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  • Name: Anna Arefyeva ( Anna Arefyeva )
  • Date of birth: 24 August 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Anna Arefyeva: biography

    Anna Arefyeva – young Russian theater and film actress who was born in St. Petersburg and grew up in a famous acting family. Her father, Alexey Arefiev – star production of the drama «tomorrow to live.» Mama Elena Lozhkina – a very popular stage actress, who is still invited to the set of different series. And aunt Irina Sokolova is Honored artist of the RSFSR.

    Growing up in a family like that, a girl from an early age understand the pros and cons of parental profession. The more that the cons have an impact on her. For example, when the father and mother were on tour or in the later rehearsals, even to pick up their daughter from kindergarten I had a theatrical make-up artists and costume designers. And the lessons the girl learned mostly behind the scenes.

    Little Anna with her parents: Elena Laikinai and Alexei Arefiev
    Little Anna with her parents: Elena Laikinai and Alexei Arefiev | Petersburg theatre journal

    But it should be noted that Anna perceived the theater just as the working place of the parents, as well as if they were teachers in the school or the sellers in the store. And only at a later age start to understand the art, and in the 10th grade and wanted to continue the dynasty. Aref’eva plastered the walls of his room poems, lyrics and quotations from the plays and began to diligently prepare for the entrance exams.

    Through a thorough preparation, for which the girl refused gay companies and spending time with friends, Anna Arefyev were able to enroll in Saint Petersburg state Academy of theatre arts. After graduation in 2010, she was immediately accepted into the troupe of the theatre «On Foundry», where for many years he served her mother.


    In 2008, the two-part melodrama «preserve me, rain» the name of Anna Arefieva first appeared in screen credits. Later in her life was shooting the TV series «One love», «Word woman», «PPS», and many others. The painting that brought the young actress’s popularity, was the melodrama «the Fifth group of blood». The popularity of the adventure story «the shores of my dreams» and the crime drama «playing with fire».

    Anna Arefyeva in the film
    Anna Arefyeva in the movie» Know me if you can» | Movie-Theater

    Recent work of Anna Arefieva the audience thought the most fascinating romantic film «Threads of love», a crime film «Find me if you can» and family Saga «the Officer’s wife.» Now the actress finishes filming a new police detective «Security» about the employees of the closed units of the Ministry of interior — Department of security.

    Personal life

    One day, being in Kiev, Anna Arefyeva went to the theater and was struck by the actor, Vitaly Salii, which viewers know the title role in the melodrama «do Not promise». The girl did not hesitate for the first time in my life to come up and congratulate her unknown colleague’s success. After a while they met again on the set of the drama «Officer’s wife», and did not recognize each other.

    Anna Arefyeva and Vitaliy Saliy
    Anna Arefyeva and Vitaliy Saliy | Press service of NTV

    Between Anna and Vitali has a close relationship. In September 2014, the young man invited his beloved to come and give a romantic Declaration of love: on the roof of the apartment buildings was laid the table with candles, a musician played the violin, and Saleh handed Arefieva ring and asked me to say Yes. Two months later they became husband and wife.


    • 2009-2010 — the Word woman
    • 2010-2011 — the Fifth group of blood
    • 2010-2012 — PPP
    • 2013 — the shores of my dreams
    • 2014 — playing with fire
    • 2014 — Threads of love
    • 2014 — See me if you can
    • 2014 — Save her love
    • 2015 — Officer’s wife
    • 2016 — Safety


    Anna Arefyeva

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