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  • Name: Anna Cozychic ( Anna Kazuchits )
  • Date of birth: 10 June 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Anna Cozychic: biography

    Anna Cozychic — Russian and Belarusian theater and film actress, starred in the popular television series «Smile Mockingbird», «My Prechistenka» and «Blue nights.»

    She was born in Norilsk. Anna’s father, Yuri Cozychic was a famous actor. Mother Hope Cozychic worked as a General practitioner. Anya has a younger sister Tatiana, who also became an actress and was a member of the TV project «people’s artist-2».

    The family moved several times — first in Krasnoyarsk, then in Moscow, where Yuri Cozychic played in the Drama theatre on Malaya Bronnaya. When Anna turned 10 years old, her father died suddenly. The mother and daughters moved to Minsk, where the girls graduated high school. Anya few years seriously engaged in artistic gymnastics, gave great hope, but acting career, she attracted so much more.

    At the age of 13, the girl began to go on stage of the National academic drama theater named after Gorky in Minsk and was involved in the Theatre-Studio of film actor. Her best roles of that period can be called Ophelia in Shakespeare’s «hamlet» and Marie in the Nutcracker Suite.

    After school, Anna Cozychic went to Moscow and entered the Shchukin drama school, where she studied her father. Artistic Director of the girls was Yevgeny Knyazev. After graduating, the young actress joined the troupe of the Moscow academic theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky, but worked there for a little over a year, because they believed that she had no prospects in this theater, where she almost gave the role.


    On the screen Anna Cozychic made his debut as a schoolgirl. She starred in the dramatic film the Minsk Studio «Burn», whose script was written based on the novel by Valery magpies «save our souls». After moving to Moscow, Anna started acting in episodes of many well-known television series and films, for example, «Kamenskaya» and «In August 44-go».

    Popularity came to the actress after the release of the popular melodrama of the epic «My Prechistenka». The hundred-year story of a Moscow yard and its inhabitants very much to the audience. The picture was a high ranking and the performance of the actors, including Anna Cozychic has earned praise and endorsement from the critics. Anna played the main character is a seamstress Anastasia in love with the young Prince Alex Repnin. In the beginning of the film her character is 18 years, and by the end she’s already an elderly lady, has two grandchildren. The actress recalls that when he first saw himself stained with gray hair glued latex wrinkles in the eye area, lips and forehead, which are designed to create a realistic image of the old man, then decided that it would be quite a nice lady.

    Very happy with my role actress Natalie in a youth musical drama «Doomed to become a star.» She said good luck, that within one film received the opportunity to portray so changing the personality, because the script is constructed in such a way that the glamorous and superficial character turns out later in a psychiatric hospital. Another interesting role in the creative plan for Anna Cozychic was at once two characters-twin Christina and Eugene the detective melodrama «Fire», devoted to the problems of people with AIDS. To play simultaneously, albeit similar in appearance, but still different people, was not so simple and however interesting from a professional point of view.

    In 2009 at the first international Chekhov festival, the actress received the award for best actress in a historical and biographical drama «Farewell, doctor Chekhov», which tells about the life of the great Russian writer. Anna created a very convincing image of the famous singer and actress Faces Mizinova, who was a close friend of Anton Chekhov and even became a prototype of Nina Zarechnaya in the play «the Seagull.»

    Personal life

    During his studies at the Shchukin school Anna Cozychic had a brief affair with his classmate Vladimir Agrichem.

    In 2001 on the set of the TV movie «a Thief,» Anna met the famous actor and Director Egor by Grammatikovym. They began a romance that the young people were forced to hide, as Egor was married. In 2007, Anna gave birth to Grammatikov’s son, Ilya, and officially Egor is married to the mother of your child in the spring of 2014, shortly after his wife’s death Faces of Dobrianka.

    Son of Anna and Egor wants to follow in the footsteps of parents, and therefore insisted that it identified in the first grade of secondary school, specialized, with a theatrical bias.


    • 2005-2007 — Doomed to become a star
    • 2006 — Moya Prechistenka
    • 2008 — Blue night
    • 2009 — Julie
    • 2010 — Tukhachevsky. Conspiracy Marshal
    • 2012 — unexpected joy
    • 2013 — Distorting mirror of the soul
    • 2014 — the Smile of a Mockingbird
    • 2014 — gentlemen, comrades
    • 2015 — Housekeeper


    Anna Cozychic

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