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  • Name: Angelina Romanovskaya ( Angelina Romanovskaya )
  • Date of birth: December 22, 2000
  • Age: 16 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: singer, videoblogger
  • Marital status: not married

    Angelina Romanovskaya: biography

    Angelina Romanovskaya bohdanivna – a young Ukrainian singer and group member Open Kids. Despite her young age, the girl managed to gain popularity and get hundreds of fans. Angelina was born on 22 Dec 2000 in Kiev. Her parents – mother Galina and the father Bogdan. Angelina is not the only child in the family – from the young singer has two older sisters Ilona and Maria.

    Angelina Romanovskaya in childhood
    Angelina Romanovskaya in childhood | VK

    It all started with a school of dance and choreography called Open Art Studio where angelina goes to the vocals, like many other girls from Kiev. Bright appearance Romanov, beautiful vocal and a strong desire to learn did not remain without attention of the founders of the project. The singer had no idea that parallel Studio executives were looking for the most talented and charismatic young singers with the aim to create a youth pop group. Among them was and angelina.

    Its partners are:

    • Anna Muzafarova,
    • Julia],
    • Lera Didkovskaya,
    • Anna Bobrovskaya.
    Angelina Romanovskaya-Open and Kids
    The unit is Open Kids | Official website

    Girl long time was engaged in acting and singing, and after one of the rehearsals Creator Studio Yuri Petrov commanded the wards quickly to change and to go in the Kyiv café «Murakami». Intrigued by the unexpected announcement, the girls went to the meeting place where Yuri announced the creation of a new group Open Kids.


    The unofficial birthday of the band is considered to be 11 October 2012. However, officially, the band started since the release of the first clip «Show Girls». However, before this girl a few months rehearsing as a group. The first joint appearance of the singer coincided with the debut live on the big stage. It happened on the TV show “everybody Dance. The return of the heroes» on channel STB, where the team spoke in support of the contestants.

    In 2015, three years of its existence, the group gave its first recital at the Metropolitan club Caribbean Club. The tickets were sold out weeks before the concert, in connection with which the girls had serious thoughts of setting up a tour. Today Open Kids – popular group, which has its own YouTube channel and online store OK Box.

    Among the achievements of the youth pop group:

    1. Joint song «Important», recorded with Dmitry Monticom.
    2. Collaborative recording of the song «Stop» with The Maneken and video for the song «the coolest» from Quest Pistols Show.
    3. A little tour through the cities of Ukraine, speech at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall. In 2017 the girls planned a nationwide tour.
    4. Education Kitzerow unique community that unites all fans.
    5. Victory video of «Not dance!» in the nomination «Breakthrough» on TV channel «Europa Plus TV» in November 2015.

    At the end of the 2015 Open Kids entered the Top 10 Ukrainian musicians version of a social network «Vkontakte». The end of 2016, was marked by a tour, and at the beginning of 2017, the group removed the 8 clips. Their photos decorate the posters and new clips gaining thousands of views.

    Criticism of the group

    At the end of 2016, the creators of the Open group of Kids accused of pedophilia. The name Arsen Avakov (Minister of interior) was made a parliamentary statement in which the group Open Kids was characterized as depraved a project promoting pedophilia and carries erotic overtones.

    The statement indicated that the girls have repeatedly declined to have sex after concerts. The author of the statement requires to bring Yury Petrov (head of the project) to criminal responsibility, and the parents of the girls – deprived of parental rights.

    Personal life

    The main events of the personal life of angelina shined on her personal page in social network «Vkontakte» and Instagram. In 2015, there was a rumor that angelina meets Timur Moskalchuk another ward Studio Open Art who is younger than the singer for 2 years. Information about their relationship that was confirmed, was rejected. It is known only one thing – if between Timur and angelina and had relationships, they ended.

    Angelina Romanovskaya and Timur, Moskalchuk
    Angelina Romanovskaya and Timur, Moskalchuk | VK

    Later angelina was assigned a relationship with another partner at the Open Crew – Anton kaploun. Network fans have created a lot of fanfiction, but reliable confirmation of reports that angelina meets with Anton, no. But many fans believe that her boyfriend Anton, which he confirmed on his page in the social network.

    Within the team, constantly inflame passions. Yes, there was a rumor that he has kissed not only angelina, but also with the other member Open Crew Alina. Fans found a photo where angelina is crying and has created about this touching video.

    Interesting facts about angelina:

    1. With the growth of 164 cm angelina wears a size 36 Shoe. Her weight is 45 kg favorite color is blue. Main hobby — quilling.
    2. In the list of favorite artists singer — Boombox, Okean Elzy, Kelly Clarkson and David Guetta.
    3. Cherished dream of angelina to go to Los Angeles and become a mega star.
    4. Angelina has the nickname angel. Her so called friends. The singer has a cat named Murchik.
    5. Despite the tight schedule, doing choreography and singing, the girl finds time for self-education. So, her favorite book – «the Chocolate war» by Robert Kormira, «a Crazy journey through the night» by Walter Moers and «Cloud regiment» Edward Verkin. Angelina also like the works of JK Rowling.

    Her popularity is constantly growing: more and more people subscribes for its account in the periscope and YouTube page to see how the girl sings, and learn new experiences in his life.


    Angelina Romanovskaya

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