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  • Name: Anna Kalashnikova ( Anna Kalashnikova )
  • Date of birth: 13 June 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Stavropol
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: actress, model, TV presenter
  • Marital status: Civil marriage with Prokhor Chaliapin

    Anna Kalashnikova: biography

    Anna Kalashnikova was born 13 June 1984 in Stavropol, but her childhood and teenage years were spent in Pyatigorsk. She knew she was gonna be an actress, even from an early age.

    Anna was fond of music and dancing, bad drawing. The girl’s family was poor, so money to develop the talents of the child was not. She studied herself, read a lot. In school Anna was a straight a student, graduated with a gold medal and entered the faculty of Economics of the Moscow aviation Institute.

    In his student years, began her life in the capital. Kalashnikov wanted to go to the Schepkin drama school, but late filing of documents – listening students had already ended. The girl has not given up the dream – she found a job at «Mosfilm» in the office by Karen Shakhnazarov.

    Aviation Institute Anna Kalashnikov also graduated with «red diploma», but as a software engineer to work in no hurry. Instead, she attended a short course in acting and entered the Moscow University of culture. For several years She studied Russian acting school and joined the film Academy in Los Angeles. Living in America, Anna Kalashnikov starred in many films of American Directors, also worked with Brett Ratner – Director, who directed «x-Men. the Last stand», «rush Hour» and other films.

    After working and studying in the U.S., she returned to Russia. She has received numerous proposals and began working with such Directors as P. Buslov, A. Atanesyan, A. Mazunov, S. Soloviev, D. Lavrov. Cossacks and others. Her partners on the filming was K. Kryukov, N. Galustyan, Sergei Svetlakov, A. Filipchik, A. Veneca, A. Kharitonov and other famous actors.

    Actively acting in film, Kalashnikov never forgets about the passion of music. In 2012 the ceremony «Fashion People Awards» she received the award in the nomination «New Fashion Duo» for the song «You» written together with ed Shuljevskiy. In August, Anna appeared in the music video «Let me undress you,» Sergei Zverev.


    The first role Anna Kalashnikov received in the years of study at the Moscow aviation Institute. It was a small role in projects of «Simple truth» and «Moscow Windows». After training in America, Anna returned to Russia and is actively starred in the movie. Her filmography includes over 20 roles.

    The actress starred in «Unfaithful», «best Granny», «Wild angel», «the special Correspondent» «Bros-3», «Angelica» and two episodes of the detective series «Trace». Anna Kalashnikov starred in many commercials, music videos and small roles in films. We can see it in the youth project «the City of temptations», «Our Russia», «Give young people», etc., Along with Sergey Pisarenko and Jevgenijs Nikishina it was noted in the movie «Suckers». Her last works were the roles in the films «Clean water at the source», «the Manticore» and «Amazon».

    Star of Russian cinema Kalashnikov until called. But popular she has become, however, thanks to personal life.

    Personal life

    Anna Kalashnikov can be proud of their appearance and sexy figure. Naturally, it is popular with the opposite sex. Until recently, the actress didn’t say anything about fans, personal life is kept under lock and key. Publicly talking about it in December 2014, when the press found out about her affair with Prokhor Chaliapin. The actress was pregnant with the singer in March 2015 she gave birth to her son Daniel.

    Chaliapin and Kalashnikov met for a year and a half before the birth of a son at the karaoke bar. The singer was still married to Larissa Kopenkina, which is almost twice his age. Several times reporters saw Prochorus in the company of a strange girl, but could not identify her. When the secret was revealed, the scandal broke. Kopenkina handed Chaliapin divorce certificate in the program Andrei Malakhov.

    Anna and Prokhor began to appear frequently in front of cameras, to enjoy different activities and demonstrate their feelings. However, they are still not legalized. The girl was tired of the impermanence of the beloved, who is rushing her wedding, then cancels the celebration, explaining his decision not to family life.

    The behavior of a loved one offends actress. Recently, the network appeared photos in which Anna sweet talks with Mikhail Terekhin, former beloved Ksenia Borodina.

    In April 2016, the Studio program «Let them talk» it turned out that the DNA test confirmed the paternity. Fedor Chaliapin was born not from, but from another man.


    • «Clean water at the source.»
    • «Terror to love»
    • «Red»
    • «The Joker»
    • «Amazon»
    • «Engagement ring»
    • «Happy together»
    • «The simple truth»
    • «Classmates»
    • «I will live!»
    • «Brothers-3»


    Anna Kalashnikova

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