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  • Name: Anna Kosmal ( Anna Koshmal )
  • Date of birth: 22 October 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Anna Kosmal biography

    Anna Kosmal is a young Ukrainian actress who has got fame in all Russian-speaking countries once played a grown-up Eugene Kovalev in the last seasons of the series «Matchmakers». For this role, the girl was nominated twice for the Ukrainian television award «Teletriumph». Anna also was among the contenders for the award «Telezvezda» for playback on the screen image of the main character in the popular TV series «Sasha».

    Anna Kosmal
    Photo of Ani Kosmal | VK

    Anna was born on 22 Oct 1994 in Kiev, in the family of a soldier Sergei Mikhailovich and teacher Tamara. The actress has an older brother, Sergei, who now works as a system administrator. Even as a little girl, Kosmal dream of becoming an actress. But then its still relish choreography and vocal skills. That is why Anna is already six years old begins to walk to the ballet Studio and at the same time ballroom dancing. Later a big girl now began to learn modern dance sport, and to attend drama school «Republic KIDS».

    In addition, the biography of Anna Kosmal appeared and the music school where talented girl professional teachers helped to place the voice, and she began to sing for children’s concerts and competitions. As Anna and the dancing and singing were enjoyed equally, she could not decide which way to choose finally. After receiving secondary education Kosmal submits documents to the Kiev municipal Academy of circus and variety arts named after L. V. soloist at the music faculty, where he received a diploma in the specialty «Pop vocal». It should be noted that the parents did not approve of him. and believed that the profession of artist is absolutely frivolous.

    Anna Kosmal
    Photo by Anna Kosmal | VK

    But Anna not only insisted on this solution, but combined studies with the filming of the series «Matchmakers». And it is significant that the teachers, knowing about the employment girls on the set, and was sympathetic to her frequent absenteeism. And when shooting came to an end, Kosmal announced to parents that will go to study in Moscow in one of the theater schools. That’s when Sergei and Tamara Kosmal decided not to accept the ideas of their youngest child and forbade Anna to go. Only the intervention of famous actors and Fedor Dobronravov, Tatyana Kravchenko, who managed to convince the parents of Anna that their daughter has the necessary talent, helped.

    Anna Kosmal
    Photo by Anna Kosmal | VK

    However, in Moscow the girl did not go, and immediately entered the third year of directing Department of his native Academy where her artistic Director was the teacher to whom she really wanted to get. Kosmal does not regret that examines the film «the other side» because, according to her, directing education helps to better understand the essence of the work on the set.

    Movies Anna Kosmal

    Filmography Anna Kosmal was replenished in 2011. 17-year-old girl who studied in the theatrical circle «Respublika KIDS», notice the agents of the Studio «Kvartal 95» and invited to go casting. Funny, but Anna at the audition was not even aware of what kind of project auditioned for the role of a girl-Gotti. And only after the results of the audition when she said that she approved, Kosmal realized will play a grown-up Eugene Kovalev in the comic series «Matchmakers». It is noteworthy that this film is a favorite TV show her parents, and previous performer of granddaughter Zhenya, Sofia Stetsenko, caused them emotion.

    Anna Kosmal in the film
    In the role of Zhenya Kovaleva in the film «Matchmakers» | Movie-theater

    Anna have blonde hair, but as he repainted in the searing brunette, as her character is a representative of the youth subculture – ready. Kosmal said to turn into neformalka it was not too difficult, as she is in adolescence was quite wayward and hot-tempered. The actress is very grateful for fruitful and beneficial cooperation with its renowned partners — Fedor Dobronravov, Tatyana Kravchenko, Lyudmila artemeva, Olesya Zheleznyak and many others.

    Anna Kosmal in the film
    In the role of Sasha Kovalenko in the film «Sasha» | Movie-theater

    In the end, the fifth and the sixth season of «Matchmakers» had no less success than the previous part. And although some viewers have said that the writers are repeated, the work of Anna all singled out as excellent, and noted that she was able to breathe new life into the film and create a fresh and unexpected way. For this Kosmal was twice nominated for the Ukrainian television award «Teletriumph» in the category «Best actress, television movie or TV series».

    Anna Kosmal in the film
    In the role of Kristinki in the movie «the Tale of the old Miller» | Movie-theater

    Immediately upon completion of filming, the girl was invited to play a major role orphanage girls Tomboy in the new drama «Sasha». This project won a nomination for the prize «TV Star.» The following movies Anna Kosmal was political Comedy «the Servant of the people», where she became an on-screen niece of Vladimir Zelensky, romance «When daylight comes», in which she collaborated with Maria Kulikova and Leonid Gromov, and also the series about the bloody events of 2014 in Ukraine «On the line of life.»

    Anna Kosmal in the film
    In the role of Catherine in the movie «the Mistress» | Movie-theater

    Anna Kosmal in 2016 is removed at once in a large number of paintings. Has seen the light industrial ribbon «Express trip», suspense drama «Forget and remember», the youth film «don’t renounce,» women’s history «Letter of Hope» and social drama «the Mistress». In addition, viewers can get acquainted with the fantasy film «the Tale of the old Miller», which also glisten Ostap Stupka, Ada Rogovtseva, and in addition, with the serial Comedy «Village of a million» in which a duet with Anna was a popular Ukrainian actor Dmitry Owl.

    Songs Anna Kosmal

    In the TV series «Matchmakers» Anna not only showed herself as a talented actress, but also had the opportunity to demonstrate their vocal skills. Incidentally, at the time of the start of filming the girl didn’t know how to play the guitar, and already in the course of work on the project, the possession of a musical instrument she was taught Fedor Dobronravov. Along with his on-screen grandfather Kosmal sang songs like «My calendar», «All repeat», «Joyful sadness» and «me without you», and in a large ensemble with other artists she sang old hits «Bukovel» and «Maple».

    Another beautiful duet Anna composed with composer Alexander Udovenko, which was presented to the audience the English-language ballad «Ariel». The actress in solo performance gave the audience the hits «These dreams» and «My little orchestra», which enjoyed great popularity.

    On the success of the talented girl has recorded his own single, «Put on repeat», which, unlike other songs of Anna Kosmal, has no relation to the cinema. I should add that the actress appeared in the music videos «Soul» of her friend Renata Stiefel and «give» of the famous singer Alyona Vinnytska’s.

    Personal life

    On the set of the series «Matchmakers» Anya met one of the cameramen with whom she had a mutual sympathy. However, this relationship was friendly rather than romantic, and after work on the project stopped.

    Anna Kosmal and Anton Klimik
    Other Anton Clinicom | Instagram

    Personal life Anna Kosmal is associated with a favorite young man, whose name he does not advertise. But an affair with a classmate at the Academy of fine arts Anton Clinicom that Anne is often credited with journalists and fans, she denies: she only befriends Anton.

    The actress has repeatedly said that she likes guys with a good sense of humor is very important quality for a future husband of Anna Kosmal, as she herself loves to joke and laugh. In the Internet you can find several videorozpravky from a young artist, especially spectacular was a joke «Audition», where she was exposed to the glamorous girl who dreams to become famous and rich.


    • 2011-2013 — Matchmakers
    • 2013-2014 — Sasha
    • 2014 — When daylight comes
    • 2015 — servant of the people
    • 2016 — Forget and remember
    • 2016 — do Not promise
    • 2016 — a Letter of hope
    • 2016 — the Tale of the old Miller
    • 2016 — the Mistress
    • 2016 is a Village in a million


    Anna Kosmal

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