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  • Name: Anna Gorshkova ( Anna Gorshkova )
  • Date of birth: 28 November 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 171
  • Activity: actress, model
  • Marital status: divorced

    Anna Gorshkova: biography

    Anna Andreyevna Gorshkova was born 28 November 1983 in the Russian capital. Mother Tatiana was a housewife and all his time was devoted to raising her daughter. However, before you go into such a long-term maternity leave, Tatiana received her higher education at the Plekhanov Institute of national economy. Dad Anna Andrey Gorshkov was an employee of the state security Committee of the USSR.

    When Gorshkova was 4 years old, Tatiana and Andrey decided on divorce. Little Anya did not understand what was happening, but always wondered where is daddy and why isn’t he home with his family. Unfortunately, after the divorce, Gorshkov moved to the United States, and the daughter remained to live in Moscow with her mother and grandfather on my mother’s side. Despite the fact that parents lived, and my father replaced the grandfather of Anna, she still maintained relations with mother and father alike, though they havenít talked to each other.

    The childhood of young Gorshkova was not absolutely undisturbed, as the mother by any means sought to have her daughter received a good education and developed multi-faceted. Thanks to the efforts of his mother, Anna studied in a specialized school with major in English and mathematics, where he taught the children of famous people. Despite being an elite group of students, all the children held in harsh discipline, treat all equally and fairly strictly. For any serious disobedience and systematic failure of homework students risked expulsion from an educational institution that would be very disgraceful for noble people.

    The parents thought that in addition to the basic subjects and in-depth study of the English language, daughter needs all-round development, so I put her in music school children’s choir. Popova, and then at the Gnesin music school. Anya realized that nature has not given her vocal abilities, and soon dropped gnesinka.


    Gorshkov then became a model. For the first time a girl came to the casting in 14 years, after which she began to receive serious offers. Modeling career began in 16 years, and she did it in Moscow and in Paris.

    Gorshkova worked on the catwalks of the French capital, and the requirements were very strict and ruthless, like a real professional model. Anna has made a huge success in the modeling business, she had hoped for, but she chose to abandon a career abroad and to return home.

    Gorshkov decided to prove themselves in the field of personnel management, for which he received goo. Later happened what future movie star and to think I never could. Anna managed to learn the profession of the actress in the acting school of art the company «AND-MEDIA».


    As a result of cooperation of broadcasting companies «STS» and «A-MEDIA» has started shooting a new series «Poor Nastya». Accordingly, the selection of new faces for the main roles, and executives required for them young models. So among the lucky ones who were given the opportunity to fight further for her role in this series, was the Gorshkov.

    To get a job had to go through acting classes, which lasted two months. Schedule of courses was five days, and studied there the girls from nine o’clock in the morning until nine at night. For the reason that Anna studied at the faculty of sociology, she could not attend according to schedule and often missed classes. Despite this, the girl had accepted the role in «Poor Nastya».

    After the first filming of the series she receives an offer from the Director of the film «Dear Masha Berezina», where she plays the role of a close friend of the main character. Anna offer a variety of images of famous films, and it takes part in the filming of the series.

    Thanks to the tempo development Gorshkov became a famous film actress of the Russian Federation.

    Personal life

    For a long time the heart of the artist remained free. This lasted until until the actress met Director Michael Borschev, who later became her husband.

    Anna – a girl with certain distinctive advantages. She liked only those men who were significantly older, had held senior positions and could to provide well for his wife, who was borschiv. Age difference couples was fifteen years old. The couple played a big wedding in Monaco.

    It would seem that everything was perfect, but unfortunately, this happy marriage did not survive the test of joint life, and a year and a half Anna and Michael broke up. The reason for this was that the man didn’t want his wife once again came to the people. Anna, by contrast, showed no desire to be a housewife and to pay attention only to her husband. Due to such differences, marital relations were severed.


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