Angelika Varum

photo Angelika Varum

  • Name: Angelika Varum ( Maria Varum )
  • Date of birth: 26 may 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Lviv
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: singer, actress, honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married Leonid Agutin

    Angelika Varum biography

    Maria Varum was born in the Ukrainian Lviv, which at that time was part of the Soviet Union. Her parents – creative and very famous people. Father Yuri Isaakovich Varum — famous composer, and her mother Galina Mikhailovna Shapovalova — the theatrical Director. Due to the continuous touring of the parents of the girl a big part of my childhood had to spend with grandma.

    Secondary school, Maria attended in Lviv, and music were taught at home under the guidance of his father, who was against the state musical schools. He believed that these program constraints limit the creative potential of children. With 5 years old girl learned to play the piano, and in adolescence, independently mastered the guitar. In high school Varum was in the school troupe, and even went on tour. She not only played the role in various performances, but also sang Ukrainian folk songs with their own guitar accompaniment.

    The scene is so attracted to her that after receiving the certificate, she goes to Moscow and delivers the documents in the famous Shchukin theater school. But exams the entrant failed, so she had to return to her parents and to start an apprenticeship in the Studio of his father, performing backing vocals. Also worked some years as backup for pop stars.


    In 1989, the singer writes two solo songs written by the father. It was «Midnight cowboy» and «Hello and goodbye». The first of these, Union becomes a hit. It Varum to debut as a singer in the television program «Morning star». Then she adopted the pseudonym Angelica, changing home treatment affectionate grandmother, who called her «angel».

    After 2 years comes the first full-length album, Angelika Varum «Good Bye, my boy,» and once it becomes very popular. The title song, which tells of the parting of the young lovers because of the fall of the Soviet Union, became the anthem of that time for peers of the singer.

    The second album «La-La-FA» 1993 strengthened the popularity Varum. The song «the Artist that paints rain» became a famous hit song «Campus» has long been the soundtrack to the popular eponymous Comedy programs, and «La-La-FA» was nominated for the award «song of the year».

    The next disc 1995 «Autumn jazz» gets the award «ovation» as the best album, the eponymous song is the best music video, and the Angelika Varum named singer of the year. The subsequent albums of the singer In two minutes from love» and «Winter cherry» has consolidated its popularity among fans, but the new awards did not bring.

    A couple of years Varum takes a break in her musical career and tries himself in the role of the actress. She played the role of Ukrainian Katie in the play directed by Leonid Trushkina «Pose emigrant» play Hanna Slutski «Banker». For the beautiful game in this setting, Angelica received a theatrical award «the Seagull». About the same time she plays one of the lead roles in the movie «the Sky in diamonds».

    In 1999 a new record coming out, «Only it» begins the creative Duo of Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin. The result is the popular CD «Office romance», was released in 2000. Their joint performance will be repeated in many records, for example, «Stop, curiosity» 2002’s «the Two road, two way», 2007 And in the song «to Be part of your» to duet Varum-Agutin joined the Duo Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. and his wife Natalia Podolsky. The Duo Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin 6 times becomes laureate of «Golden gramophone».

    Also Anzhelika Varum regularly releases solo discs. In 2007 he released the double album «Music» in 2009 — «If he leaves». The last date of the official album is the CD «Crazy,» published in 2013.

    Personal life

    First husband of the famous singer was her former classmate, and subsequently illuminator concerts wife Maxim Nikitin. This marriage lasted 8 years.

    In 1997 Lagutenko met with Leonid Agutin, who not only becomes her partner on stage, but also the life. Officially, they married in 2000, a year after the birth of their daughter Elizabeth.

    Father of Angelica has concluded new marriage, in which he in 1990 was born a son, half-brother of the singer — Michael.

    The singer successfully takes the song and plays on stage. She’s a good businesswoman. In the late 90-ies Varum opens her own line of fragrances, perfume «Angelika Varum». And in 2001 creates together with his father record company «Varum Records Company».


    • 1991 — Good bye, my boy
    • 1993 — lya-Lya-FA
    • 1995 — Autumn jazz
    • 1996 — a two minute love
    • 1996 — Winter cherry
    • 1998 — Only she…
    • 2000 — Office romance
    • 2002 — Stop curiosity
    • 2007 — Music
    • 2009 — If he leaves
    • 2013 — Crazy


    Angelika Varum

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