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  • Name: Anna Chipovskaya ( APPA shipovskaya )
  • Date of birth: 16 June 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress of theater, film and television
  • Marital status: not married

    Anna chipovskaya: biography

    Charming Anna chipovskaya was born on 16 June 1987 in the family of the actress of the Vakhtangov theatre Olga Chipovskaya and jazz musician Boris Frumkin. The father was much older than mother. At the time of birth – place of the man who led the ensemble at the recording company «Melody».

    Apparently the big age difference was a fatal and decisive in relations there was a crack and, as a consequence, divorce. Now Boris Frumkin lives in Berlin and in Russia comes only on tour. But the relationship with the daughter he had saved and supported. Furthermore, the father had a significant influence on the daughter in terms of musical tastes such as Anna – a big fan of jazz, but piano was not overpowered.

    Little Anna chipovskaya grew up backstage of the Vakhtangov theatre, where my mother worked. As says the girl, her nursed luminaries and Vasily Lanovoy, and Galina Konovalova and Yulia Borisova. One would expect otherwise, when in early youth Anna chipovskaya stated that there will be an artist. Although my parents and grandparents wanted to see Anna as a translator, and even gave it in the German linguistic school, the persistence of the girls punched the wall: after the 9th class Anya has applied for admission to the Shchukin theatre school.

    Unfortunately, chipovskaya failed the exams. It was a painful but useful blow to the ego, Anna. She descended from heaven to earth, well prepared, and the following year became a student of the School-Studio of Moscow art theatre. Nemirovich-Danchenko at the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov. So began the creative biography of Anna Chipovskaya.


    In 2009 chipovskaya graduated from the course of Konstantin Raikin in the School-Studio of MKHAT and has been accepted into the troupe of the theater of Oleg Tabakov. During study at School-studios of MKhAT chipovskaya quite successfully played on the stage of the Moscow Art theatre Catarina Cavalieri in the play «Amadeus», as well as Judit in «Dance of the Albatross». It was her first steps on the stage.

    In the Tabakov theatre Anna immediately got a serious role. She played Fanchette in the play «Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro», Elena Vasilevna Carmine in «the Marriage Belugina», Glafira in «Wolves and sheep». It should be noted that the mentor Chipovskaya, Oleg Tabakov, was pleased with a talented student. We must pay tribute to the master: he knows how to ignite new stars.


    Offers roles in the movie Anna chipovskaya began to receive during the study. In the first year, for example, starred in the series «Operation «Colour of the nation». On the filming we had to shoot different types of weapons, collect the machine, to perform dangerous stunts.

    From the role in the acclaimed «Hipsters» proposed to her in the second year, chipovskaya refused, not wanting to interrupt the training. This role was Oksana Akinshina and, of course, became famous. But chipovskaya claims not to regret: so it was not her role.

    But the role of disadvantaged girls in the Comedy «Cut Bait» actress couldn’t refuse. Her crazy character in this movie was shot from a grenade launcher. The actress claims that she somehow was very interesting to play the man who went mad. It was a new experience and new emotions. In the film «Male season. Velvet revolution» had to play a complex psychological role. But she coped.

    But in 2012 actress Anna Borisovna chipovskaya played a truly stellar role in the film «the Spy,» based on the novel by Boris Akunin. Critics unanimously declared that the painting was one of the highlights of the spring 2012.

    But the actress woke up famous when the screens went great movie Valeri Todorovski «Thaw». Here, however, the actress had to gain experience to be naked, that was pretty easy. But it’s worth it. Anna chipovskaya Thaw considers his best film. And the company’s most famous stars of the Russian cinema has made the actress a lasting impression.

    By the way, the movie «the Thaw» Anna has dedicated to his father-musician, in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of his father. And he was very happy with this gift and appreciated how the film itself, and the role of Mariana in the performance of Anna.

    Anna also played the role of young stars in the film «the Evaluator» based on the novel by Alexander Gromov, where Anna chipovskaya and Yevgeny Mironov made his debut in the genre of science fiction. The film was shot in Iceland and was very difficult.

    At the moment Anna chipovskaya continues to appear as one of the most popular Actresses of the Russian cinema.

    Personal life

    His personal life chipovskaya tries to keep under lock and key, and very rarely responds to questions about the unseen. She is a rare guest at parties and rarely appears on the pages of the tabloids. However, a whirlwind romance of a student Chipovskaya with the singer Alexei Vorobiev, who aggressively pursued her for more than a year, still leaked to the press.

    Vorobyov himself and told me that was madly in love with Anna, but too emotional and explosive temper of both was the cause of the breakup. Memory remains an incendiary composition Vorobyov «BAM-BAM» and «New Russian Kalinka», which starred Anna.

    Role in the film «the Spy», where Anne played the famous Fedor Bondarchuk and Danila Kozlovsky brilliant, brought the actress in addition to success, and a new novel. Chipovskaya and Kozlovsky neither denied nor confirmed the speculation.

    At the moment Anna chipovskaya found with Daniil Sergeev, the creative Director of an advertising Agency, Moscow «Firma». Daniel has a son from his first marriage Marcus. Sergeev smart, wealthy, successful. According to media reports, approves the choice of his daughter and mother Ani. It is possible that chipovskaya and Sergeev will move to a new stage of relations and create family.


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