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  • Name: Anne Cousin ( Anna Kuzina )
  • Date of birth: 19 July 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Anna Cousin: biography

    Anna Kuzina is by profession a literary editor and journalist, however, achieved popularity not in these areas. In his native Ukraine and in neighboring Russia the girl know as a talented actress who, despite all odds, found his niche on television. Strange, but being a popular actress, the girl herself doesn’t watch TV — its just not in her apartment.

    The artist who has captured the hearts of millions of viewers, was born on a warm summer day, July 21, 1980 in Kiev. Her parents, having serious technical professions so popular in those days, was no stranger to art, but to make it their sense of life is not sought. Anna’s mother loved cinema and was raised with the love of his daughter and the girl’s father played in an Amateur theatre at the Polytechnic Institute and was city star.

    Wanting to give her daughter a full development, her parents sent her to music school. The tool was not entirely typical for girls accordion, that is probably what played a decisive role in the reluctance of Anna to continue learning. At one time the future artist was into sports and was really into skiing, but another injury forced her to care about their health and to stop doing dangerous sports.

    With the support of his father, the girl decided to enter the theater Institute. The choice fell on Kusinich educational institutions of Moscow, but the conditions of membership for girls from the Ukraine was unacceptable: the training was conducted solely on a fee basis, and a place in a hostel was simply not available. Trying to find other options and calculate your budget, my Cousin was forced to return back to Kiev. But here disappointment awaited her: a girl who almost all his childhood spent on the stage of the scene, took in theater school. Then Anna entered the Kiev Polytechnic Institute at the Department of printing and began to study the profession of literary editor.

    The girl began to try their hand in the Studio of the famous Kiev theater of improvisation «Black square». The Studio was created by lovers of their craft, are willing to train talented people almost free of charge. Finally Anna was lucky, and it almost immediately took the training that not only helped her to display their acting abilities, but also provided the relevant place of work.

    Anna Cousin: theatre

    In the Studio «Black Square» talented girl was noticed by the art Director of «Dakh» theatre and was invited to the show «Shelmenko-Batman». Despite the small theater experience on the big stage, Anna’s Cousin coped easily with the role. This performance became her lucky ticket into the world of theatre, where the actress has repeatedly offered the main role. Anna played Natalia from the play «Vassa Zheleznova» and many other heroines. Cousin also became a leading actress of the Kiev Studio of theatrical art «Constellation».

    After a meteoric career as an actress on television Cousin left the theater. Even among the regular filming of the series «Univer», she found time to twice a month favorite to fly in Kyiv and play on stage.

    Anna’s Cousin:

    In the movie, Anna’s Cousin appeared immediately after developed her theatrical career. In 2004, she started going to auditions and screen tests, having experience of teaching in the Studio experience on stage performance. She was lucky almost immediately: after the first trial Comedy «happy birthday, Queen!» the girl not only accepted in the acting state, but was approved for the main role.

    Anna had to play with masters of their craft: Sereyut Makovetsky, Dmitry Isaev and Alexey Vertinsky. The first time she was very worried that eminent actors of his game will attempt to outshine her first serious role, but here the actress is incredibly lucky. Often, the Maestro advised the girl how to best apply a particular replica, to play the episode that really had a positive impact on the quality of the game actress and picture.

    The next visible project in the career girls was the film-Comedy «the Master», filmed together with the Russian TV in 2006. It began with the conquest of Russia by the Kiev actress. Anna has played many roles in movies and on television, but it took her almost six years to find that very image that made her famous all over the country.

    In 2011, during a large-scale casting that lasted more than two months, among hundreds of other contenders that Cousin Anna was selected for the filming of the new project «

  • Univer. New Dorm». Surprisingly, one of the decisive arguments in favor of Cousin was her hair: shortly before casting the girl had short shaved hair that messed up chemistry. She got the role of activists and clever Yana Semakova, which gave the audience a lot of positive emotions, and the actress popularity and fame. The series was a spectacular success with viewers, allowing to extend it for a second season, but, as a spin-off called «I», where the audience also had the opportunity to see the game Cousin. Both successful projects continue to be made and today, and for the sake of filming Anna had to move to Moscow, where she rents an apartment.

    Anna Cousin: personal life

    The personal life of a popular actress hidden from the eyes of journalists and the public. We only know that officially she had never been married. One time Anna told me that Dating a guy but like to further develop this novel is unknown.

    However, the artist does not refuse from the dream to find my man with whom will be able to build a strong relationship and family.

    Anna Cousin: filmography

    • Happy birthday, Queen!
    • Mr.
    • Playing soldiers
    • Other people’s secrets
    • Native people
    • Mysterious island
    • Milkmaid of hatsapetovki 2: call the fate of
    • Antisnayper 3
    • Black sheep
    • Doughnut Lucy
    • Univer. New Dorm
    • I

    Anna Cousin: photo

    Anna Kuzina

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