the specialty «Commerce».

    On the «REC».production» was created about 70 films for major customers such as the Administration of the Irkutsk region, «Transneft», «Atomenergomash» and many others. At the moment, «REC.production» continues to be one of the leaders of the regional market of advertising services.

    Anna matison – person creative, the commercial advertising her pestering. Already in the first commercials production Studio, it became clear that Anna is more willing to make a movie, not advertising. Unfortunately, in Irkutsk it was impossible due to the lack of technical base. That is why in 2008 the fate of Anna matison made a sharp turn: young producer moved to the capital and enrolled in the screenwriting Department VGIK, in the Studio of Natalia Ryazantseva, from which he graduated in 2013 with honors.


    A cinematic biography of Anna matison started in Moscow immediately after leaving Irkutsk in 2008. Directorial and screenwriting debut in a feature film for matison became the short film «the Mood has improved» eponymous work by Yevgeny Grishkovets.

    Evgenie Grishkovets became interested in film and its creators and offered Anna matison cooperation, which later resulted in the creation of feature film «Satisfaction». Co-author of the script by the writer himself, who starred in the title role. The film was released wide rental and participated in the program of festivals «Kinotavr», «Moscow premiere», «Pacific Meridian», «St. Anna» and others.

    Then followed other collaboration matison and Grishkovets: a documentary film «Without a script», a series of music videos, writing plays «House». A special place is the audio play «the River.»

    While working on the works Grishkovets Matheson managed to write the screenplay for the popular film «Yolki-2, Yolki-3» «Christmas Tree 1914», «the milky way», «Eyes of dogs». And in 2013-2014 Anna and her team removed the children’s musical film «the Big adventures of a little Sasha Krapivin».

    Another important formation of the creative biography of Anna matison is her work as a documentary filmmaker. In 2011, the First channel was shown documentary film «Musician» of the pianist Denis Matsuev.

    The cooperative work of Anna and Yevgeny Grishkovets continued. In 2014, the writer and the writer together wrote the play «the Weekend» («the End of the week»), which is successfully under way in the Chekhov Moscow art theatre capital.

    Personal life

    Recently personal life of Anna matison – the subject of attention of mass-media. The reason was the rumors about the novel Anna matison and Sergei Bezrukov, who is married to Irina Bezrukovoj.

    Say family boat Bezrukov made to flow in 2014, when the ubiquitous reporters had tracked down the presence of the doctor of another family on the side. The media found out, that Sergey is growing two babies, which gave birth to the actress of the St. Petersburg Kristina Smirnova.

    Couple met on the set of the film «the milky way». Family troubles Bezrukov brightened, plunged into the affair with Anna matison. Lovers these rumors for a long time did not comment, but over time began to appear in public together.

    In March 2016, the media leaked information that Bezrukov and Mathison were married. In June 2016 the wife reported the good news about the imminent addition to the family. 4 Jul Bezrukov and matison became parents, they had a daughter Mary.


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    Anna Matison

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