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  • Name: Angelina Vovk ( Angelina Vovk )
  • Date of birth: 16 September 1942
  • Age: 74 years
  • Born in Tulun, Irkutsk oblast
  • Activity: actress, model, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Angelina Vovk: biography

    Angelina Vovk — the famous Soviet and Russian TV presenter, who became famous thanks to the kids programs «Service» and «good night, kids!», as well as the most popular music program the 80-90-ies of the «song of the year».

    She was born in the midst of the great Patriotic war in the town of Tulun, located in the Irkutsk region. The father of the future stars Mikhail Nikitich, was a military pilot. When she was barely two years, her father’s plane crashed over Yugoslavia, and the man died. Then angelina was raised by his mother, Maria Kuzminichna. The woman drove the daughter to Moscow, where he got a job in the accounting Department of the capital airport «Vnukovo».

    Angelina Vovk in childhood and adolescence
    Angelina Vovk in childhood and adolescence

    As father and mother Wolf had to do with aviation, and she wanted to have a romantic profession that is associated with the sky and angelina were planning to become a flight attendant. To do this, she diligently studied English and planned to enter the faculty of foreign languages.

    Career flight attendants suddenly said the mother, who, mindful of the tragic death of her husband, did not want the same fate for her daughter. In the end, the Wolf submits documents to GITIS and the first attempt becomes a student of the acting Department. But the first professional activities: angelina was associated not with acting, and modeling: bright and beautiful girl was invited to the all-Union house of models at the Kuznetsk Bridge.


    Interestingly, in his debut role in the movie, the romantic Comedy «Lives a guy», where the main role was played by Leonid Kuravlev, angelina Vovk played the role of a model. Then the actress starred in the action-war drama, «goodbye», but in General, for various reasons, filmography the Wolf did not.

    Angelina Vovk in the film
    Angelina Vovk in the movie «Lives a guy» | Movie-Theater

    In these pictures, her filmography, by and large, ends. Much later she will play herself in the musical «Old songs about the main-2» and the Christmas musical drama «Boarding house «fairy Tale», or the Miracles included». But that play roles in the life of the actress is no more.

    In 1968 she once again sits at his Desk Institute, this time at the directing Department of VGIK. However, after only a year and after internship, she realizes that this profession is not for her. Leaving directing, angelina is back to learn and successfully finishes the course speakers.


    Getting a new degree, angelina Vovk was distributed in the announcer’s Department of the Central television of the USSR. At first she trusted to read the news, but this work corresponded to a woman is not the best way to read from the paper or from the screen she could only with glasses, as it was poor eyesight. In addition, angelina, as a person very positive, constantly wanted to smile, but for serious programs such facial expressions did not fit.

    The wolf was transferred to the Department of children’s programs. I’m sure many would consider this change a step backward, but in entertainment programs for the kids of angelina and became known throughout the country. Sunday service and nightly «good night, kids!» many of the children looked not for «aunt Lina», which for the Soviet child occupied a niche kind of Pushkin’s nanny Arina Rodionovna.

    Angelina Vovk in the program
    Angelina Vovk in the program «good night, kids!» | Department of culture

    Later, the Wolf took a step and adult transmission. «Morning mail» with Yury Nikolaevym and especially «Blue light» and the festival «song of the year» together with Eugene Menshov turned leads into one of the most recognizable and popular media person of national television.

    In «Song» angelina M. was, up until 2006, and later led the program «Good morning, Russia!», and «how are you!» with Gennady Malakhov, «In our time» with Tatiana Vedeneyeva and the talk show «your Business» with Lyudmyla Hideaway. Once angelina Vovk has appeared on television as a participant. It happened in 2012, when 70-year-old woman was involved in a pair with a professional dancer Vladimir Vechkasov in rating the show «Dancing with the stars.»

    Personal life

    Officially angelina Vovk was married twice. Her first husband, actor and speaker Gennady Damn, I studied together with her at GITIS. They married in 1966 and lived together for 16 years. Angelina still believes Gennady his biggest love in life. Unfortunately, some family misunderstanding led to the rupture, and the presenters broke up.

    Angelina Vovk and first husband Gennady Fucking
    Angelina Vovk and first husband Gennady Fucking | Belarus Today

    Her second husband was a foreigner. Czech artist and architect jindřich Goetz made an offer to angelina in 1982, they officially was in a relationship for 13 years, but in fact did not live together – to move to Moscow Henry could not, and the Wolf to leave the country forever is not resolved. So they are not seen more often 4-5 times a year.

    Later, the presenter was another dramatic affair with a non-public person, but the relationship very quickly ceased. By the way, many people were convinced that angelina Vovk and her partner on the programme «song of the year» Eugene Menshov associates not only work. The fact that their tandem was considered one of the most beautiful and charming on Soviet television. In fact, between them has never been romance, and first in the duet and is dominated by cold.

    Angelina Vovk and second husband jindřich Goetz
    Angelina Vovk and second husband jindřich Goetz | Belarus Today

    Unfortunately, none of the family relationships did not bring angelina the joys of motherhood. Their children no wolf, but it is 12 times became a godmother, and children godchildren believes his grandchildren.

    The presenter leads an active healthy lifestyle. She follows the diet, regularly swims in the pool, Alpine skiing and even winter bathes in an ice hole.


    • 1964 — Lives kind of guy
    • 1966 — goodbye»
    • 1997 — Old songs about the main-2
    • 2015 — Pension «fairy Tale» or Miracles included


    Angelina Vovk

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