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  • Name: Anna Ardova ( Anna Ardova )
  • Date of birth: 27 September 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Anna Ardova: biography

    Anna Ardova was born on September 27, 1969 in Moscow. The girl was born premature, she had a benign tumor in the lung. However, there were no complications. Family Rodovich came from a theatre family and was well known to the capital’s Beau Monde: the mother of the World valerianovna was an actress of Theatre of the young spectator, the father of Boris Viktorovich was an actor and Director, worked in the Studio «Multilevel».

    When Ana was not yet even years, mother divorced father and soon married the actor Igor Starygin (legendary Aramis). Girl upset by parents ‘ divorce. At first she refused to accept Igor as the new husband of the mother, but owing to the kindness and openness of the actor managed to win the favor of the stepdaughter. Boris Viktorovich was also not left alone after the divorce he had an affair with the actress Lyudmila Dmitrieva.

    Anna Ardova lived together with his star family in a house on the Big Ordynka. In the next house lived her grandmother, actress Nina Antonovna and father, writer Victor E. when hosted major Russian cultural figures, among whom were the writer Anna Akhmatova. By the way, your name, the future actress got it in honor of the great Russian poet. Relatives were always busy working in theatre and education Anne and her older sister Nina’s grandmother was taking Zoya from St. Petersburg.

    In the school years Ardova was famous for heavy and restless nature. In the ninth grade girl was threatened with expulsion from school, and parents were forced to send her daughter in Vologda oblast to school, where he worked as the Director of her aunt. With Anna gradually began to get rid of their bad habits, and free time to spend on reading classical literature.

    After receiving a high school diploma, Anna Ardova decided to enroll in theater school, but failed the exams in GITIS. Anna was forced to work in the «Mosobltransinvest», where she got a position as a Junior economist, and later found a seller in the lobby of the hotel «Zolotoy Kolos». In parallel, she worked as a cloakroom attendant at the theatre, where he met with actor Sergei Fedorov.

    For four years Ardova persistently tried to get into the coveted Institute. In parallel, she was free to hear the actor’s course of Drilling. In GITIS artist began in 1990, the course to Andrei Goncharov.

    After graduating from the theatre Institute in 1995, Anne was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow academic Mayakovsky theater, which was led by his teacher. In theatre, she plays to this day, as his leading actress.


    In 1997 Ardova took part in the filming of the short film «the Yearning heifer» the story of Isaac singer. Although the picture enjoyed some success, the popularity of the actress she did not bring.

    A ticket to the world of cinema for Anna became involved in the drama «a Plague on both your houses!» in 2002. The actress played Rosaline of house Capulet. The talented actress finally noticed the well-known producers and was invited to take part in several television series.

    Since 2002 Ardova actively participated in shootings of the Russian TV series «Simple truth», «always say «Always», etc

    Most popular actress brought part in two Comedy sketchkomy. In 2006 Director Olga Lund invited the actress for the shooting of his comic series «Women’s League». The main highlight of the project was exclusively female composition. Comedic plays with the situation of women’s behavior in a given situation. The TV show was a huge success, Anna began to learn on the streets, in 2009 Ardova left the project.

    «Women’s League» was a success as a stage Director Olga land, and for the Ardovs. Not surprisingly, they have again started to cooperate in the new project «One for all». From the previous project remains the subject of humorous sketches — a woman’s life. In this show, all the main female roles played Anna Ardova.

    The actress visited «skin» and caring Jewish mother, and sprightly traders gala and glamorous beauty Chris, and many other colorful characters. The success of the project exceeded all expectations. In 2010 Ardova was awarded the prize «TEFI» as the best television actress. Despite the high ratings of TV guide TNT has decided to close the project in 2012.

    After participating in the popular sitcom, the actress was invited to several major projects. In 2010 Ardova took part in filming the Comedy «All inclusive, or All inclusive», as well as biographical film «Vysotsky. Thank you for living», which was released on the big screen in 2011. In 2012, the actress became the host of popular TV show «Fort Boyard».

    Personal life

    First love Anne Ardova was quite the opposite of her in temperament, a guy named Alex, who then taught at the school-Studio MXAT. He started to prepare girls for admission to College theater and cultural education.

    My husband and Daniil Spivakovsky Anna met at the Institute in the first year. First the guys were just friends, but soon realized that they love each other, and in 1992 got married. Young settled in a communal apartment, and later moved into an apartment of his mother. However, their relatively early marriage lasted for almost a year, and then Anna and Daniel filed for divorce.

    Then the actress has been courted by the actor Aleksandr Shavrin. In 1996, the artist daughter, Sophia. When my daughter was a year old, Ardova married Shavrina. In 2001 the couple had a son Anton.


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    Anna Ardova, Fedor Dobronravov

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