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  • Name: Ani Lorak ( Karolina KUEK )
  • Date of birth: 27 September 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Kitsman, Ukraine
  • Height: 162
  • Activity: singer, actress, model, host
  • Marital status: married

    Ani Lorak biography

    Ani Lorak — famous singer, model, advertising face of many international brands, folk and Honored artist of Ukraine. Biography Ani Lorak is as versatile as her work: the life and the formative period of this star as you can not exactly correspond to the adage «through hardship to the stars». In my life Ani Lorak had to endure boarding school, but fate had rewarded her fruitful career.

    Real name Ani Lorak — Carolina KUEK. Initially, the young singer under his real name, but on the verge of a big show-business she had to abandon him to use a pseudonym. On the insistence of her then-producer Yuri Thales in the competition for the victory in which was claimed by Ani Lorak, was already a contestant from Russian Federation with the name Caroline — the girl had to quickly find a way out of a situation, then, the producer has read the name of Carolina to the contrary. First name Ani Lorak was presented to the public in March 1995.

    Ani Lorak
    Ani Lorak | News Time

    Biography Ani Lorak originated from a small Ukrainian town, when it was still the Ukrainian SSR. Karolina KUEK, was born on 27 September 1978, Kitsman, Chernivtsi region of Ukraine. Difficult childhood of the future star of TV screens, podiums and respected concert venues, it was determined even before her birth: her mother and father were divorced when Caroline was not yet born. In the end born a girl caught full of poverty.

    Despite the fact that the mother of the singer parted ways with her father, Caroline received the name of Pope, which had to be abandoned in the spotlight. Family after the child’s birth lived very poorly, Caroline was not the only child in the family. At the age of six years old, my mother decided to give Ani in Sadgorskiy boarding school №4 (Chernovtsy, Ukraine). Together with his brothers, Carolina lived there until 7th grade, my mother was not able to feed their children at least and hour worked.


    A young girl wanted to become a famous singer with the four years, but the conditions in which she was born, dictated the fate of its rules. Once in the orphanage, Lorak has not abandoned her dreams, she participated in many competitions at the local level — one of these competitions was for Caroline «lucky ticket» in the first echelon of the Ukrainian show-business.

    «Lucky ticket» for Ani Lorak was winning the singing competition «the primrose» in 1992 year on this Chernivtsi festival she met with producer Yuri Faleceu, who saw her talent and promising singer. The win also gave the young artist his first professional contract. A few years Ani Lorak under the guidance of Falesa learned the basics of show business, it lasted until 1995.

    Ani Lorak
    Ani Lorak | Woman

    In 1995, the producer of «attached» singer on the popular television program «Morning star», there Lorak got his first popularity scale of the country, she was forced to take the pseudonym under which is known today. Then Ani Lorak was named «discovery of the year — she received the first art award «Golden Firebird» Tavria games. We can say that 1995 was the year of the stars a real breakthrough — career and fees girls on the upward swing, she got the interest of journalists and the faithful love of the fans, the army of which increased with every public appearance.

    In the «breakthrough» 1995 Lorak finished recording his first Studio album, «Want to fly», it was released in 6-th instance, but to Ukraine of the British company «Holy Music» never made it. From 1996 year, Ani Lorak became the winner of the new York competition «Big Apple Music 1996 Competition» — it is obvious that He chose to Carolina the right way. Their right to place in the Ukrainian show business the girl from year to year have proven wins in competitions around the world.


    Competitions in which the artist participated, under the leadership of Falesa was countless. Each of them brought even more popularity and national recognition, has wanted the girl, she already had. She was engaged in favourite business and worked a lot later, this work was widely appreciated by the audience — first career top Ani Lorak also felt in the late 90-ies.

    Ani Lorak went to «Eurovision-2008» from Ukraine, where he brought to Kiev second place is for their country. At the European music competition lorac introduced the song «Shady Lady», which was released as a single — Europe praised the Ukrainian singer on the merit, the Treasury of top replenished with a brilliant performance at the «Eurovision-2008».

    Now Ani Lorak is the winner of five «gold» and «platinum disk on the basis of sales and rotation on radio and TV channels. «Golden» steel wheels: «There where you are…» («Tam, de Ty ye…», 2001), «Mriy Pro mene» («Dream about me», 2003), «Ani Lorak» (2000), «Rozkazhy» («Tell me», 2006), «Smile» (2005).

    The status of «platinum records went album «15» and «Sun». During his career, Ani has released 12 Studio albums, 2 compilations, and 39 singles. The last Studio album of Ani Lorak became the «light heart», released in 2013-m to year, but it won’t be the last of her career — the singer continues to sing now.

    In addition to vocal, the singer noticed and incredible charisma — she was a model from the leading designers. In Ukraine Ani Lorak is the official advertising face of cosmetic brand Avon, the cosmetic company » Schwarzkopf & Henkel and travel company TurTess Travel. In Kiev in 2006 he opened a restaurant Ani Lorak «Angel lounge».

    Baiting in Ukraine

    It all started with the 2009 year, when Ani Lorak took part in the round «With Ukraine in heart» in support of Yulia Tymoshenko. Ukrainians remember the singer for her alleged «mistake», but the last straw of their patience became an active touring Ani Lorak in Russia, when the war began in Donbas.

    Ukrainian nationalists tore concerts Ani Lorak, a Ukrainian mass-media there were scandalous remarks about the popular singer. According to them, they are against the position of Ani Lorak, which it showcases performances in Russia.

    Ani Lorak
    Ani Lorak | Gloss

    Some artists stood up for the singer, noting that her «bullying they do not understand». In particular, the Ukrainian political party «Svoboda» staged Ani Lorak «corridor of shame» in front of the Palace «Ukraine», which the girl tried to get to the concert.

    Arsen Avakov said on social networks that Lorak «actively provoke society.»

    At one point the pride of the country, the brightest star of the Ukrainian stage Ani Lorak turned from hero to rogue. It’s a shame and unfair, when policy intervenes in the creative field.

    Personal life

    Personal life Ani Lorak is not hidden by the haze of uncertainty, as I prefer to do some artists. It is known that from 1996 to 2004, Carolina lived with producer Yuri Faleceu, but their marriage was not officially concluded.

    Ani Lorak, Yuri Thales
    Ani Lorak, Yuri Thales | Plitkar

    In 2009, Ani Lorak officially married the co-owner of «Turtess Travel» Murat Nalchajian, which lives now.

    In 2011 year, and Nalchajian Lorak’s daughter Sofia, who traditionally received their father’s name. In the spring of 2012 Sofia was baptized in Kiev, the godfather of the daughter of Ani Lorak became Philip.

    Ani Lorak Murat and their daughter Sofia
    Ani Lorak Murat and their daughter Sophia | Want


    • I’ll be back — 1998
    • Wherever you are — 2001
    • Ani Lorak — 2004
    • Smile — 2005
    • Tell me — 2006
    • 15 — 2007
    • Shady Lady — 2008
    • The sun — 2009
    • Light heart — 2013


    Ani Lorak

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