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  • Name: Anna Lee ( Anna Hilkevitch )
  • Date of birth: 15 October 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Anna Lee: biography

    Anna Khilkevich was born 15 October 1986 in St. Petersburg. Shortly after the birth of her daughter, the family having moved to Moscow. Father Alexander was a businessman, and his mother Tatyana Andreevna — athlete who, abandoning his sports career, she devoted herself to raising children. Anna was the youngest child in the family and a General favorite.

    Her artistic ability began to unfold in early childhood: a five year old girl learned how to cry at will, much entertained relatives, letting a tear at the request of the audience. On a family holiday Anna played dress-up and transformation into well-known characters. And although at first parents, having thought that she would go to his father’s footsteps and do business, they sent the girl to study in drama school at the school named after N. Shchepkin. Having received secondary education, Anna Khilkevich entered the Higher theatre school named Schukina on course of St. Ivanova, but studied there for two years, then took their documents.

    Lee always wanted to be a serious profession and a career businesswoman, so he entered the Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov on a speciality «marketing and advertising», from which he graduated with honors. But the career of the actress prompted her to return to drama school, where, after studying for two years, Anna finally got the long-awaited education.

    Lee graduated from the courses of DJs and six months later received the invitation to speak at the club. In addition to the music team artist arranges a show using light music and costumes of popular heroes, such as Marge Simpson from the cartoon «the Simpsons.»


    Career Anna Khilkevich movie started in 2003, she began playing in the Russian television series. Her first role was the girl Kate from the TV series about a fire brigade «Firefighters». In 2006, Anna participated in the filming of the tape «the Person irrevocable», which tells about the life of several families, whose fates are closely intertwined.

    A real love of the audience, Anna has earned by participating in the filming of the series «Barvikha» in 2009. The novel was about a school where apart from normal children learn teenagers from wealthy families. Lee played the girl from the «Golden youth»: a beautiful, successful, but arrogant and selfish. The artist is so well accustomed to his role that many still perceive it solely in this way. This show has helped young actors to fame and ticket to the world of Russian show-business.

    Thanks to serial role it was invited to the role of the attractive, but rather naïve blondes. Lee played in the films «Major version», «Tree-2» and «Gold».

    Following a successful and memorable part of Anna Khilkevich was the work in the popular series «Univer. New Dorm». There the actress played the blonde Maria Belova, a lover of bright lifestyle, but at the same time naive and altruistic girl, compassionate and high feelings.

    In 2013, the actress participated in the filming of the continuation of Christmas Comedy «Christmas Tree 3» and outright Comedy «What men are doing!». In recent years, out 2-3 films with her participation. Premiere of the latest film «Tree-5», is scheduled for December 2016.

    Personal life

    During the filming of the tape series «Barvikha» Anna Khilkevich met with the Manager of the series Anton Pokrepa. Between young people quickly began an affair that lasted about four years before the couple decided to legalize their relationship. The ceremony took place in may 2011. But the marriage was short-lived.

    For the first time about the divorce, the couples have conceived after six months of living together, but then the tender feelings did not allow them to break the Union. However, after a year, Anna and Anton still have left, citing a loss of love. Lee and Pokrepa maintained good relations after the divorce.

    In 2013 during a walk in Gorky Park Anna met businessman Arthur Volkov. Bitter experience of a previous relationship, his new novel, popular movie actress has decided to hide from the eyes of journalists. In October 2013, having appeared with the new guy at the party in honor of his birthday.

    August 7, 2015 Anna Khilkevich married Arthur Volkov. In December of the same year the happy couple had a daughter Arianna.


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    Anna Khilkevich

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