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  • Name: Anna Kotova ( Anna Deryabina )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Anna Kotova biography

    The theater and film actress Anna Kotova – Muscovite. She was born July 7, 1986. Anne’s childhood was spent in Moscow, and, as she says, she didn’t have to fight for a place under the sun to work for peanuts in order to survive and wander in a rented apartment.

    At school Anne was an excellent student, he was involved in athletics and figure skating. But the injury put paid to his sporting future. Then the girl first thought about becoming an actress. Background was 8 years Anna Kotova sang in a folk ensemble and toured Russia.

    In 2003, after finishing school she enrolled in GITIS, the course of Teplyakov and Chomsky. Parents strongly supported her daughter.

    In 2007, Anna Kotova graduated and decided to study journalism. She tried to force on «TV Center», but soon realized that journalism was not her calling. The girl was interested in the movie.


    Her theatrical career started in 2009. Anna Kotova plays in two theatres»Theatre. DOC» and tsdr them. Kazantsev and Roschina.

    On the stage «Theater. DOC» the actress played the girl from «first aid» in performance «Hour eighteen», Pamela in «Casting» that leads to «Blue the mechanic». The most significant work was the role of Masha in a production of «Alconbury».

    Another interesting experiment is to play «the Crimea. Office b…gusts». The actress says that filmmakers often offer her the role of «light on the rise of girls» because the relevant type. Sometimes it is necessary for the reliability to use profanity, but how could it be otherwise, when the actors strive for authenticity, play into the topic of the day. Therefore, probably, and the performances are always sold out.

    In the CBD Anna — role-less: while she’s busy in the play «Class Bento Bonchev».


    Anna Kotova made her debut in the TV series «Happy together». She started acting immediately after ratification. For three years, from 2007 to 2010, she participated in 10 films, and tried force as an actress of dubbing. Basically Anna dubbed foreign films.

    No less active in her career was the period from 2010 to 2012. Anna Kotova has starred in seven television projects, four of which were multi-part. The most famous pictures and TV shows of that time – «the Doctor Tyrsa», «While night will not separate», «Love» and «Deffchonki».

    In 2012, the premiere of the television series «Wake up together?», in which Kotov played Anna. The plot of the Comedy series is the story of 30-year-old female friends, who did not get to establish privacy.

    In 2013, Director Boris Khlebnikov suggested Anna main role in the melodrama «a Long and happy life.» Her partner in the film was actor Alexander Yatsenko. The shooting took place in the village in the Murmansk region on the White sea coast.

    One of the last works of Anna Kotova – the role of Natasha in multiserial film «Temptation.» This work was remembered by the actress that her character had to faint on the street. It picked up Sergey Batalov and handed seven takes in a row, beating Anna the head, a leg on the car. Some scenes of «the Temptations» was filmed in this steel plant when the kiln are still hot after work. The cast and crew had to work in respirators so as not to get poisoned.

    Personal life

    Passport Anna Deryabina, wears her husband’s name. Anna and Ivan are the same age, met in the College years: Ivan then studied at the Schepkin drama school.

    Ivan Deryabin is a professional musician, he formerly played with his band. To one of the concerts somehow came Anna Kotova and realized that it was love at first sight. The actress says that Vanya is beautifully looked after, was gallant and caring, than conquered it completely. She is not amorous, always sought stability.

    However, the school was unrequited love to the boy. Anya long suffered, but then forgot it. After some time, this guy confessed his love to her in the letter, Kotova retains to this day.

    Three years ago, Anna and Ivan got married, children the couple yet. In her spare time the actress likes to swim in the sea or relax in the mountains, it attracts the quiet and untouched nature.


    • «Full house»
    • «House of wind»
    • «Floor»
    • «While night will not separate»
    • «Chasing shadows»
    • «Wide river»
    • «Trace»
    • «My favorite witch»
    • «Wake up together?»
    • «Repentance»


    Anna Kotova

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